Windows Phone Amber/GDR2 update continues to roll out in Europe, still no sighting for AT&T

Windows Phone Update

Reports of the Windows Phone Amber and GDR2 updates continue to roll in from various parts of the globe.

The latest updates are being reported for the Nokia Lumia 920 in Germany for T-Mobile, unlocked 920's in the United Kingdom, for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 in Italy, and the Lumia 920 in Belgium.

Still no sighting on AT&T's update and hopefully that will change shortly.

If you haven't seen the update notice, just hit your Windows Phone settings and click on phone update and manually check for any updates. If things are a go, just follow the on-screen directions.  If you don't see an update ready for installation, you can go to Nokia Support to check on the status of your country, phone and carrier.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Windows Phone Amber/GDR2 update continues to roll out in Europe, still no sighting for AT&T



crash bang boom bang crash bang boom bang crash bang boom bang crash bang boom bang,, ok AT&T can you hear the noise????

We need to hit it up in the Suggestion Box, their forums, their Facebook pages, twitter accounts, everything. It always works if a lot of people keep doing this. Then they'll respond.

I think I facebooked them twice. My god! I can't believe the amount of negative responses, regarding everything.

And after that, will you complain to T-Mobile Netherlands for me for being shitty with updates? (and Nokia for holding for so long for unlocked+unbranded ones)
The whole world doesn't revolve around AT&T, there are more shitty carriers in the world.

Nou, dan ben je een van de gelukkigen kennelijk. Mijn moeder zit nog steeds te wachten op haar T-Mobile 820-update die al een week beschikbaar is volgens de Nokia-site...

Ik heb hem sinds maandag laat op mijn L820. Wel lekker, zelfs datasense doet het nu...Vodafone dat dan weer wel.

Hier ook al een paar dagen een unlocked/unbranded 920 met werkende datasense(simyo). Op de 820 sinds vandaag ook in icm Ben.

(first world problems)

seriously, att. UPDATE. Can I be hired to release the updates from now on? Because I would release them ASAP!

I'm sick of this. Part of our cost is to support our products. It should be illegal to not sell a phone as locked and not updating the phone. I'm sick of this crap.

I posted on the AT&T facebook page, I suggest we get more people to do the same.  Its time to start pestering AT&T about this.  I don't care if you create your own post, comment or like mine, or whatever...  If I was Microsoft I would be pissed with AT&T right now, they've already got the bad reputation of updates going out slowly they don't need carriers compounding the issue!
-Eric H.

Love the way they ignore us on @attcustomercare lol

"we'll just pretend we didn't see those tweets regarding the windows phone updates & hopefully they'll go away".

"we'll just pretend we didn't see those tweets regarding the windows phone updates & hopefully they'll go away".

LOL. How long do you think they can ignore these?

Here is the response I got on the 22nd after asking how all other US companies have already rolled out the update and what the hold up was.
22 Aug
Please stay tuned for the update. Once we get the update, the community will be the first to know.

They are probably being cautious because the last nokia update fucked up the radios in the 920 which in turn probably costed ATT a lot in support via telephone calls and replacement devices. 

True, but that doesn't mean they won't try. I'd say thesupershoe is correct. And IF we get the gdr2 update it won't be until the last week of September, at the very last second.

You can use AT&T Next to upgrade to 925 or 1020. Microsoft and Nokia are just as much to blame letting the carriers fragment the OS this way. 

I think they come together if you have a Lumia. GD2 is MS's update and Amber is Nokia's. So an 8X would only get GDR2.

I am an At&t user and I really dont see a huge reason to jump on this update.  What huge ground breaking experience is going to come to my phone?  I love my 920 but I dont see any huge change to the OS that will dazzle me that I must have last week.

I think most people just want to see that AT&T act in a responsible manner, indicating their support and commitment for future more important updates.

Maybe for 920's. But this update was critical for my 820. Now I can install my games without having to worry about other storage(before the update, I just couldn't install anything) and also Xbox Music duplicate issue is resolved for me. So that's why I think it's a huge mistake of AT&T not releasing this update quickly. It's not just a regular update, it's a critical bug fixing update.

