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Microsoft announces Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8, bringing News, Weather, Sports and Finance to the small screen [Updated]

Update: As of 7PM ET, all links are now working. Please try now to download the new Bing suite for Windows Phone 8. It's not restricted to the US.

Today, Microsoft has pulled the sheets off of a new suite of apps based around the Bing search engine. Simply called Bing Apps, the collection of four apps includes Sports, News, Weather and Finance, including Live Tile support for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Based off of the same suite of apps for its Windows 8 OS, the new applications bring all of the latest news right to the Start screen, continuing the “glance and go” usability that Windows Phone users have become accustomed to. Indeed, this is the first time we’ve seen some real parallels between the desktop and mobile OS drawn and it should make using the two systems more seamless than before for new customers.

Watch our first-look video of the new apps in action and enjoy the gallery of screenshots after the break.

Video Tour: Bing News, Weather, Finance and Sports


Bing News

Bing News

“Want to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world? The Bing News app for Windows Phone has you covered. With the new app, you have one comprehensive experience to keep tabs on the latest headlines and videos of breaking news.  And the app is customizable so you can track specific story categories, topics, or news sources that matter to you.  You can even rearrange the headline clusters so that the news that matters most to you is at the top.”

The Bing News app is a straight port of the Windows 8 client and is well optimized for Windows Phone. Users can adjust the font size to their liking, enable the Live Tile, and restrict background data usage to only Wi-Fi. Wide tiles support is included with HD level graphics for images.

The app is relatively fast and fluid to use (data can take a moment to download) and with optional Breaking News alerts, users can stay abreast of all the latest happenings. The app lacks any lockscreen support or the ability to share an article, which is something Microsoft will hopefully build upon in later releases.

Download Bing News for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing News


Bing Finance

Bing Finance

“Keep tabs on your portfolio and gauge performance of your stocks at a glance with the Bing Finance app which include financial news, market info, watchlists, timely US stock updates and customizable interactive charts.”

Like Bing News, Bing Finance acts as market hub on your Windows Phone. The Live Tile (wide supported) shows the latest DOW and NASDAQ numbers (one on each side) with a graph and numbers for a quick view.  Users can customize the Watchlist with specific companies and the News section is similar to the Bing News app with font control.

Download Bing Finance for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Finance


Bing Weather

Bing Weather

“Want to know to know whether you need to grab an umbrella? Now you can stay a step ahead of the weather with an overview of conditions including temperature, precipitation and wind.”

Everyone loves weather apps and Bing Weather is a solid port of their desktop version. The app features a live tile (sadly, not wide) with the latest temperature, current conditions and the day’s high and low. Launching the app will show more in-depth information like “feels like” temperature, humidity levels, wind and more. Swiping to the right reveals daily, hourly and a collection of weather maps, including Temperature, Doppler, Precipitation and cloud cover, optimized for regional and national views.

The app is well designed and while it can’t compete against the more full-featured pay apps on Windows Phone, it’s a really well done weather client. Once again, no lockscreen support in v1.0 is a bit of a letdown but we imagine such a feature could come in later updates.

Download Bing Weather for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Weather


Bing Sports

Bing Sports

“The Bing Sports app is your personal sports companion letting you stay on top of the sports and teams that you care about.  You can swipe through to see the recent scores, top sports headlines, game videos, photos, schedules, standings, extensive statistics and much more across most major sports.”

Like Bing News and Finance, Bing Sports brings you all the latest in world competitions. From the scoreboard (currently MLB in the US) to News to slideshow to videos, the app is sure to keep the sports enthusiast busy. Like Bing Finance, you can add your favorite franchises to the ‘my teams’ pivot to easily track their latest happenings.

Download Bing Sports for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Bing Sports


Quick thoughts

Bing Weather

Overall, Microsoft has done an admirable job with these well-polished apps. They serve as a reminder to consumers of the similarities between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and represent a sign of things to come as those two operating systems begin to merge in 2014.

We can envisage many of these apps coming pre-installed on forthcoming Windows Phones and it should provide a great out-of-the-box experience for new customers who want core apps at their fingertips.

When to get them?

Bing Apps are now available with their respective links and QR codes listed above. Note: these apps are very "fresh" to the Store, so if it says "Not available" for your device, try again in a little while until it hits all servers.

More information can be found on the Bing Blog.


Reader comments

Microsoft announces Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8, bringing News, Weather, Sports and Finance to the small screen [Updated]



I've been using the Windows RT/8 versions for a while and was really impressed with them, I always thought that Microsoft would bring them to Windows Phone and they have so I'm happy.

