Require ideas for wedding invitations? How about Windows Phone?

Wedding Lumia Invitation

Windows Phones aren't just used as mobile phones, they can also be used for unique and interesting ideas. The photo above shows exactly what we're talking about today - wedding invitations. The editor of a Chinese Windows Phone website has used a Nokia smartphone as the design for invitations to be sent out to guests.

They're absolutely stunning, taking full advantage of the iconic Windows Phone Start screen. The level of detail is flawless too, with a camera hole acting as a means to connect the ribbon. So which Windows Phone was used?

Wedding Lumia Invitation

Yep, you guessed it; the Lumia 1020. So if you're ever stuck for ideas on your big day, be sure to think outside the box.

Source: Digi-wo; via: WeLoveWindowsPhone.hk

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