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3 years ago

Windows Phone Central Roundup: Ninja Games


Windows Phone Central's Roundup of Ninja Games

In this week's Windows Phone Central Roundup we sneak around with ninja games. The are games of skill and stealth that pit you against fruit, pandas and bamboo bundles. Games that test your skills with the sword and throwing star.

These games are fun time wasters and some have that addictive quality that keeps you coming back for more action.

As always, if your favorite ninja game isn't listed, no need to panic. If we didn't tap your favorite ninja game, feel free to share in the comments below.

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3 years ago

Amazon UK drops HTC Windows Phone 8X pre-order price to £399


We're not ones to constantly publish price alterations, but we felt this to be of some significance. Amazon UK listed the HTC Windows Phone 8X for pre-order with the price tag of £531.43 (approx. $680 excluding tax) SIM Free.

It now seems the retailer has dropped its pricing to £399 (approx. $520 excluding tax), which is quite a drop considering we've not received any information from HTC regarding the Windows Phone pricing or availability.

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3 years ago

From the Forums: Grey Lumia 920, bad sales experiences and conversion rates


It's a relaxing Friday that marks the beginning of the weekend and we've got a From the Forums to lighten up the mood and kick-start the closure of the workdays. While we've not published exciting headlines in the past few days, the front page has been busy with more pre-orders showing up for new Nokia Windows Phone hardware, and more.

The Windows Phone Central community has witnessed continued activity as well, so let's jump in.

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3 years ago

Unlocked Black Lumia 920 now available to pre-order on eBay. Shipping end of October?

3 years ago

Microsoft opening four new retail Stores this weekend and we’ll be at one of ‘em


Just a quick reminder for those of you lucky enough to live in certain areas, Microsoft will be cutting the ribbon on no less than four new retail Stores this weekend in the US. Those citeis are

  • Huntington Station, NY (9/28)
  • White Plains, NY (9/28)
  • Salem, NH (9/29)
  • Newark, DE (9/29)

That’s sure to keep the folks at Microsoft busy and since we conveniently live near Huntington Station, we’ll be there to cover the opening event starting at 10:30am (ribbon cutting around 10:45, we hear). From there, you can collect your wristbands for the free concert later in the day, which features John Legend and Taio Cruz. Also on Saturday, football star Curtis Martin will there too...

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3 years ago

Windows Phone 8 to offer downloadable Text Suggestions


Downloadable Text suggestions in Windows Phone 8

Here is something we clearly missed yesterday but reader black_lion picked up. In the video we showed of some brave souls using forks (yes, the utensil kind) to navigate their Lumia 920s, a little notification popped up that raises some eyebrows: Text Suggestions.

The dialog simply states "You are missing text suggestions for this keyboard. You can download them now or visiting Settings > Keyboard to do this later."

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3 years ago

Chase Mobile heading to the Windows Phone Store


Good news for Chase banking customers. The Chase Mobile app is heading to the Windows Phone Store to join other banking apps such as the Bank of America app, and the National Australian Bank app.

With Chase Mobile you will be able to monitor your accounts, transfer funds between accounts, make deposits using Chase's QuickDeposit (where you take the picture of your check to deposit it), send wire transfers, pay bills, and search for a local Chase Bank or ATM location. You can even monitor account alerts for payments and set balance levels.

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3 years ago

How should developers price apps in the Windows Phone Store?


As Bruce Forsyth would say - higher or lower?

Bernardo Zamora has published an insightful blog post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, which goes into detail on how developers should configure individual market pricing - if at all. It's an interesting part of marketing one's work. Building and submitting the app is one thing. Effectively pricing your app(s) is another.

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3 years ago

Microsoft’s Bing teams up with social-influence tool Klout


Klout is one of those services people is social media love to hate but yet it’s impossible, in our opinion, to deny its role nor its growing influence.  In short, Klout ( is a complex set of proprietary algorithms that “scores” individuals based on how influential they are in the online world. By using Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc. your score reflects how important you are on the ‘net.

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3 years ago

New Lumia 920 video glimpses unseen Transfer My Data, Nokia Drive+ apps


The same crew at NokiaGang who brought the earlier video OIS test with the Lumia 920 have a short video showing off the matte-black version.  The video itself doesn't reveal too much, though we have seen less of the all-black variation of the 920 since Nokia seems to focus on yellow for most product shots.

Interestingly, the handler does get the privilege of magically swiping to the right to see the programs list. Shocker, it's the same as Windows Phone 7 though we do quickly see a Transfer my Data app in that list. The program is never launched and we're unsure if this is part of the cloud-backup solution for saving app data that we showed in the SDK video or if this is a Nokia app to further augment that service (e.g. from any other smartphone).

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3 years ago

Microsoft shooting itself in the foot by withholding the Windows Phone SDK?


We're only a month away from Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 being released, but is Microsoft shooting itself in the foot? Windows Phone Central has had access to the Windows Phone SDK for a few days now, but what about every established developer on the platform? Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the case - as our Jay Bennet knows too well.

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3 years ago

More shaky cam footage with the Lumia 920, Galaxy S3 and iPhone arrives

3 years ago

Rovio's Bad Piggies is on its way to Windows Phone and Windows 8 Stores


Windows users will be helping pigs fly shortly

Rovio, the makers of the ever popular IP Angry Birds, has released a new game called Bad Piggies ( In previous Angry Birds games plays had to use multiple types of bird to knock out pigs who stole their eggs. The pigs return in Bad Piggies (hence the name), but are in fact the protagonists this time around.

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3 years ago

Nokia announces Lumia 920, 820 availability and pricing for Europe and beyond


Nokia announces pricing for both new Lumias

Nokia has unveiled today availability and pricing for both of its new Windows Phones in a handful of markets. The Lumia 820, as well as the Lumia 920, will be heading to countries throughout Europe and beyond. We've long awaited confirmation on where the new hardware will be heading, not to mention how much it'll cost consumers to invest in.

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3 years ago

Windows Phone Game Review: Defender 3D


Defender 3D is a fast paced shoot 'em up type game for your Windows Phone. You have to defend your position against a wide assortment of monsters that will be coming at you from all directions. You begin the action with your faithful crossbow and along the way you can collect weapons with a little more destructive capabilities.

As you take out the monsters, your score grows.  Bonus points are awarded for consecutive kills and multiple monster take downs.  Defender 3D has an online leaderboard for bragging rights across five categories of scoring (points, kills, time survived, streaks and combos).  Animates are nice, game play simple but fast paced. Defender 3D ended up being a fun game and worth a try.

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