Trust me, its an amazing phone. I am quite the critic myself. And this screen simply pops at you. You'll see ;) your def gona be a fan now!

Yeah, that is disappointing. The other ones have beautiful wide live tiles. I was hoping to replace Amazing Weather HD (I regret purchasing it) because it's inaccurate, in my opinion, but I love it's wide live tile with the 5-day forecast + the lock screen image with a 5-hour forecast over the Bing daily image. I hope the Bing Weather app updates in the future with those features.

Same for me and my 822. Went to the store and searched it, but still won't download. The others are nice tho so I'll play with them until weather becomes available.

Just plain awesome! I was wondering about if we can get the Bing News migrated from Windows 8 just the other day, since it has been my go to app on my Surface RT and is extremely useful. Then it is here! A little disappointed that it does not take the settings from my Windows 8 but nontheless, I am excited!

I'm impressed, those are really good. I just uninstalled quite a few apps I don't need now that I have these.

Come on Microsoft. Of all the apps that deserved the Double Wide treatment, it was the Weather Tile. Please correct your error. smh

I got Bing Weather and Bing Sports, but the other two are still not available, strange ....
Greetzz from Belgium.

How %$#Ing hard is it. A NEWS TILE THAT CYCLES THROUGH DIFFERENT NEWS STORIES!!!! WHY DOES EVERY ONE PICK A SINGLE STORY ONLY AND DISPLAY IT FOR HOURS Why can't someone make a tile that changes each flip to a different news story? Why are live tile developers so shit.

Yep, in The Netherlands Too. Don't want Sport and Weather. But News is Nice. No notification, thats a bummer. Economy also Nice. All is in Dutch, live It.

Was able to download News and Finance, the version numbers changed, Weather is still unavailable NL 920 USA, did not try spoets

These apps are awesome! Downloaded Sports, Weather & News and can confirm they work fine on my UK Nokia Lumia 520. Really impressed by how well polished they are!

OK.  Now I'm officially annoyed at running WP 7.8 on a Lumia 900.  I just called AT&T and threatened to terminate my contract early so I could buy a new phone and they offered me a Lumia 1020 for $250, and without needing to cancel my contract.  Thanks for pissing me off MS, now I got a decent deal on the Lumia 1020...!    :P

Since HTC's app has weather, news, and finance built-in, i wonder what it means for their app later on. I mean, clearly people will migrate to these polished Bing apps as opposed to installing and using an app that is lagging in terms of overall presentation and interface. We'll see. As of right now, I am using News and Sports and love them very much.

Well I just deleted NBC news, the weather channel, ESPN scorecenter and market & me. Thanks microsoft..

Weather for the win. Radar actually animates.
I downloaded 3 of these apps (news, sports,weather) and they have replaced 3 apps.

Where my unified experience that you talk about Microsoft?!? My portfolio on Bing finance doesn't sync with finance on Windows. So much for unification....more like fragmentation...

My portfolio on Bing finance doesn't sync with windows 8. What's this talk about unified experience Microsoft?!?! Still trying to get in sync as a company?

RUn the weather appp once, allow location access, let it load up your location's weather. tap the elipsis and pin to start. That pinned tile will now show the weather based on your location.
your welcome.

Weather app could use more features. It seems more like a WP 7 app than a WP 8 app due to the lack of the lockscreen and double wide tile. Add those in, and weather alert toasts, and we'll have the best weather app most likely.

Okay, its now available on India App Store. Good to know that Microsoft is working hard for WP8..

I got the collection.  Just like on my Windows 8.1 . Looks great too. I like how you can uncheck  news sources you don't want to hear from in Bing News. Really awesome collection.

WP 7.X??? Just kidding, cracked my 720 and its getting delivered back today, using my L800 and feeling sorry for it

Weather app is great.
News app is great.
Sports app is good, but would be great if team tiles were live and if NASCAR & tennis were added.

I came here just to say how much I appreciate these apps. The news app alone cleared 3-4 tiles off my screen. Way better than I expected. Great work.

Yes. Yes. Yes!!! I'm happy for native apps such as these. I want MS wo develop apps similar to that of the third party. Amazing Weather HD is a great app but I would prefer that experience with a native app.

I have WindowsRt and phone and really didnt realize i was missing these apps till this came up lol. Nice to have on the phone, just never realized I even wanted them lol.

