Samsung SGH-i187 visits the FCC, mid-level Windows Phone device destined for AT&T

Samsung SGH-i187

In the United States there is one carrier that seems to get more Windows Phone devices than the others. And that’s because they do. AT&T has had more Windows Phone devices in the past three years that T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint. They’re rumored to be getting the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520, but they might have another device on the horizon. But this one doesn’t come from Nokia, it comes from Samsung.

Over at Engadget, they caught the Samsung SGH-i187 trying to slip through the FCC silently. The device won’t wow you per se, but it’s always nice to see OEMs besides Nokia making a device. Unfortunately, it looks like this is a mid-tier entry that’s bound for AT&T. The bands included in the FCC documentation indicate those that would make this a device on AT&T. You’re also looking at a Snapdragon 400 processor inside, which is dual-core, and usually reserved for devices not looking to live on the bleeding edge of tech. Benchmark tests indicate this might be a Windows Phone device.

So, anybody interested in a middle of the road device from Samsung on AT&T? And do you think they’ll rehash an old Android design or create a new design for the device? Sound off below.

Source: FCC Via: Engadget

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Samsung SGH-i187 visits the FCC, mid-level Windows Phone device destined for AT&T


Talk to your carrier and stop blaming ATT for choosing to stock Windows Phones! You people...

AT&T actually train reps and the reps actually TRY to sell WP products unlike my local TMO store where everytime I go in I have to justify why I'm not ready to switch to an android or iPhone when I've bought three new windows phones in the last 4 months (last time I just went in to buy some accessories).

I have nothing against at&t. I actually went into an at&t store today to pay my u-verse, and ended up getting into a pretty good conversation with one of the reps about windows phones. He even brought up "cortana", I was pretty impressed. Like I said, nothing against at&t, I just wish there were more Verizon windows phones available.

Great to hear some sales reps knows about windows phone :)
Think we all should start a campaign to walk into every Tec store on our way and ask about Windows Phone, I'm starting today :)

Because Samsung has spent billions on the Galaxy line of devices and the things that go with them like cases and the Gear. As such I doubt they really want to make something that can compete with that.

But its not competing if its still Sammy product as a sale of WP or android still make money and would save a lot in R&D cost if the same equipment fit the WP sister android device

Right, it's not possible to compete with yourself.
In fact, it seems that they could save money buy just repackaging the S4 with Windows Phone OS.

I'm sure GDR3 WP devices from Samsung will be coming. They probably don't want a repeat of last year where they were the first to announce WP8 and the last to put out in the market. I'm sure Samsung has 1080p quad-core WP devices in development somewhere in their lab.

Obviously you have not heard ATIV S. Looks like you live in US where is still not available (not talking about cut down version).
Samsung actually produced by far best WP device so far. So please read before making grand statements.

agreed. though nokia's camera is much better, the rest of the ATIV S is amazing...and better.

I just checked a comparison between the Ativ s and a 920. The Specs are mostly the same. Nokia has a few advantages over the Ativ s. And it's not a slightly better camera, it's a whole lot better.

920 better than ATIV? Only camera is slightly better. 925 is step in right direction but still no match to ATIV.

Ativ S has no radio, second grade gorilla glass 2 (yes it would scratch with fingernail!), poor signal management (drains battery like moron on area with low signal), only 16 GB of internal storage (this hinders installation of 4 large games at once while 920 can have 6), easily scratched plastic body, appalling speaker, poor ffc and main camera, and worst: no GDR2 yet! (the 920 is already on Amber)
I own both so I know. Never ever buy a Samsung.

I get low signals at work and battery is still amazing after 8 hrs. you're complaining about storage on the ATIV. how much external storage can you put on the 920?

NOKIA IS CRAP! I've owned an E71, N97 mini, E5, and a couple more. They all had rebooting issues and the screen would also go black. Then I bought a Lumia 920 and I got the "GEARS." Why I keep buying them you ask? Well, for the value added. And cause I LOVE WP and I thought maybe the issue was the OS. My experience tells me I was wrong, it's NOKIA!
I've had an Omnia 7 for two years no issues. I even have the 7.8 update. So, if Sammy keeps making them, I'ma keep buying them :-)

Hmm. When was the last time HTC and Sammy released a good WP app, hmm? Nokia gets all the exclusives. If you want apps, but still windows phone, get a Nokia.

I love my service, both connection and customer. The only thing VZW has over ATT is the NFL mobile broadcast rights... Otherwise ATT consistently beats VZW at network download speeds as well.

Samsung Focus never got upgraded to WP 7.8. Their software package was unexciting too. I did stick with ATT for a Lumia 920, but with the delays in updating that phone, I wouldn't go with either Samsung or ATT again.

While it is annoying that they don't release the updates very quickly, I'm glad they are really thoroughly testing their firmware and devices. Seems that everytime they release firmware quickly there are a ton of issues. For example, look at the Lumia 920 and the issues with 1308 firmware that was released earlier than it was on other carriers. There were tons of issues with the cellular radios going haywire. The 1314 firmware they released to correct it wasn't a whole lot better, but it made the issue manageable. I'd rather they test it out before releasing it.

With HTC coming out with the "Harmony" and the GDR3 allowing quad core, 1080p and such, it's a little weak that Samsung isn't coming out with a real high end device. Maybe they will at some point... not that I would buy one but...

Yeah, but it's old and other than a 4.8" screen it had nothing to differentiate it from any other WP.
Really, I'm talking about a phone to take advantage of GDR3 features, I'd imagine one is coming but I would like to have seen one sooner than another average phone.
Maybe they are trying to cash in on the inexpensive phone craze that the Nokia 520 has.

Hey lets not forget the 64gig capable SDslot and the replaceable battery,
after coming from a Focus I personally cant go forward without those items in a phone, at the least i need
the expandability.

It is the ONLY WP8 phone (until the 1520) that has all

Large screen (largest until 1520)
Removable battery
SD card
High resolution screen

The ONLY ONE to implement every feature WP8 offers. While Nokia was releasing variant after variant that has some random permutation of features WP8 offers Samsung just released one phone that has EVERYTHING.

I'm hopeful that after the release of nokia's Bandit Samsung will utilize the hardware of the note 3 to produce a competitive windows phone product..

They had the best launch WP8 device. I'm sure they'll recycle the S4 with WP8. They'll probably use a Mega or something to recycle into WP8 not the Note until Microsoft fully implements stylus supports. Preliminary stylus support has been in the OS since WP7.

Anywho, do not compare Samsung with Nokia when it comes to wp8. Samsung kinda made it all in one, where Nokia is doing it one by one (specs/feautures/etc). Sort of "Everyone's invited to own a Nokia Lumia, from the low spec cheap one to the flagship which is the shiznit." :))