Microsoft releases new ads for Office 365 University; attempts to get "down with the kids"

Microsoft has certainly got its humour hat on and has gone all out with two new advertisements for its Office 365 platform. Gunning for students who are starting (or are returning to) college, Redmond aims to slap a copy of Office 365 University in the hands of everyone involved in higher education. Are the ads effective? Sure, it's also good to see a humorous touch to what many would assume to be a difficult product to promote with "cool" marketing. 

Both videos feature "The Discussion," which is essentially the conversation between a parent and his (or her) child with some funny annotations revealing what they're thinking. If you haven't yet tried out Office 365, it's definitely worth checking out and is entirely based on the cloud so it's easy to work from anywhere on Windows and Windows Phone.

Source: YouTube (1) (2); Thanks, Nishy, for the tip!


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Microsoft releases new ads for Office 365 University; attempts to get "down with the kids"


I have a tattoo. And I'm getting MOAR!

Or do you mean tattoo's on girls? If a girl has a frontal tattoo you're gonna have a bad time.

Hahah, I am afraid I have to agree with your radical perspective...as I can't come up with anything worldly that requires permanent real estate on human body...i hate attention getters @_@

Yeah, they definitely are aimed at the "older" crowd. These were kind of lame. But hey, if it works for them, cool. I guess?

In my school (University of North Georgia) we use office 365 as our main email serves but I cant get it to work on my Lumia 925  :( 

Is it me or they over complicated this? Honestly, I think they're crap...sorry MS, but they're crap... Show the benefits and usefulness not people standing around...

Apple's ads function the same way. And even if you hate the company, its hard to argue that their ads don't work.

Reminds me; I need to get a tattoo.
Anyway, Office 365 is a legit product.  MS needs to continue to promote it but the next ads should explain how it works.  It literally puts Office on any machine via the internet connection.
I write papers via 365 at work all the time.

Tattoos suck and so do these ads.  Gah.
"Here kid, I put Office ***365*** on your laptop.  It like ... I don't know, lets you do Officy stuff.  With the cloud.  Ok?"
"Uh, thanks mom/dad.  [Like I care!  SEE YA!!!]"

I thought the first one was terrible..  it was incredibly weak at trying to be funny. 

Ugh I hate YouTube so much! I can't watch the last video because I keep getting that idiotic sorry message from asshole google. Can we just get the straight YouTube link in the app instead of the mobile one so they can't redirect me? Maybe I'm missing it.