Developer shows how Cortana can be used for home automation

Cortana Lamp

We’ve already seen some of the cool things that Cortana can do, and how it is more than just a personal assistant. But the developers over at Onion have leveraged Cortana’s ability to integrate with third-party apps to take it to a completely different level.

And while the video is short, the results are an enticing look at just what could be ahead for Windows Phone, along with mobile and non-mobile devices alike.

Using Onion’s (onion.io) firmware and cloud-based infrastructure, these guys were able to use simple voice commands to get Cortana to turn a lamp on and off, as well as to print a basic itemized grocery list using a receipt printer.

Sure, we won’t be heading into Ikea for a voice-activated lamp or a grocery list printer any time soon, but with beginning rise of the “internet of things” and the adaptability of Cortana, this future may not be too far off.

Soon we could be telling our phones to turn our lights on at dusk, or to get the house warmed up as we brave our wintery commute home from work.

There are already plenty of thermostats and garage door openers out there that let you control them from afar, but that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We could see companies like Onion or others start producing internet-connected adapters to market to the masses for their various devices, and because of Cortana, Windows Phone is poised to be on the vanguard.

So what do you think? Is the demonstration in this video a gimmick, or is this what the future holds in store? How willing are you to wire your house and everything in it to the internet?

Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Source: Sertac Ozercan (via YouTube); Via: NeoWin


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Developer shows how Cortana can be used for home automation


Anyone notice Cortana's voice changed on most of her answers? Or is it just me? She sounds much better.

I haven't talked to her for a few days, but now when I checked.. Indeed Cortana's voice seems to have like..a wider spectrum, with more emotions - more human-like. She even signs better now!

I noted this as well. Her "security clearance" Halo answer doesn't even sound like her anymore

Reminds me of a scene on Big Bang Theory where Penny asks ,"So what?". Someone responds, " Because we can." In other words, it's novel but most people will not care.

It's just a proof of concept. Something most people just don't get, until a bonifide product is born that is actually practical for something.

Imagine leaving for home after a hard day's work...
Cortana, run my bath...
Of course, running bath.
(10 mins later)
Cortana, turn off the bath.
I'm sorry, I can't connect to the network right now

+1520 LOLed and my wife looked at me funny, but that's exactly how it would go, or "sorry the internet and I aren't talking right now"

This is great! The open ended design should really help Cortana move some phones in the future.

Indeed, Cortana did get a more Cortana voice. Noticed it a couple a days ago. I hope some day, she will pop out of the screen. Holo style. So she can flip the finger to people.

Once their was a person who asked their phone to show someone the finger!!! Haha! But yeah, she had more emotions in her voice now.

My lead man has the Nag to ask allot when we are busy on our game. So Cortana as a Holo would come in handy. I would say to Cortana; you know what to do. So she will say, Hey Boss! and flips the finger. Just perfect. He can't blame me for that.

Help!!! I updated my Lumia 520 to windows phone 8.1 but there is no Cortana even after changin my region and language to united states

Did u also made sure, language is "English, united states" is on top of the list? Also it need Keyboard English united states and location service turned on.

Turn it on. It does not matter if u are not in the states. She will now and learn where u are. I flew to NL a few weeks ago from the US. She asked me if I was going to another work location, so Cortana can save that location for u. And i was very impressed by that.

Happened when I updated my sisters 520. Couldn't figure it out either so I just hard reset and Cortana was there.

Its called a hard reset for a reason. Most people don't use the auto backup to get more free space in memory. In that case u need to re-install everything. And No, do u Use the backup service, all the apps u installed will be there after a hard reset, only the start screen must be reconfigured. That's why my last reply.

That is a totally different story dude. You are not gonna lose any apps, but if you do not have backup, you will only lose information, what of your apps have been installed on this particular phone, but you can install them manually again. This is important to know specially if you have any paid ones.

Right, if you backup your apps you will have everything back the way it was, kinda like san image restore on a pc

I hate Nest Thermostat for not having:
1) An official app for WP
2) App fully integrated with Cortana

The first developer to develop an app for Nest with Cortana integrated will put all other Personal Assistants (Siri/Google Now) to shame.  Prime example of Assistant integration with 3rd party apps.

I wish MS bought Nest instead of Google.

You can already control lights with the app snap switch, if you have Insteon lights or hue lighting. Works pretty cool, you can speak to Cortana.

With Insteon now developing apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1, it would be grew to see them incorporate Cortana into the Windows Phone apps. As home automation products go, Insteon has a broad range of devices and I think it would be great for them to embrace Cortana.

This, on all microsoft devices, especially xbox one is killer. Home automation is going to be the next big thing.

  This is a pretty good start. I would love to be able to one day remote start my car from my phone on a cold morning.

Wait'll Quagmire gets ahold of this - "Hey Cortana - it's go-time, baby..."  Lights dim, the bed starts rotating, swanky music starts playing...