Developer looking to kick off Wheel of Wealth v3 beta, looking for Windows Phone testers

Wheel of Wealth

Wheel of Wealth is an established game for Windows Phone, having been with us for almost two years. We've covered the game multiple times in the past, but today the developer is opening up the beta for version 3 to consumers. Billed as the "first major overhaul," version 3 has been completely rewritten from the ground up and sports numerous improvements. Interested? Read on and sign-up today.

An official blog post has been published on the developer website, detailing the following as a tease of what's new in version 3:

  • Player profiles
  • Friends list
  • Ability to block players
  • All new solo play game mode
  • Offline play functionality (locally stored puzzles)

The above and more is stated to be planned for not only the Windows Phone 8 version of Wheel of Wealth, but Windows Phone 7 owners will also be able to take full advantage of new features and improvements. The team also plans to support legacy consumers in the future, so long as OS restrictions don't affect them adding new stuff. Local WiFi play and real-time multiplayer modes are also in the works, though not confirmed for this update.


Wheel of Wealth Windows 8
Also available on Windows 8

The Beta Test

As noted above, Wheel of Wealth version 3 is currently in beta and is set up on a temporary mirror server. This will ensure users who continue to use the current live versions of the game won't be affected by changes made to the game and back-end systems. So how does one get involved? If you've got a Windows Phone, you're sorted (Windows 8 beta will follow later).

The initial build is for Windows Phone 7, but this version is said to also be applicable to Windows Phone 8. More advanced features (WP8 only) will be introduced at a later point in the beta. Should you be a massive fan of Wheel of Wealth, you'll want to hop onto this beta train and help shape the future of the title. 

Simply head on over to the developer's mailing list to sign your name on the dotted line and you're done. Require an incentive for participating? How about some exclusive in-game content for testers, once version 3 of the game goes gold? Testing of Wheel of Wealth will commence in the coming weeks.

Source: Shantek Studios


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Developer looking to kick off Wheel of Wealth v3 beta, looking for Windows Phone testers


WTF? Was this used to be Sony Pictures Entertainment games? Or I'm wrong? Didn't know they sold it to other!

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I'll ensure the next update included Brazil. Meanwhile, be sure to sign up for the beta if interested

LOL.. I wasn't making any reference to your app whatsoever.. It was just a random comment of mine.. Sorry.

I'd love to :D but yeah, too slow day, I'm just about to throw my phone away, life without WPC news is boring!!

This game came out first on wp7. And when Sony finally published a wheel of fortune they tried to kill this app with copyright infringement. I support this dev 110%

Off subject, but it's extremely slow today..
Who wants to bet that HTC makes a WP version of the One Max later this year❔.. The One Max is rumored to have a 5.9 inch screen.

I would too.. And I hope the huge screen from that leaked Nokia device is real.. I would sport a 6 inch Lumia in a heartbeat.. It would go good with my other 6 inches...

I think this is the oldest game on my phone that I still play daily. Glad to see that it's still being updated.