I absolutely love the bing news app. However, there's a big flaw. I was viewing engadget articles, and it showed just a few lines from the article, followed by "read more". And i couldn't click on read more, or any link that could take me to the original article. At least i couldn't find any way to do that. Also, some news sources are websites that fire up once you click on the headline. I'd live for it to load in the app itself rather than take me to my browser and then load it. Apart from that, its absolute gold. :)

Me likey. The finance app beats the rat's ass out of Bloomberg. The live tiles work great. That was my greatest complain with Bloomberg. Plus it neat and simple. Easily one of my favorite apps. The others are equally good. Now if only Microsoft could bring wide tiles and lock screen support in the next update.

Just downloaded it here in The Netherlands. Lumia 620.
I don't get all the fuss by the way. These apps look mediocre. I uninstalled Bing News right away when I noticed it just links you to websites.
And the Bing Weather seems ok, but it lacks a wide tile and lockscreen options. Besides that, it kinda looks dull.

Very, VERY nice! Few bits missing (no International team option in sport) but hopefully available later when updated.

Yes it is. I'm testing it right now and I've seen it update two times already without me opening the app.

I downloaded Bing News and I checked the default sources were from USA. I changed them to Spain sources and I selected my favourites. If I refresh the main page of Bing News, the same news are showed!! I think these news are a wallpaper... lol
Seriously, I can't show the news of the selected sources... any idea, please?

Pretty nice, overall. Would be nice if the Weather tile would display the weather map as well as the current conditions as the Weather Channel live tile does. On the other hand, the Bing Weather allows the user to see local conditions (wherever you are, not just at a preset location)  without having to change the location, unlike the Weather Channel app.
Other apps look good too. Especially like the Finance live tile - indexes at a glance. I suppose that these are delayed but that's par for the course.
Sports needs to add Tennis to My Sports, especially with the US Open coming up.

Your version of the Windows Phone software is not supported by this application."
what does that mean? I have a lumia 920 os version: 8.0.10211.204

As much as it hurts me to say - AccuWeather is still better. Bing Weather gets the weather from AccuWeather (which is great because it is the most reliable and up to date weather for most of USA) but the BingWeather live tile does not refresh fast enough. Even after you open the BingWeather app to see the latest data, when you close the app, the live tile still shows old data :-( 
For now, AccuWeather wins.

Is anyone have problems getting rid of the American news? I have added all uk sources but i keep getting US stories and feeds...i change from US to UK but still pictures and main news from America...please help.

This isn't what it should be at all....
News: very limited selection and no way to add my own sources.
Weather: Ok.
Sports: Are you kidding Me! I don't really follow baseball, and there doesn't appear to be anyway to change the scoreboard to another sport. Why not, or is MSFT going to change it to say football when they see fit?
I would and did expect more from Microsoft.......
News and sports are both deletes in my estimation

I find Bing/MSN news to be rather lacking in depth. It's pure drivel most of the time. I don't think they could dumb it down anymore than it already is.

Will admit, I replaced my weather channel live tile with this one. At least this one updates correctly. Weather channel I got used to never updating. Pretty annoying.
Anyways. Bing Weather is elegant and fast. Simply, works. Isn't that all we've ever wanted? Kudos MS. My Lumia 925 shines more everyday. So excited to see the future.

My 521 live tile updates for the Weather Channel and gives me the weather map alternating with the local conditions. wish the Bing app would do that. On the other hand, Bing seems to use the current location if you are traveling (haven't tested that yet) whereas Weather Channel only displays the current location.

On my Lumia 720 all these apps are not updating live tiles neither are they giving me push notifications (breaking news by bing news) i've Switched the push notifications on in the apps they are not blocked in background apps :( anyone fafing this or with a solution????

The Sports and News live tiles are not showing any content and are not refreshing, anybody else have this problem? im in the Netherlands.

How come the weather one doesn't have a large tile option? I like to have the weather tile at the very top. :( I guess I'll just stick to Weather Flow

Im disappointed in the News App. Unlike the Windows 8 version which syncs with other Windows 8 devices, this one required me to manually input sources, and its BIGGEST features IMO on Windows 8, RSS and in-app article web-browser, are missing from the WP edition. Sticking with Collector for now.

Just installed the News and Sports apps and am actually quite surprised. Most of the sports apps I use on my Android tablet don't allow me to add certain football (soccer) clubs, but no issue with Bing Sports.
Love that Bing news automatically added Canadian news sources to the News app also! Nice to have a news app that offers more local news, other than HuffPo.