I want the camera improvements and the ability to download Nokia Pro Camera or whatever. Thats what I want from this - essentially just the Amber update.

Maybe GDR2 is not a big update, but what happens when GDR3 and Windows Phone 8.1 are released? This is the only situation we can base our predictions on for how long it is going to take AT&T to push out those updates. I though Microsoft promised to give the carriers as little control over updates as possible when WP8 was released. Some promise that was...

This is why I will not get another phone that depends on carrier approval to upgrade the OS. Apple and Google (Nexus and GP editions) do not have to wait on carriers so why does Microsoft and Nokia? Microsoft Windows phone support told me they don't tell the carriers what OS to support. AT&T support said they have no timeline. Such bullshit since Amber and GDR2 are already running on their network. We early adapters/920 owners are screwed. We will never see GDR3 or WP8.1 either.

Funny thing. Yesterday I tweeted at @telekom_hilft (German T-Mobile Support) asking when the update will be out. They said they don't know. Only ~35hours later: BOOM Update available :D
EDIT: Data Sense FTW!

I think att is going to skip this one til the next one comes available.....unless everyone with a 920 under att calls in and demands to make it available.

If true, they should just come out and say it instead of having people constantly waiting for it to hit.

I mentioned this on the tip but since it's not here, I'll repeat for those with Deutsche Telekom branded phones: Data Sense IS being delivered with the update even though T-Mobile has their KundenCenter .

Why wait? The difference in waiting until the end is probably more expensive than to cut ties now and pay the leftover prorated ETF.
That's what I did. Hello T-Mobile and unbranded Amber firmware!

My whole family is sick and tired of AT&T now too. We can barely get signal in the house at all with them where we live. Do Windows Phones on T-Mobile have WIFI calling?

Yep. I have WiFi calling feature on all the time on my 925. Saves battery, too, since reception is crappy at my home office but the WiFi is steady - so it's never having to search for signal.

Dis heartening for us att Windows phone 8 supporters. I guess that's what we get for supporting att. I switched just for the 920. Should have stayed with Verizon. Hind sight is always 20/20

It's funny. I left Verizon because of their lack of enthusiam for Windows Phone (HTC Trophy or nothing for the longest time!). Now Verizon is on the ball...I just can't win.

I dunno I think I would rather at&t, At&t has Hardware (phones) 6 months before Verizon even gets them, so our update OS is 1 month behind, that's not huge compared to 6 months.

They were two weeks later on the 8X, which actually is the exact same hardware on both carriers. The facts don't support your statement.

Why on Earth would anyone "support" ATT? Just get the phone you like on the carrier you like. Look out for #1, not some huge corporation.

Nope. Best is to get an unlocked GSM phone and move to a carrier with less shenanigans when you want to.

I'm on Verizon and got mine last week when I got my 928 sent to replace my geared up 928.

Just tried to update an new update is here in Czech, though for an hour still waiting for download to complete. Stuck at 90% after failing once.. Aahhhhh

Three uk replied to me this morning confirming the updates approval and said to keep an eye on their twitter feed, must not be long to go!

Coming from the UK where Windows Phone has a much bigger following and not knowing anything about AT&T other than it's, I think, the 3rd carrier in the States, why are people on this site so vocal about AT&T updates? There can't be all that many WP users given the small market share WP has in America, why the constant fussing about updates??

Simply because they are supposed to be the "Premier" partner for Windows Phone and Nokia here in the states. They are also the 2nd largest carrier, just behind Verizon. So to expect them to deliver quickly is logical. But AT&T has such horrible customer service none of us should be surprised.

T-Mobile is slow as hell with rolling out though. T-Mobile Netherlands has, according to Nokia's page which I check every day, Amber available for the 820 for a week now yet my mum still hasn't gotten the update.
(and I won't get started about my 720 which is still waiting for approval)

I have a 820 from Hong Kong, the update is "available" but my phone can't find it, I'm in Costa Rica anyone know something if is an issue have the phone in other country??

What ROM do you have on your phone? I bought mine unbranded in France but I have a Swedish ROM... That could explain why you didn't get the update.

