WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated, squashes more bugs

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

What’s up? Are you guys and gals getting ready for your big weekend plans? Before you run off and have fun, you might want to update an app a lot of you really use a lot –WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Tips are rolling in of an update. Let’s check it out.

If you head to the Store you’ll find yourself looking at a WhatsApp listing that was updated to version 2.10.529 today. What’s in store when you update? Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Sure enough after updating we poked around and didn’t find anything new staring us right in the face. So not a big update, but a very welcome one. It’s nice to see WhatsApp giving the Windows Phone platform some fairly frequent updates in recent weeks after months of nothing.

WhatsApp is available on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. I see the update on my Windows Phone 8 device, but don’t have 7.x laying around to check. The app is free and you can grab it here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated, squashes more bugs


+920, today is being a GREAT day for wp8! instagram support on 6tagram, apps being updated, amber being released for 925's (great news for us, with 920), bing being updated and others!
it seems that finally wp8 is atracting love from other companies!

I agree, i can't wait for the new 6tagram app to compare it myself with Instance and then decide which one is better ....  a friend of mine is a Galaxy S3 user and love Instagram, but he was in love when he used Instance on my 920, he like's the app way more then the official Android one, so he is going to buy a red 920 from the german Amazon at a very good price point of 330 euro's, you can't get any better for that price :p

Take care about instagram for Windows Phone users. They're deleting every photo uploaded by non-official apps. I had #2instawithmassivelove app and noticed this after my sister has all her photos only visible for her. So when I checked my account I saw that my photos were visible just for me, and to others seems that had no photos on my user. So I deleted my account on Instagram and now I'm using WeChat as a substitute both for WhatsApp and Instagram.

Yes, there's always one staring at me: the YouTube app. I'll never update that app. The greatest YouTube app ever written (Hint: it's not by Google).

That '1' on my Store icon really bugs me too, and not to forget that I have to resist tapping 'update all' when there are several updates. I update each individually. But, totally worth it. I'm gonna keep that YouTube app as long as I can. :-)

How do you get the update Notification on the Store tile, I have to manually go through the Store to find updates, using a Three UK Branded Nokia Lumia 925?

It checks itself for updates, so you may get the notification eventually. I don't know what's its frequency, but it does notify me every few days.

Who is on first.
What is on second.

I don't know is on third.
Why is in left field.
Because in center field.
Tomorrow is pitching.
Today is catching.
I don't give a damn is shortstop.

More like matches iOS standards, the ability to hide your Time-Stamp, so no one can see when you are using the app. And the ability to send multiple photos (10) the most.

whatsapp is one of just few stable apss on OS.  What a shame for microsoft.  Microsoft  have to update skype which it has

When will WhatsApp start to use Nokia's imaging sdk? So that we can access already recorded videos and send them?

It's been a nice day for Windows Phone news so far. Great way to close an otherwise slow week. :)

Its good they update the app but why the hell they dont update with new features? Like in android or ios.. Put atleast 1 or 2 feature..

I wonder if they have matched the emoticons with the correct faces in the WP bank. I'm sick of looking embarrassed everytime i select the smile.

They sorted that out with the previous update, you dont click on the WP emoticons but the Whatsapp Emoticon button

Have you checked in older version, if there is huge/very long text message/joke...app crashes...i hope it works in this update...

Shame, while we're using Windows Phone. There must be Windows Phone logo! (are they going to promote Android silently?)

Wechat in my opinion is the best of them all.. The video chat is better than Skype and face time.. Change your background, share photos, location and it doesn't force fb sync.. Send audio..etc

Wow, this update makes switching back to the app a breeze. No more 'Resuming...' pause. It's getting closer to the iOS & Android counterparts. Kudos!

Since we are talking about message applications updates I shall mention that Viber was also updated this week. I didn't noticed any evident addition but notifications seem to be working just fine as of now.

About bloody time whatsapp gives us some love. The app is still shite compared to the old Symbian app but we're getting there slowly but surely

BTW - Even after update it still suffers from
1. Delayed notifications
2. Scrolling to previous message while in chat bug
3. inability to share multiple pictures at once (at least sending 5 at once will be very helpful)
4. inabilty to save a recieved video
5. inability to send a pre-recoded video

Indeed.. And 6. Battery performance. (full charged 920 lasts me 2-3 hours only on whatsapp chats spree, phone turns so hot maybe can melt butter at least ;) )

But first and foremost, scrolling to previous message bug. It is too annoying. And at times i can't even email the chat history as the option stops working. Uhh Annoying

i cant connect to this app in iran!!!!
when i input my phone number ...
show this error :::: could not connect to whatsapp. please check your network setting and try again later
 but my net work very well.

Anyone know what is wrong with my L920, I'm not getting any apps updates alert for almost one month. And also,when is windows going to roll up update,soooo damn long for them to update,quite fed up. Lucky Nokia hardware is doing all the good things.

No big deal honestly WP platform needs to evolve a lot. My 920 doesn't show app updates either. Unless I see from wpcentral or wmpoweruser. Then manually go and update.. plenty of issues in the OS itself, occasional freeze, restarts are common.. Sometimes I get so annoyed that I do ask.. Do I really needed to try this OS. Hopefully 8.1 irons out issues.. But we just keep hoping the next OS will fix it ..

Uninstalled, as it stopped my phone finding network. Made it really hot, and also asked to do a reboot, then it wouldn't come out of flight mode. Uninstalled and all is ok.

My Nokia Lumia 920 is at Nokia hq :( missin it badly! had to deposit my phone at nokia care cz of this blank screen problem..cant access search, messages, mail, settings and camera.. all it shows is loading with those five dots running for couple f seconds and then back to homescreen :(((

Hogging battery. Only way to stop battery drain is to turn off the location service. Why would Whatsapp need location service for??