DVLUP rewards program expands to 21 countries; Bryan Biniak is Nokia's new Dev Experience VP


The DVLUP (www.dvlup.com) team have announced two changes that are occurring at the Nokia rewards program for Windows Phone developers. If you’ve never heard of DVLUP, the program (launched back in 2012 in the US and Canada) enables those who publish content to the stores to take full advantage of some unique challenges that lead to exciting opportunities and rewards being earned.

The first announcement is the program is now available in 21 countries. Developers who reside in supported countries are able to create, book and manage their own app promotion and marketing campaigns built through DVLUP participation. Because Nokia is able to control its own marketing opportunities, along with offering unique technologies in Lumia Windows Phones, developers gain more tailored support.

Utilising a XP (experience) system, developers earn badges and points through a gamification approach. Opportunities and exposure can be unlocked as developers earn experience, gaining access to featured status in the Windows Phone Store, App Social, in-app advertising, as well as print, digital and social promotion. If you’ve not yet checked out DVLUP, it’s definitely worth signing up for, should you be a platform developer.

We recently covered some of the work Nokia does to help developers out. A perfect example would be #MakeAnAppDevHappyDay, which aims to bridge the gap between developers and their customers. It's just a small Twitter promotion for the first Friday of each month, but makes a rather larger difference.

Bryan Biniak

The second announcement sees Bryan Biniak assuming the role of VP, Developer Experience at Nokia. Biniak previously served as VP and GM, Global Partnering and App Development at Nokia. He’ll now be leading the company to bring top publishers to Windows Phone, as well as supporting new and existing developers to make it big on Windows Phone.

You can find out more details about DVLUP and what the program can do for you over on the official website. 


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DVLUP rewards program expands to 21 countries; Bryan Biniak is Nokia's new Dev Experience VP


This picture reminds me. Is there any way to get Sid Meier's Pirates to work on a phone with a HD screen?

Nokia and Microsoft dev recruitment teams collide should should WP a great deal right?!? I mean top notch devs

I'm only counting 20. And Belgium nor the Netherlands are one of them, so I still won't be able to participate... :(
Come on Nokia, kick your legal guys in the butt! Why is this taking so long to roll out?? You're missing out on some eager developers here!