You should check the Firmware version in your phone against Nokia's list of available updates. Just go to Settings, to About, and expand more info in your phone and you'll find the version of your phone. Then check that against the version in the list. I don't think there's a Nokia factory in HongKong so it's quite possible your phone bought there could have come from somewhere else.

I'm considering filing a complaint with the office of fair trading. For misleading customers by stating they are fastest.

EE's lack of communication is what finally broke my willpower and hence I ended up downloading the ROM from the Nokia Care servers. Bit of work to reconfigure the home screen, re-login to numerous apps and build up my game progress but glad I'm not waiting any more.

Daaamn, desperate times called for desperate measures! Is the update worth such a risk? Since ur a Gooner, perhaps you ought to advise Wenger to do the same! Lol

F***ing hate EE. Exclusivity on the 920 and they sh** on those that adopted early. I bet the fukwards cant get DataSense to read their shitty 4G properly. Dam, they cant even provide a good account management app for WP. MyEE is just shite, cant check data while on WiFi. Soz for derogatory language but im just a little peeved with this service.

Lol, yeah its pretty bad. Just tweeted... The whole world has received GDR2 & Amber update for #Windows Phone 8 except those on @EE in #UK Hurry we're gonna be left behind! :-(

Every UK carrier has either received or approved the update. EE hasn't even approved it. The "fastest" network, the network that put so much spotlight on the Lumia 920 when it was released. Its time people shouted at them to get their fat ass in gear.

i've tweeted them several times and rang them and get the same shit every time! "we don't have any information on this at the moment" i for one won't be staying with "the fastest uk network" what a joke!!!!

Wow! What an impatient lot we have become. I demand my phone software update NOW! Sheez, it's only August 28th. If it's still not out by September 28th THEN you can bitch. I'm guessing it'll happen well before that. Anyone want a piece of that?

So much for fastest overall network. I'm considering filing a complaint with the office of fair trading. For misleading customers.

Since none of this delay business is an accident, there must be a credible reason for any carrier to delay an update-however unpleasant the truth may be, whether its lack of resources or willing, someone must know the answer. Its all very well slagging off a carrier for being useless (a pointless exercise) but there will be a reason for it, like i said its no accident like the GDR2 email from Nokia went missing or something similarly inept... What is the most likely explanation i wonder? I fail to believe, particularly with the amount of ££££/$$$ involved, that this is down to simple ineptitude of a multinational company like ATT/EE.

Its also the fact that when the 920 was released EE had it "exclusively first" but they are the last UK carrier to even approve the update. Also they claim to be fastest but signal on 2G and 3G is patchy as hell and 4G is extremely limited and 4G plans are ludicrously expensive. Ohh and customer service has dropped dramatically since so called EE was launched.

I know what you mean; as soon as I leave London, my 3G drops to Edge or GPRS. I mean SERIOUSLY not even 2G!

Follow me on twitter and join the war against EE @HaidBailey if we make enough noise they must listen. Even if it is just a little longer. A company who boasts to be fast must live up to that in every way!

No one Lumia in the entite America Latina (except by one variant in the Puerto Rico) has recieved the GDR2+Amber update. Stop crying. hahaha
Here in Brazil people are starting to recieve 1314 on their Lumia 920s yesterday.


FeedTheShark we are the small market share in the USA and we are been treated like shit. So if AT&T threat us like this how do you think Nokia is going to gain any Market share when their partners can't take care of the few customer they have.????. I feel like puking every time I see another 920 roll out and it not to AT&T 920'S..

Just got the update an hour ago (UK country variant)!
The update rocks! Pro Cam and Smart Cam now work and they are both a great experience!

Well, having in mind Nokia's app is free I would go and copare it with the stock WP cam app.
The ProShot app seems to have many more functions like filters, but goes for $2.
So, maybe not better than ProShot but certainly better than the stock cam app.

Still nothing on EE in UK. Even been tweeting them some abuse about there slowness when they boast about being fastest. Considering taking them to the office of fair trading and suing them for misleading customers and donating the damages to Help 4 Heroes.

