Nokia’s Storage Check gets a small update today

Storage Check

One of the more popular system apps that Nokia makes for its Lumia line would be Storage Check, a tool that allows the device’s memory to be broken down to see where everything is going. But besides just g a pretty graph of storage layout, users can delete Temporary files and manage maps (including moving them to a SD card).

Storage Check

Version is now live in the Nokia Collection and while it probably won’t do anything for most users today, it may squash some bugs (the changlog was last updated for version 1.2.2, which mentions new device support, probably for the Lumia 625).

Regardless, users can now go an update their Storage Check app by heading to the Store or by grabbing the link here. Thanks, Akash P., for the tip!

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Nokia’s Storage Check gets a small update today


How do you do that?? I don't see any option in Storage check or Here Drive!! Im using Nokia 520 if that matters

I can only do this with the beta version. Can't place maps on my sd card with this normal version for some reason.

Maybe its different on other Lumias, but for my 822 that didn't work with Storage Check before GDR2, downloading maps to SD card is only allowed in the Storage Check Beta. A separate app.

I'm using a Lumia 822 with Storage Check (Not the beta; using this updated version), and am able to save maps to an SD card. I downloaded one today to an SD card with no problems. I am using the Amber update as well. Weird you are having issues. Maybe try deleting any version of Storage Check you currently have, update to Amber (if you havent yet) and then reinstall the non beta version of Storage Check.

Only the beta shows up in your apps list, although it may not say beta in the title.
The original is listed in your settings.
So maybe you're not a liar (i apologize and should have used a different word), just misinformed.

Oh wow, you're absolutely right. The option for using SD cards isn't in the Storage Check in Settings, but is in the app. Guess I was using the beta and was misinformed. Thanks for the clear up. Well at least the beta is allowing maps on an SD card, so I guess I'll keep using that over the one in settings.

Yeah, I spent two days emailing Nokia Care about it. They kept telling me it was impossible and that only media was allowed on SD cards.
Eventually, I figured it out myself and found the beta. Ironically, hours later, another Nokia Care agent emails me to ask if I had the beta or not.

If you want to download maps onto an SD card, you will have to download and install the beta from the store (using the link I gave). It will show up in your apps list.
For some strange reason, the option to save on an SD card isn't in the Storage Check in Settings. It's only available right now using the beta app. Personally I had no idea the app on the store was a beta, but use that one. Hope this helps.

Storage checker needed GDR2 to work.  I just installed GDR2 last night.  It looks like it the update killed about a GB on Other Storage.  It was at 5 GB, and it went down to about 4 GB.  In Storage Check, I was about able to clear about another 300 MB of “Temporary Files”, which are counted under the “Other” category if you look under Settings-Phone Storage-Phone.  I hope Nokia and Microsoft come up with one solution for monitoring storage.  Under Settings-Phone Storage-Phone, it shows that I have only 2.6 GB installed for Apps.  While in Storage Check, it shows that I have 4 GB for Apps, which is further broken down in the Details to be 3.4 GB for the Apps themselves, and 552 MB for the App data.  So I guess the 1.4 GB difference shows up in the “Other” under Settings-Phone Storage-Phone.  Anyway, it looks like the issue is mostly resolved, but for those that like to know how the phone storage is being utilized, I just hope there will be one solution that clearly tells you what how the space is being used.

Yeah and it wont work on WP 7.8....   How nice.  I guess you need a dual core processor to know how much storage you have left.  What a joke, especially from Nokia's own stable of apps.

No, the news that pigheaded a-shole Ballmer is finally getting canned has made my day.
I cried when when told my WM6.5 HTC TP2 would no longer really have any future apps because a few months after I bought it, the magical WP7 beta test was unleashed.
I then cried again, after upgrading to my current Nokia Lumia 900.  Which, again, about a month after I got it, was told whoops, you are in a beta test and we're coming out with 8, which is wholly incompatible with 7 apps.  But we'll give you 7.8 to make your screen tiles bigger and smaller....  Now us 7 users are getting squeezed out of apps just like before with 6.x.
No more crying -- just complete caution whenever deciding to buy another MS phone OS product again.  Wait till 9 suddenly comes out next month and everyone is told to suck it up and just throw out all their hardware again..... 

