Cricket Wireless offers $100 bill credit to T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers


AT&T's no-contract subsidiary Cricket Wireless, which sells some Windows Phone devices, is going after the current customers of T-Mobile and MetroPCS with a new promotion, offering them a $100 bill credit if they switch their phone number to Cricket.

The special offer actually begins on Sunday, August 24 and ends on October 19 and is just for T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers who are moving their number or numbers to Cricket's Basic, Smart or Pro rate plan. The $100 credit should be enough for over two months of free use for Cricket's Basic Plan at $35 a month and the Smart Plan at $45 a month.

What do you think of this new offer from Cricket, and indirectly AT&T, to go after T-Mobile's customers?

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Cricket Wireless offers $100 bill credit to T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers


If they bought a new phone from May to the present yes if they have a old phone they have to buy a new phone which would be on the GSM network

I'm leaning towards the 1320 for my Mom and getting this $100 credit (basically 3 months free service) has just about pushed me over the fence.

Cricket sucks! The data is nice if the phone even connects. I went from postpaid at&t to cricket and immediately noticed a difference in signal strength and speeds. It just doesn't connect in the same places that it used to. Hell I would lose signal in my living room, never had a problem with at&t there. Now im on prepaid at&t and its pretty boo boo. Tmobile has the game on lock. I get notifications faster on my Tmobile phone and the speeds are consistently faster. I will give at&t this, they have more LTE everywhere, but if the speeds suck it doesn't matter. Lumia 1520 on att and Lumia 635 on Tmobile.

Cricket just transitioned to at&t in may, before then the network was lackluster but now there is 0% difference in coverage and reception between cricket and at&t if you are their new network not the old cdma network

Honestly curious what you can't do on a Windows phone with speeds of 8mbps. Sure T-Mobile claims 40+mbps on a few street corners if you stand on your head while using your phone, but what does that really accomplish on a smartphone? A placebo effect from seeing bigger numbers perhaps?

Everything has been great for me on my Lumia 1020 on Cricket.  No app loading problems, I can stream audio from pandora ALL the way through the desert while driving to vegas.  I have connected multiple Roku boxes to the phone's WiFi and shared the cellular internet to them and had them all streaming content while I was using the phone and there were still no issues.

All of that with 8mbps.  So my question stands.

I have a 1320 on Cricket, and it has been great. I had more connection issues with my windows and Android phone on T-Mobile. Now that I am on Cricket, everything loads fast, no app problems. All wonderful so far.

I did the same :)  I was on T-Mobile for over 7 years prior to AIO's availability.  Cricket has been far better than T-Mobile from my experiences with both.

Same here.  Started out on AT&T and switched to Tmo to break my contract back in January.  After a couple months moved over to Aio (now Cricket).  Much improved coverage and 2.5 GB of LTE for $45 a month.  It's all good.

Cricket seems have a decent amount of WP support. Anyone have good experiences in actual stores? Or do they downplay WP and push android?

They do promote them, but know nothing about them. I ended up helping the clerk (who had a brand nee 1320) set-up his Microsoft account, and showed him Cortana on my phone.

You can also use ATTs phones on Cricket, which gives Cricket customers a wonderful selection of WP they can use.

I know a few people with ATT branded Lumia 920 phones that are still locked.  They are using them on Cricket with no problems. 

Most ATT phones do not have to be unlocked.  I am using an ATT locked Lumia 1020 with Cricket with no problems.

But I have heard of people having problems with the ATT locked iPhone and there could be others so I would say most instead of all. :)

Does your network keep fluctuating? i mean the the signal...Mine does a lot.

I am not sure what it is. Also, do you receive reliable text if your data is off...So far, that hasn't been the case for me.

No.  No issues at all.  Signal has been good and consistent, texts come through as expected.  Can't complain.

8? Are you serious? What a joke! My wife's Lumia 521 gets between 11-15Mbps and it's not an LTE phone! No thanks cricket; I'll stay with T-Mobile. Been a loyal customer for 3 years now.

