Unlocked Samsung ATIV S now receiving Window Phone 8 GDR2 OS update

ATIV S over the air OS update

It was just yesterday that people in Canada on Bell, Telus or Rogers who also owned the under-rated (and underappreciated) Samsung ATIV S were greeted with a double OS and firmware update, bringing their phones up to the coveted GDR2 status (OS build 10327).

Of course it was later revealed that some features like FM Radio (which may not be supported by the hardware) and the ability to set a pre-defined camera app were missing. Still, the additional bug fixes in GDR2 are nothing to shy away from, including the reduction in the size of Other Storage or the .WAV file support in email.

Today, it looks like those with unlocked and international ATIV S devices, which includes ourselves, are ready to get the update. By heading to your Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates, you can begin to download the OS and new firmware. You will need to be on Wi-Fi to do so and the process to download and prepare will take 5-10 minutes. Then it could take another 20 minutes or so to install the update, depending on how many apps, games and contacts you have installed.

We’re curious as to what this update brings and if it is any different than what those in Canada have received. We’ll follow up as soon as our update process is complete. We only have 871MB free on the device with 5.71GB being devoted to, you guessed it, Other storage. How much will we gain back? Stay tuned.

Update: Our Other Storage has now dropped from 5.71GB to a more reasonable 2.3GB post-update.

Thanks, Tumultus, for the heads up


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Unlocked Samsung ATIV S now receiving Window Phone 8 GDR2 OS update


Funny enough they do. And Yes, ATIV is still the best most balanced WP device on the market. Think of a better 925. Full stop.

Nothing uses BT4
Why would you want to listen to staticy radio? When I had my DVP I used the radio just a few times
The ATIV S has an LTE capable model (Canadian version). The Sprint ATIV S Neo is also LTE capable.
16GB built in storage, large 4.7" screen, LARGE+REMOVABLE battery, and ONLY FLAGSHIP with an SD SLOT (no other 1280x720/768 WP has an SD slot). 
I was one was AT&T LTE capable because it would be my primary phone, 95% because of the screen and battery size. Alas the Canadian model doesn't support the LTE band that AT&T uses for 90% of its LTE network. 

Ativ S looks similar to the S3 but less curvy.

Feels hugely more premium and looks massively better.

Screen and camera are superb, battery is unreal and reliable as the sun rising everyday

ATIV S looks like a 4.7" version of the Galaxy Note 2. I own both phones, they have the same exact texture on the front.

I have a 920, my wife uses my Ativ S as we gave her 920 to my mom. Hardware wise, I would give a slight edge to the Ativ S, but Nokia has been so supportive of Windows Phone that I absolutely must continue to support them. But the Ativ S is an awesome device, I wish I could steal back it from my wife and jump between the 2 as I see fit.

No FM radio is disappointing but no Data Sense either.....no Camera lenses default feature.....lets look forward to GDR 3 :-(

I do not have data sense what so ever, but I couldn't understand why mixed results( some has and some don't). an unlocked Ativ owner.

FM Radio isn't there but Data Sense is for me, due to a bug in the update you have to do a factory reset to get it to show up though :)

Would love to have FM Radio,use to lay in bed with my headphones and listen to the ball game, can't do that anymore with the Ativ S.Guess I will wait for the Ativ S 2 to in joy listening to sports again.

Ah, well I have a Zune HD that I use for FM Radio if I want to use it so, for me at least, I don't miss it :)

Microsoft needs to get back into the MP3 player market.My Zune player went out a few years ago,and the last thing I want to do is put money in Apple or Google's pocket for a new one.

Daniel, pretty sure the lack of FM Radio is due to the absence of the WCN3660 chip (which the Lumia 920 has). Pretty sure that's tue reason why the ATIV S hasn't received Bluetooth 4.0 certification. Likely that the ATIV S will never see FM radio.

Yup, but if the ATIV S doesn't have the WCN3660 chip that the S4 (MSM8960) uses for BT4.0/FM Radio then it should be put in the articles so the comments aren't flooded with "Still no FM Radio with the update" comments.

Well then here we go. att sucks there late im getting so bored hearing how this carrier and that carrier has gdr2 ready for update and att ....nothing. my next phone will definitely not be on a carrier I still feel it should be rolled out all at the same time I just don't get it how some are first and it seems like att will be last. only year and a half left on att contract ....cant wait

Daniel...is it confirmed that Ativ S won't be able to Support FM Radio?...i mean not even via a Firmware Update, is there some chip really missing?

Yes, the ATIV S lacks HARDWARE. 
People need to stop crapping on MS about this one, not their fault Samsung advertised falsely and failed to mention that their chip wouldn't support anything. 

