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3 years ago

Good for Enterprise updated with more calendar functionality


Good for Enterprise for Windows Phone, which was released in April, has been updated to version 1.3, and with it comes a significant bump in calendar functionality. First and foremost, users can now create and edit calendar appointments right from their phone. Version 1.3 also brings with it the ability view free/busy time of meeting attendees. Events can now be deleted or set as recurring from the handset as well.

Good Server is not as prominent as it once was in the the enterprise world, but you'd better believe that it is still alive and kicking. If Microsoft wants Windows Phone to become a big player in the business market, it's important that companies like Good Technologies hop on board and put out a viable product. The functionality that we see added in version 1.3 is big step at a time where line between business and personal use of handsets has become blurred.

You can download Good for Enterprise here.

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3 years ago

Samsung Focus 2 Review


Samsung Focus 2 Review

Windows Phone Central's Review of the AT&T Samsung Focus 2

AT&T continues to build an impressive Windows Phone lineup. The Samsung Focus 2 is the latest to find its way to store shelves and joins the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II as 4G LTE Windows Phones.

The Samsung Focus 2 catches your attention on two fronts. First, it's glossy white body sets it apart from the traditional black or gray smartphones. Second, the $49.99 contractual price makes it a very affordable Windows Phone that is just as capable as the $99.99 Nokia Lumia 900 or the $150 HTC Titan II.

We may refer to the Focus 2 as an entry level Windows Phone but that may not be an accurate description. Economical? Base line? Regardless of the term, the Focus 2 is really only hindered by it's smaller storage space (8gb vs. 16gb) when compared to the Titan II or the Lumia 900. Sure it has a smaller camera (5mp vs. 8mp) but the Focus 2 can give the Lumia 900 a run for its money with respect to image quality.

The Focus 2 may not appeal to everyone but if your looking for a low cost, nicely built, capable Windows Phone it's worth consideration.

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3 years ago

Lumia 610 Windows Phone heading to Vodafone UK


Vodafone has listed the Lumia 610 as "coming soon" in their Mobile Solutions Device Lists for May 2012. As well as listing the Windows Phone alongside the Lumia 800 and HTC Radar, a full-page advert is also included just before the Windows Phone section of the documentation.

Preaching all the features of the platform and the Nokia low-end device, the slide also contains a QR Code that links to the Microsoft ExpertZone. If you're not down for waiting until Vodafone releases the Lumia 610, Clove UK has the device listed at £180 unlocked.

In the meantime, check out our unboxing and hands on with the Lumia 610.

Thanks SilentAssassin for the heads up!

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3 years ago

With official LinkedIn Windows Phone app here, IN+ will be gone by end of May


With the arrival of LinkedIn's official app in the Marketplace, users of the unofficial substitute, IN+ Networking, developed by Skilloo, are beginning to receive notice of IN+'s imminent demise. As of May 31, IN+ Networking will no longer be available for download and will cease to function.

Skilloo founder, and now member of LinkedIn's Mobile Team, Christian Haas, sent out an email to users to let them know that IN+ Networking will be replaced by the official app:

Hi IN+ users,

We're excited to announce the launch of the official LinkedIn app for Windows Phone. Developed in collaboration with Skilloo, LinkedIn, and Microsoft, the  
LinkedIn app for Windows Phone delivers on-the-go access to 160M+ professionals around the world.

IN+ will no longer be available for download or use after May 31, 2012. Please click on the button below to install the new LinkedIn app for Windows Phone.

Thanks again for being such a valued member.

-Christian Haas, Skilloo Founder and the LinkedIn Mobile Team

LinkedIn for Windows Phone was partially developed by Skilloo, in collaboration with LinkedIn and Microsoft. It has a beautiful interface and functionality galore. You can get it here.

Thanks, for the tip, Phrotzy!

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3 years ago

Windows Phone Central 143 - Samsung returns, new apps & Skype


We're back with myself and Jay Bennett for another exciting recap of Windows Phone news (Rafael is buried in work this week). Join us as we recap and discuss the big stories of the last two weeks and we take your questions!

Full show notes and HD video after the break...

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3 years ago

Nokia Lumia 610 unboxing and hands on video


Although we're not expecting too much more in terms of new Windows Phones for the next few months, Nokia is just getting the Lumia 610 into people's hands in various countries or unlocked for those who want it.

The Lumia 610 is Nokia's device for emerging markets and thus features lower specs than most users are accustomed to, in turn they are able to keep the price down, hovering below $300 contract-free.

We just had ours show up on our doorstep so we figured we would give you a quick tour. While plastic throughout the device comes in four colors including black, cyan, magenta and white, giving it quite a nice appeal. Truth be told, while it lacks the ClearBlack screen (but it does have Gorilla Glass), it's a nimble little guy and quite impressive for those who can spring for the higher-end Lumias.

