Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, NFL MVP, spotted playing with the Nokia Lumia 1020

Last year, Adrian Peterson was selected as the 2012 MVP for the NFL. While his team, the Minnesota Vikings, didn’t make it far in the playoffs, he still set some pretty awesome records for his rushing efforts.

Right now he’s getting ready for the 2013 season, but he’s doing it with flair. He’s doing it with a Nokia Lumia 1020.

The Minnesota Vikings Facebook page shared a photo of Adrian reading fan tweets before practice. He happened to be using a black Lumia 1020 with white camera grip to read those tweets. Which is pretty funny when you considered he’s done commercials for Verizon in the past. Either way, we hope Adrian enjoys his time with the Lumia 1020.

This is the second high profile sighting of the Lumia 1020 in a famous person's hands (plus one Yankee's fan). Earlier, we saw Linda Pizzuti, the wife of John W. Henry, rocking a Lumia 1020 and now we have Peterson on board too.

Alright, so who's going to the Super Bowl this year?

Source: Facebook, Via: Windows Phone Central Forums; Thanks, headward, for the tip!


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Adrian Peterson, NFL MVP, spotted playing with the Nokia Lumia 1020


Seahawks for sure #GOHAWKS vs the broncos... My dream for last year, only second to a harbaugh bowl, which happened, so this year its gotta be Hawks vs Broncos all the way.

That's the dumbest thing I've read all day, we lost 50% of our games under replacement refs... Lost 23% with the real ones...

I saw that too.  Shame the 1020 isn't sporting the logo....
The Death Star was great in Star Wars, but I don't want to use a the unnamed phone company that uses it as it's logo.

It said he was reading tweets.

Also he was probably looking at pictures that team mates may have taken a lot of times these phones pass around locker rooms. At least they did in college locker rooms.


Peterson's a beast, though. Also great that he's wearing the Verizon patch on his jersey in that pic.

Where did he get the white camera grip?  I can't find that dang thing anywhere???  Nokia really dropped the ball on accessories for the Lumia 1020.  They haven't even committed to having a white wireless charging sleeve.

Probably doing a Verizon commercial. As for the super bowl...don't laugh...Go Cardinals!
Oh and crush them Cowboys!!

Real question is this: How many non-WP fans and tech people will know what phone it is or that it is a WP8 phone?

If you look at the comments on Facebook where this photo was posted a surprising number know. If they don't know, they're asking and others are responding. 

Skol Vikings! A few of the Vikings fantasy team names im using this year:
-Rudolph the Red Zone Danger
-Baca to the Future
-The Blair Walsh Project
Can't wait for football!

LOL That's the first thing that popped up in my head. Can't get enough of that Bad Lip Reading.


Roll Tide! Can't wait till the season starts, and sure hope Johnny Goofball doesn't get suspended. Sept 14 is going to be a beat down either way. I created an app with the MS app studio beta for Alabama. Search for Roll Tide in the store to check it out. Its very basic, but I wanted to get my feet wet.

I dont think a bunch of 22 year olds can beat grown ass men in football lol the Jaguars will beat them by like 40 or 50

A) he's not a spokesperson for the phone, he's just using it. 
B) pretty sure that everyone on the Packers roster would give him nothing but huge respect - he did run over, through and past their defense to the tune of 500+ yards last year. 

Typical Charger season: Slow start, season in peril, wake up, kick ass, somehow make the playoffs, fail in playoffs. Every. Single Time. Except the part where they make the playoffs last year. 

Hmm, the 1020 might be catching on quicker than people are anticipating. If football players are now being seen with them (let alone the reigning NFL MVP), it might cause a shift in consumer interest in the US, which would bode very well for Nokia and MS. Things are getting interesting.

Is that supposed to be irony?  Him playing with a Nokia Lumia 1020 and on his jersey is a Verizon Wireless logo?  Oh Nokia why don't you send the great phones to the carrier that really cares and sells more Windows Phones.

I love the Verizon Logo on his shirt yet he is clearly using an ATT device. Classic!. Maybe Verizon should hop on the WP train instead of bending over backwards for apple and making android worse than it already is.

Wouldn't it be cool if AP had a really early version of the 1028 running GDR3 on a quad-core processor, 1080p screen with expandable memory?