When will nokia relase amber? I want MS to give devs better access to call API so we could have propper dialer with tile count working, also why we dont have heptic feedback when typing keyboard is great but I like feeling some vibe

I recently stated that gdr2 and amber will take a long time, I stated maybe Sep or Oct and received backlash saying it will be available in June, July the latest.... Still waiting and not expecting it till Xmas

I am not upstanding why this update forces one to reset to unlock the new features and settings. I updated yesterday, and nothing. But sorry, wrong topic this is for unlocked, I was just wondering. .

It's a issue in the update that wasn't corrected before release. It's not a problem if you back up the app list and settings though ;)

I'm on Rogers, no update yet. The forum thread that said they had was started by someone with like 1 post and no screenshots to verify.

Possibly, but which 920's are getting it? Haven't seen any confirmed reports that the 920 has received it OTA from any carriers yet, just those that manually flashed it through the care suite.

Hi Daniel. Did Data Sense appear right away, or did you have to reset your device to enable it? It seems to be a common glitch with this update.

I have the Lumia 925 just got it yesterday from t mobile and it came out the box with the amber update and GDR2 I have data sense Nokia display touch controls and stuff

i've got the update on my unlocked bell ATIV S...before the GDR2, i had 6.7 GB devoted to the Other Storage...it's been 2 days, it's at 6.71 GB.
not looking good!

Have you done a hard reset yet? Seems that GDR2 doesn't quite kick in fully until one is done (no data sense and other storage still inflating)

I think Samsung has the "Potato" chip, wich is incapable of receiving or admitting radio waves. Hence the absence of fm radio.

I don't think me and the 70milllion others think Samsung makes crap, but the fact that no matter what OS Samsung is giving feedback and looking out for they customers and pushing out updates I have a Motorola that just got the jelly bean update and it's been 3yrs I will never buy Motorola again

Hi guys, I'm from Rambouillet near Versailles but living at Reunion island. Samsung ATIV S from discount and no update.

Australia - Still no update, checked about 4 times still nothing.
Did a phone reboot and checked again... still nothing :(

Are u with Telstra? They have only just started testing so I think it will come about a month after att USA gets it, if unlocked it could come anytime. Better that we wait for bugs to be fixed than get it early and have our 920s bricked ala HTC

I have installed update on samsung Ativ S unbranded UK, but no Data sense and Other shows me used 1.62Gb. What features is in new update.

Settings>about>reset your phone
Make sure you backup the apps list and settings first though:

Doesn't bother me about no FM Radio, I use TuneIn Radio anyway which allows me to erm... Tune in to radio stations around the world.

No, but I have a Zune HD as well so it really doesn't bother me ;)

I only used FM Radio once on my HD7 and once on my Zune HD so I don't miss it, Internet Radio ftw!!!!

Man Microsoft, the OEMs, and the carriers are really botching up WP8. 
I wish someone would discover an exploit to give us full access to our devices. All we really need to do is change a couple registry entries to enable Data Sense for EVERYONE and gives us the ability to just clean out the temp files ourselves. Oh and unrestrict tethering from the greedy carriers like AT&T which want out on very expensive plans to tether. 

I've got unlocked Ativ S in Bulgaria. I've already updated my phone, but I haven't got FM radio or DATA SENSE yet. Is that true, that after reseting Data sense will show up?

Got an unlocked ATIV S in the UK and got the update, did need to do a phone reset to det data sense. No FM radio hardware in this model I don't think.

carrier free ATIV S here, again in Bulgaria - just recieved and updated the phone. Still other storage is the same as it was before the update - 2.58 GB 
And ofcourse no FM radio. I'm seriosly getting pissed at Samsung for all their conundrums, and perhaps it's time to finally return to the herd (NOKIA) after so many years of being away. 

I don't want to reset the phone, i'll have to reinstall all the things again, setting up different things again. So no, i think they should do and find a proper way. Getting tired of Samsung's nonsenes ...

Nope, don't have a problem with the latter. Just Samsung and their traditional pos software lineup (goes for all their products, even from the first Symbian based Omnia, to Galaxies and such). So, definetly jumping back with Nokia at the first possible moment. 

Did any of you got the international support for podcasts ? I thought it was part of GDR2....
The update went fine, but I still can't browse podcasts...