Featuring a 3.7" screen, 256MB of RAM (ala "Tango"), a 5MP camera and 8GB of storage (5.59 GB available), the 610 is not particularly mind-blowing, especially with its Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 7227A  800MHz CPU, which just gets it by in terms of performance.

The bigger story of course is that this phone allows Nokia to push down into the rapidly expanding emerging markets of the world, someplace where Apple can't go but Android has with a vengeance (the quality also drops rapidly on the latter on such low-end hardware). Will the 610 be successful? All in all, it's so far not a bad experience and we imagine for many, this will be a solid Windows Phone introduction.

We'll have more over the next week on this device, so pay attention to Windows Phone Central.

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3 years ago

Facebook for Windows Phone bumped to version 2.5


Microsoft has released version 2.5 of the official Facebook app for Windows Phone. The update brings many features requested by the community, including threaded messaging (much like messaging on Windows Phone), group messaging and the ability to tag friends in status updates / posts ('with' and 'at' formats supported).

As well as tagging friends, users can now delete posts and comments by tap-and-holding to bring up the context menu for more functionality. Links within published posts can be selected, which will open up the linked content, and the photo comments and likes views have been updated, that now both match the respective post views. When viewing likes and comments on photos, the photo itself is displayed above the lists, which can be pulled down to view.

And if all that wasn't enough, you can now 'like' comments! You can download the Facebook app for free from the Marketplace. 

Source: Facebook; thanks to all who tipped us!

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3 years ago

IDC shows Windows Phone on a slow marketshare climb against competitors


Market research firm IDC has released Q1 2012 data that shows fairly large growth for both Android and iOS, while Symbian and BlackBerry continue to fall into gloomy depths. Android stole the show with a Year-on-Year change in terms of shipping volume of 145%, with iOS in tow at 88%. RIM and Symbian, on the other hand, were hitting -29.7% and -60.6% respectively. Some fairly steep recordings.

But what about Windows Phone? It's sat on a respectable 26.9% increase, which is the point to take away here. While the marketshare has dipped slightly from 2.8 to 2.2 (includes Windows Mobile), the shipping volumes for the platform have seen a boost. We can see clearly the effect Nokia is having on Windows Phone.

"Windows Phone has yet to make significant inroads in the worldwide smartphone market, but 2012 should be considered a ramp-up year for Nokia and Microsoft to boost volumes. Until Nokia speeds the cadence of its smartphone releases or more vendors launch their own Windows Phone-powered smartphones, IDC anticipates slow growth for the operating system."

This is exactly what Chris highlighted in his report on Gartner's Q1 2012 data. Without repeating ourselves, check out the chart below for more details on how the platforms have progressed between Q1 2011 and 2012.

It's looking positive for Windows Phone, which is the main thing to look at. Microsoft and Nokia are doing well with increasing the reach of the brand itself. We'll have to see in Q2 how the continued push from AT&T, recent launches of the Lumia 900 in and across Europe, as well as the upcoming release in Australia, affects marketshare and shipping numbers in future reports.

Source: IDC, via: BGR

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3 years ago

Nokia responds to odd Lumia 900 ad and denies it means anything


Two days ago we ran a fun little piece on a Nokia Lumia 900 ad showing up on some sites. The ad featured a rendered 900, spinning around with Live Tiles in motion. Nothing odd there except that two of the Live Tiles had new and very specific behavior:

  1. Contacts - The tiles flip and it says "Meet up with Sarah"
  2. Photo Hub - Flips and splits into two tiles, one with the latest photo, the other with a count

The contacts/People Hub behavior was a tad redundant but also not a bad idea. The Photo Hub count confused people as knowing how many pictures you had didn't seem very useful. We guessed at the time that instead that count was for non-viewed photos from contacts i.e. new Facebook uploads, etc which seemed plausible.

Of course the ad was Photoshopped--in fact the whole thing was. The question wasn't the means but rather the intent (if there was any).

Nokia PR got back to us yesterday on the matter though and perhaps not too surprisingly, deny that what we see is anything more than a marketing error:

"Just to clarify and remove any questions, I want to let you know that this was a change that was made in in the advertisement process and is not an indication of what may or may not come in future iterations of the Windows Phone software. Perhaps someone got a little carried away tinkering in the photo and video editing process, as it did not come from engineering or product management in any way.

Basically, you shouldn’t take that image to mean that the product might change."

Of course we weren't exactly expecting Nokia to give us a slow-clap and congratulations on figuring our an unintentional leak. But having them go on record denying any accidental reveals of slight OS upgrades should put the matter to rest.

Still, we think they're pretty decent ideas. We should note for Windows Phone 8 we're not expecting a major UI revisions but rather slight changes and additions. So we'll what happens in June and come back to this.