Stop crying and get a 520 for 99$, and you won't have to worry anymore.If not...there are plenty of alternatives from other manufacturers :) we live in a free world, you know...

My 900 still beats the 520 -- mine at least has a flash and a larger, polarized screen.  And I know, cause my dad now has a 521....  Which, is still a pretty darned good phone, as far as cheaper phones go.  Certainly as good as most of the Android models out there.

Sound like you are someone who wants the latest software but has a habit of buying late in the hardware cycle. You should try buying the phone around the time it comes out to maximize support. I wouldn't worry at all about WP9... they are NOT rewriting the os again.

This is very good advice.  Like the OP, I bought a TP2 right before its EOL, because it looked like the best thing out there.  I, too, was crying when the original WP app store was later completely closed and disabled.  When I got my next phone, I made sure to get something that was just released, so I could enjoy the benefits of having it it during its actual supported lifecycle.

So don't buy a Windows Phone, it may be best for the platform. One less whiner.
BTW, my WP8 will be compatible with WP9 (or whatever they call it) they already said so.

Ah, that's the kind of down home charm that has made WM/WP and W8 such a resounding success!...  If you dont like a mobile OS EOL shorter than the lifespan of a fruitfly, and being lied to about upgradeability, well then you're just a whiny poo poo.  Just buy our new hardware every year and pretend you have amnsesia about prior loss of mobile OS support from MS.  Just enjoy your old apps and shut up.  You don't deserve new apps with your ancient one year old phone..
Small wonder most peple run straight to Apple.  Where screwing loyal customers isn't part of the bargain. "They already said so..." OMG that would be funny if it wasn't so unbelieveable. They also said they would continue to develop WM6 along with 7 as "Windows Phone Classic" Total lie. Killed it almost instantly. Same with 7. Oh trust us -- dump all your 6 hardware and buy a nice new 7 phone, because just like Apple we will directly, and regularly update it. Again, just like Apple. Until a month goes by after the Lumia is launched and they say, oops no, were switching to 8 and its totally incompatible, including 8 apps..... "They said so" HA! They sure say do a lot of things.
I'm typing this from a Surface Pro, and I own a freakin Zune 30 (brown!) -- so I have long made my MS fanboy bones, pal.  I have a right to complain about the company's shi-ty treatment of its consumer base.  MS has long ignored that at their peril.  MS stock is what $25 a share and Apples is now at $500.  Google is even higher. 
I'm looking into my crystal ball and am betting all those W8 'RT' folks are going to be in a similar predicament within a very brief period..... Left out in the cold with a very expensive, and yet another orphaned MS OS.

Rant much didn't get past the first few lines, but I can tell you that users bitching & moaning over every little thing doesn't attract any new users either.
Maybe research before you buy a phone.

Why would you buy a device based on a future you can't predict instead of based on what it currently does? Did the WP8 launch somehow brick your device and make it unusable? Or does it still turn on. Quit crying just because new devices came out. You knew damn well that was going to happen. Don't tell me you thought time would sit still and your Lumia 900 was supposed to be the last phone ever released.

I'm sure this is in preparation for AT&T uploading GR2 to its Customers.
LOL - who am I kidding. That'll be Storage Check v4 :D

According to Nokia support, the ability to store maps to sd card has temporarily been removed because certain devices have been having issues. But they have left the beta up for download for anyone who still wishes to use this facility until they resolve the issue in the non beta version.

How to manege Maps?
i dont see any option to move them in to SD card in my Lumia 820??
I have GDR2 and amber update installed in it.

Ahem...correct me if I'm wrong but Lumia's don't have SD cards... So why would they give us the option unless they plan on bringing it to us?