Nokia publishes support page for Europe to know the status of their Amber update

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Nokia is slowly rolling out its Amber firmware bundled with Microsoft's GDR2 update, but it's no fun having to keep checking your phone every few hours, seeing whether or not you've got a notification to update. Nokia has decided to whip up a solution and has released a page for consumers residing in Europe to receive a hint as to when their Lumia Windows Phones will be bumped to the latest version.

Much like the US version, it's super easy to check with "coming soon," "waiting for approval," and "available" stating where the process is held at. The company has said that consumers should have the Amber + GDR2 update by the end of September, but we know full well how exciting it can be to know you're on the verge of receiving improvements and additional features for your mobile device.

Nokia Amber Page

It's not an exact date provider, but at least you'll know how close you are. Head on over to Nokia's website to check out when you're getting the Amber / GDR2 update combo.

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Nokia publishes support page for Europe to know the status of their Amber update


My update just came in an hour ago here in the Netherlands (Lumia 920, EU, Unlocked)
Love the new glance screen and the Data Sense app along. The OS itself became a lot snappier too! Go Nokia! :)

I saw that page the other day while trying to find out. I have an unlocked Lumia 920 and that page only really mentions carriers.

Go to Settings --> About --> more information, and look at the "Firmware revision number" and then try and find a model on that page that has that same number as the "latest version".
Doing this I found that my unlocked Lumia 920 is listed in the United Kingdom section as "country variant", with the update status being "coming soon (it was "waiting for approval" a few days ago).
Chances are, if you have unlocked, unbranded phone it will be a "country variant" model of whatever country you got it from.

Then consider it an FYI for those who didn't know ;)

Also, confession: it's to stop the onslaught of "tips" we're getting about the update.

Or to get more pageviews? ;-P
Really we all know it's coming, not like these "tips" are necessary. And why don't they have a page for unlocked mobiles?

This has been available since the beggining, they didn't launched the US page first and then Europe.

Anyway, it is usefull...although perpare youself to be frustrated....you know you'll be checking the webpage constantly. I know I have =P

Oh goody updates :)
Though on the downside 3UK will be last to step up to the plate as usual.
Quick to tie you into  a contract and to encourage you to stay with them, slow to get their fingers out and do anything proactive, resolve issues etc. 

I am an EE user so ill ignore this website as i know they will probably frustrate me with the millennia it will take them to release this. Ill just be surprised when its actually available.

This post is not right that support page is global so you can check updates all around the globe including Africa and Latin America but maybe for you the center of the world is in the north not down there!

I feel like these pages are almost a new form of torture. So far, I've watched the 822 on Verizon (U.S.) change from, waiting for approval, to, coming soon. I'd have some hope, if the Canadian 920 on Rogers had changed from, coming soon, to, available. But alas, the Rogers info started at coming soon and has yet to release, so who knows how useful these pages really are.

So far Vodaphone are ahead here in the UK, with O2 second and everyone else lagging. This will influence who I sign my next contract with.

Odd that Vodafone actually seem to be pretty decent when it comes to WP updates but terrible for Android. My dad was waiting months for a minor update on his Note. EE will be very typical and slow. They weren't exactly speedy when it came to WP 7 and that's unlikely to change here. I'm anticipating September unfortunately :(

I've just checked for the update and its not available for me. I'm using a 920 on Vodafone (not through choice). Vodafone are rubbish at WP updates. I think Vodafone were the last to update the 800 to 7.8.

You're on the wrong website for that, but may i redirect you to androidcentral.com where I'm sure they'll agree with you on that

Nope, he's just not as blinded as you. I've been a Nokia owner since getting a 3330 many years ago and this dripfeeding of product release and updates is very crappy and really starting to test my loyalty, especially as we were promised this wouldn't be the case for WP8.

Weird, because HTC's Android phones are basically praised to heaven around the interwebz because of their updates.

I made a small joke, nothing more, if you would like to pick a fight then you can go and call someone else 'blinded'

I finally got the update!! yuppy!!! Now installing but the 2 rolling gears are on screen for like 10 minutes now... should I be worried??? How long does it normally take to install??

Don't be, it says 20 minutes but some people have had it last a couple of hours
Just wait it out overnight before resetting

I still don't understand why my handset, which was supplied directly by Nokia, has to wait for updates... If Nokia roll updates out, their own handsets shouldn't have to wait!

Yes yes yes! The german country variant 920 just jumped from "waiting for approval" to "coming soon"... :)

My NL920 is unlocked, but my I'm stuck with the 0001 firmware that isn't marked as available anywhere #firstWorldProblems :(

Nop, I'm at firmware revision 1232.5957.1308.0001, can't find it marked as available unfortunately. But I agree it doesn't look right, should already be available :(

Just received update and installed on our last 3 Lumia 920's :)
Flashed mine on Saturday, just couldn't wait ;)

This is a bit of old news, they've had the page for some time now. This "Coming Soon" might mean anywhere from the next five minutes until late September. Nokia is keeping consumers like mushrooms, keeping us in the dark and feeding us BS. :/

FYI heres a tip on how u can access this directly from ur phone UI, just goto 'Help+Tips' then goto the Nokia section, select 'Software Update' then 'Check availability' then u can select to see the availability in ur region from the list when u select 'Software updates for other platforms' lol I know that's quite a few steps but just nice that u can access it directly from the phone UI

The page exist since the announcement of the rolling out of the amber update. What is the new about it ?

Some people may not know about it and it will hopefully stop the constant whinging in the comments as well in the forums lol..

The first time is am happy with a belgium 820 although i am from germany ;) coming soon... Today a lot of regions were set to available or coming soon

So delighted I'm with EE, whom I pay a fortune to provide me with a 4G connection rarer that the Holy Grail, and last on the list of updates

I've looked the first time on the page last Friday... So if it has been set to that status on Friday its 5 days by now... So hopefully i will get the update this evening or tomorrow morning, that would be awesome :D

Site says update available for 920 on Vodafone in the UK. I've tried checking for updates, but there aren't any, my 920 is, apparently, up to date (OS version isn't the latest).

Here in Sweden we have two different L920 devises (formware). One got the update early last week and the other have had the "coming soon" since late last week. M$ and Nokia can't even push updates to different (again, same but different firmware) devises in the same country, and it's getting annoying.
Carrier unlocked devises like mine sholud not have to wait for over a week when the other firmware version already got the update. It's like a childish kinder egg surprise...

Here we go again. Waiting for EE to approve updates. MS, I won't tell you again. Either you guys roll out all updates or phone manufacturers. Don't leave it to operators. They hardly have incentive as they've already locked you for nice long contract.

Guys I am poor soul with 8.1 DP waiting for cyan without downgrading to8. Any hopes for me in near future without downgradiing to 8 ??

I have preview developer8.1 on my Lumia Nokia 520 window phone.I would love to go back to window 8 phone But if I can't how do I update window 8 1.

Ok I have Lumia 1020 preview of developers, I downgrade it before 2 week 3051.50009.1424.0001 and I'm still waiting for update cyan ! is there any one like me !? Please answer me