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3 years ago

Candy Sports, a Windows Phone Game with a twist

3 years ago

Winning apps from the Macedonia Windows Phone Developer Camp competition announced


Competition winners from a Windows Phone Developer Camp have been announced. The Dev Camp, sponsored by T-Mobile, saw a "huge" amount apps being submitted to win smartphones running Microsoft's OS. Much like we've seen elsewhere, these sessions aid developers who are new to the platform, who'd like to network and pick up on some skills and knowledge from more experienced personnel.

So what are the seven winning apps we speak of?

  • AquaGuard - a tower defense game that puts the player in charge of preventing water pollution affecting populated countries with strategically placed defenses.
  • Nastani* - an event planner for residents of Macedonia. The app enables users to check out latest events, plan ahead and receive reminders.
  • LiquidLab - a thought-intensive game that requires the player to measure liquid in glass beakers, sounds easy? How about doing this with now measuring instruments or guides?
  • ColorFever - enjoy puzzles? You'll want to check out ColorFever. The object of this game is to paint the entire board with a single colour, but not everything is as straight forward as it sounds.
  • ProveriBroj* - a simple app that enables users to check the mobile provider of any given number. Data is supplied by the AEC database.
  • Najeftino* - this handy shopping app acts as a comparison tool, where consumers can compare the prices of multiple products.
  • Be Humane - the last winning app is a charity based solution, which provides users with the tools to view upcoming charitable events (blood donation, etc.) and more.

* denotes apps in Macedonian only.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Camp; thanks Martin for the tip!

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3 years ago

Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 published on Nokia AU Facebook page


If you required any further proof that the magenta Lumia 900 exists and will be available in magenta / pink, then feast your eyes on the above. This image was published on Nokia Australia's Facebook page a handful of hours ago. With the Lumia 900 heading to Australia next month, we could well see the magenta version of the Windows Phone going down under.

The Lumia 900 has taken the market by storm (compared to any other launched Windows Phone) and also later caused serious delay issues for the rest of the world with unexpected demand for the AT&T version. Sporting a 1.4Ghz chip, 4.3" AMOLED display and a 8MP rear camera with a 1MP front-facing camera, as well as HSPDA+ speeds (on Australia's version), the Lumia 900 is a speedy old chap.

Source: Nokia AU (Facebook); thanks Jack for the heads up!

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3 years ago

Blown Away by Lumia challenges public at malls in Bulgaria with Deo as host


The Nokia-like Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, Blown Away by Lumia, has gone to Bulgaria with public heading through popular shopping malls in Sofia being challenged to beat the Lumia 800. Already witnessed in other countries, including India which produced some interesting (yet humorous) results, the challenge is successful at pulling in the punters to show off Microsoft's platform powering Nokia products.

Popular Bulgarian artist Deo took to the helm and led the team through the challenges. These included uploading photos to Facebook, opening web pages and posting status updates to social networks - basic smartphone tasks. Should the participant beat the Lumia 800, they'd pocket 50 lev, but if they failed they'd have to publicly admit defeat.

Check out some more shots after the break.

Source: MobileBulgaria; thanks Eirenach for the tip!

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3 years ago

Tesco Mobile has an Android powered Lumia 800 in stock


News just in. Tesco Mobile, the mobile virtual network operator (using O2 as its carrier) from the supermarket, has got the Lumia 800 in its arsenal of smartphones. But it's not running Windows Phone. Well... it is, but it isn't. Confused? You certainly would be if you came across the above page.

According to the documentation the Lumia 800 is a Windows Phone device, but it sports a small Android logo to the right. Which is it Tesco? We've previously covered retailers getting it wrong when it comes to labeling Windows Phones, but should this really be happening with the platform being almost two years old?

Thanks Rob for sending the photo in!

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3 years ago

Now available: Official WPCentral app v2.3


We released v2.2 only just 1 week ago, but thanks to a pesky "The parameter is incorrect" issue you may have encountered when tapping on a toast notification we're releasing a quick hot fix to the app to ensure functionality is restored!

So the change list for this version is much smaller than that of v2.2, but you can find it below:

  • Fixed a widespread issue where launching the app directly from a notification caused the app to crash
  • Implemented a workaround to optimise scrolling throughout the app, scrolling will no longer jump in any list (thanks to WPCentral reader 'rsuter' for suggesting this fix)
  • Fixed the about screen buttons
  • Improved social sharing by including the article title by default in the sharing screen
  • Comments now load all at once again as the new scrolling fixes the original issue
  • Added an option to always load high quality images when on Wifi
  • Added new wallpapers in the wallpapers section whilst we work on the community wallpapers functionality

None of the above would have happened without your feedback and comments, so please keep them coming!

You can pick up the app here in the marketplace, and if you enjoy using it, please rate & review us in the marketplace, we read every review from every marketplace and it keeps the new versions coming! Finally if there's something you're not so keen on you can let us know using the support options within the app.

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