Samsung ATIVS on Orange UK.
I received 2 updates this morning:

Microsoft Update
Microsoft Update 8.0.10327.77

* Other storage at 3.75GB, not sure what it was before.
I ran clean storage and it did not free any more 'other storage'

Data Sense is not on the phone :-(

Yep, I did, but by this I mean I activated Wi-Fi, and then went to Settings -> Update -> Check for updates. It was an active check not a background check.
The downloading took about 7-8 minutes (wifi was slow as shit BTW), another 4-6 minutes preparing the installation and finally the rebooting and effectively installing took 8-10 minutes.
I don't think it's related to the carrier (Orange Romania in my case), but rather related to the fact that the phone is unlocked (not "blocat in retea" as we say).

I did the same thing, active checking but stiil nothing. I guess it will show up in the next few days. Mine is unlocked too, since no carrier sells Ativ S in Romania (many of the sellers don't even know about it )
Good to know that someone here received the update, it''s probably rolling out based on IMEI or something. Too bad I just did a factory reset this morning due to "other" storage issues.

2GB sounds about right for Other Storage. I know other platforms have "Other" storage too and if I remember correctly it is around 2GB as well.
Anything above 4-5GB is unacceptable and hopefully like the article says it will drop.

What's todays date? The 7th of August and GDR3 is just a couple months away and yet we don't even GDR2. WTF ATT!!!!!!! Transparency, transparency!!!!!

Transparency? Can you name the update after next for iPhone or Android? How about an estimated release time?
No one is more transparent about their update schedule, that's why WP fanatics get all hot & bothered, because they know its coming.
Have some patience, updates arrive when they arrive. I would not expect GDR3 before the end of November.

After last update I've done reset and I've already got Data sense!
First, back up your staff to sky drive and won't lose anything!
No radio!!! Maybe it really isn't supported by our Ativ's!

So I updated my phone a couple of days ago (unlocked on GiffGaff in the UK.) Didn't do a factory reset and this morning the wifi/3G weren't working (even though it was showing signal for both). So I did a factory reset (my phone was last backed up on Tuesday) which seems to have cured the issue.
However, can someone tell me how I select a backup to download if I can't sign into my account before connecting to my wifi? It doesn't give me a prompt to download a backup when I skip the initial sign in screen, set up the wifi, then go to accounts to sign in with my microsoft account?
When I attempt to sign in at the initial welcome screen, it doesn't detect a signal so can't sign in.
Any help would be appreciated as I'm getting pretty hacked off with it!  

After the update, battery level  indicator  froze at 100% all day. I had to reset the phone to go back to normal and indicates the real. Update with bugs?

I have installed the update,but i am not able to see call+sms filter in extras+info.can anybody help me in this.
Thanks in Advance.

"call + sms filter" is for Nokia, which until now did`'t have this feature. Ativ S has the function "call blocking".

Unlocked ATIV-S on O2.  Got the GDR2 update a few days ago but no Data Sense.  Just done the reset and Data Sense is now there.  Seems to be working OK.

I have a Unlocked Samsung ATIV S.... updated to GDR 2 ... no features whats so ever they are talking.. ive got no Radio..... No Data Sense.... no other storage issue resolved.... not even my OS Firmware changed (8.0.10211.204) .. please help..

I have an unlocked Ativ S (no carrier) and there is no update available yet. How many days it can take for gdr2 to come to my device?

Just a heads up...updated my Samsung ATIV S with GDR2 through Bell. Update requires to reset the phone for features to appear. Once completed I had issues with the Bluetooth in my vehicle and tried to downgrade the update but no luck. At first I thought it was an issue with the phone's BT. Luckly I had a second (spare) Samsung ATIV S with orginal OS. Phone worked great so I decided to update the Phone to GDR2 thinking the BT was faulty in the first phone and once again the BT connection "failed". Now I was faced with 2 phones with the same BT issue (not holding the connection). I went to the New walk-in Samsung Service Center in Mississauga (apparently the only ones capable of restoring to factory settings). Within an hour the phones were restored back to their orginal / factory settings and both phones now connect with the BT in my car. BTW, my vehicle is 1 year old. I spoke to the guys at Bell and they will look into the issue. It's definitely a Microsoft problem.

Still no update (unlocked ativ S) Seriously considering changing to Andriod now. Also the big 8.1 update is too far away, should have launched long time ago. Too bad cause I like the wp8

I updated my Telus Ativ-S originally like others I had no DataSense.
Reset will get DataSense to work.
I understand the reason it will never have fm radio and the rest all seemed to work the same.


My phone previous to the update had 2 volume settings one for the ringer / notifications from 0-10 and one for everything else (music, video, YouTube......) 0-30

Now for whatever reason the 0-10 control is gone and the phone rings off of the 0-30 control.

WTF??? is that all about?