No I know that. Its the fact that they continue to boast about it whereas in reality there are thousands of livid customers paying £30+ to a company who says that they're fast yet signal is patchy as hell on 2G 3G and 4G is extremely limited and also that they are slower than every other UK network to even approve the update!

I chatted with a sales person on att Monday night as I was changing my mobile shared plan and he told me the update is ready to roll out since 8/22/13. Not sure why not yet??

EE in UK are as bad as US ATT, where the hell is the update?! Some guy on the EE forum reckons you can get it flashed in stores but that means losing game progress and start screen set up! If its on stores WTF is goin on?!

And T-Mobile Netherlands is as bad as EE and AT&T. Nokia states on their availability page that the T-Mobile 820 should have received Amber already (and that was put up a week ago, I check the page every day) yet my mum still hasn't received Amber on her T-Mobile 820...

I hate finding joy in other's misery, but reading the comments from AT&T users the past few weeks has become a source of entertainment.
To the people talking about switching to Verizon just because of updates, remember that AT&T has almost every WP8 available while Verizon only has 4 models.

Let alone the fact that Verizon also screws up when it comes to updates sometimes. How long did it take to approve the Nexus 4 update? (or the Sammy S3 update) Various months.

Yay, 820 German Country Variant just went live. Their website is quite acurate, too: wasn't available three hours ago when I did my daily check but after the webpage just changed to available I retried and boom it is available.

Just got it on my Unlocked/Unbranded Nokia Lumia 920 in Ireland on the 3 Network.
Cant wait to use the improved Camera and Nokia Pro Cam

So how long is the att update actually late by since the update started rolling out? Weeks , months, years? Are people just being a little impatient here?

There's nothing new to this update process, we all know how att when it comes to updates. Guess what they won't update ur 920 to amber because the 925 is due to come out next month... You guys should've known that by now...
Btw im still rocking my lumia 900/7.8 peace all and good luck

Bought my phone (Lumia 820) in Greece...but I live in Italy...and today I finally got Amber/GDR2....f*ck yeahh!!!!!!

Still nothing on EE in the UK. These exclusive launch partnerships that Nokia are forging are really benefitting the consumer. Makes me want to stick with the WP and Nokia no end.

I got GDR2 last week here in Finland but the last update (apollo) took almost two months to hit this part of Europe. Too bad Microsoft doesn't work as smoothly with the updates as Apple does.
Most noticeable improvements:
- Battery life
- Nokia Pro Cam app set as default is way better than native camera app

I still don't have Amber on my 920 in the UK :( Its the /build/ developer device though so that could be why... Anyone know when these are due to get it?

I hate to say it, but the only solution to this is to go with iPhone, where Apple, and NOT the carriers, get to decide when to send out the updates.

Annoyingly Microsoft made a big thing about WP8 avoiding the stagnated update schedule that plagued WP7.

Att got the last update one month before aus but now it seems to of reversed. Pick up your game att you can't be the first exclusive carrier of a phone and update it last as is the case with 920

Not showing up on my 920 EE, and it's still down as "waiting for approval" on the Nokia support page. Is yours an unlocked handset with an EE SIM inside?

Have an 920 Italy country variant, wich is suposed to be available for update, but i keep getting an error on searching updates. I live in another country. Should i change phone configuration???

If they're anything like the UKs "fastest overall network" they wont be. I've taken to abusing EE on Twitter daily. Still nothing.

Thank you so much for this news! Just managed to update my Lumia 920 (UK unlocked). For some reason it stuck while searching for updates so I restarted my phone and it found the update straight away when I tried again :)

Finally it lands on sim free and unlocked German variant..
One of first models released and one of last too be updated despite having to pay over the odds to get the bloody thing. This is what annoys me..previously all unlocked / unbranded got it earlier & now we are last despite our loyalty and enthusiasm to support Nokia & MS

Just downloaded Amber on my 920 and started using Nokia Smart Cam. Is there a point in using this and Nokia Smartshoot. I see that Smart Cam has all the functionalities of Smartshoot.

What's hilarious is that on Att's twitter site, but what do they have a picture of in the background?  You guessed it, a freakin WINDOWS PHONE, LUMIA 920.  It's like they are laughing at us!!!