I pay $80 plus tax for my unlimited service, if I wanted limits I'd still be with Straighttalk! My service had gotten better not worse here they are upgrading like crazy! Plus my service includes 5 GB mobile hotspot. I'm looking at about 6-8 weeks for Comcast to do a pre bury to install my new cable internet service.

Exactly. I have 2 phones on tmobile and though their WP selection sucks if you want a phone like the 1520, their plans can't be beat. Using a 521 and the speed I get here in New Orleans is around 12-15 without LTE. That 5GB share is awesome too and even though it says 5GB I am still able to use it well beyond 10Gb without anything happening.

Your able to use mobile hotspot past the 5 GB without throttling or paying extra on T-Mobile? I've been too worried of using it all up

So far no throttling. Least, I haven't noticed any. Now my unlimited on my phone is another story. Using an average of 32+ the past three months and they have been throttling me after 16GB.

Lol, you asked that so I checked the My Account app to see where I'm at and low and behold, I'm at 16.3Gb. Checked speed with Network Speed Test and it's down to 3.81Mbps. Wish I had done a check to show before.

It's definitely enough that you can tell the difference.

You Sir, are lying. Speedtest is a white listed app on T-Mobile Simple Choice plans. Therefore, if you were to run a speed test, it would give you the REAL network speeds.

Also, another lie, they don't throttle after 5GBs for SMHS, they cut it off entirely. In addition, they do not throttle after 16GB on an unlimited plan.

Why post lies? Its like people who are civilians pretending to be Military, "False Valor".

You sir can kids my ass you piece of shit. Don't EVER call me a liar. You don't know me don't fucking speak to me as if you do. I don't give a dam what's whitelisted or not. I did a speed test and yes they do.

Another thing, I've been with tmobile for awhile and I think I'd know better than your ignorant ass what they do. Throwing in military, wtf are you, ignorant piece of shit.

For two lines, both my 925 & wife's 521 I spend $90/month. That includes 3 GB of data for me 1 GB for my wife. If I spend an extra $20/month for my line, I can have unlimited data with Wi-Fi hotspot capped at 3 GB. For me T-Mobile is the better choice in the Orlando area since they have LTE coverage everywhere.

'My Lumia 521 gets 11-15 mbps on T-Mobile and its not LTE. Why would I wanna go to cricket?'


To get ATT coverage area at a lower price.  Cricket isn't perfect but it does the job 98% of the time for me.

Cricket is offering a new Cyan version of the Lumia 630 on the website, wonder if it's in stores as well. I may seriously consider this for that Cyan color.

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I think I'm getting a couple free months of service. That's what I'm thinking. I can always switch back to MetroPCS latter.

A few years back, 4-5 years, my sister had cricket and coverage was just piss poor. Phone calls were constantly dropped and coverage was not so good. Really hope that has changed because that was my initial impression of cricket...

Up until recently Cricket was using Sprint's network - and it was that network you experienced.

AT&T bought Cricket earlier this year, and since then they have been on AT&T's network and coverage has been great.

This isn't the same Cricket. AT&T is just using the name that they bought. But behind the scenes it's a completely different network. It's pretty much the same as AT&T's coverage.

EDIT: I see Ordeith beat me! ;)

Ok this is actually very tempting if I'm reading the terms right.  I could transfer my 5 lines to their Group Save program to get $40 * 5 - $90 = $110, which is a tad cheaper than the $118 after taxes I pay T-Mobile.  Under this promo, I get $500 credit (which is almost 5 months!) and I think you can still do the Lumia 630 for free after $50 mail in rebate offer.  But my lazy family would probably bitch if I asked them to switch with me again...

I think that cyan 630 would me a nice update from my 521, two free months of service is just the cherry on top

I'm going to cricket wireless prepaid next month At&t has too high family plans. Oh well cricket may suck but I got to budget due to being married and having two kids.

If anyone visits a store they should ask how many 630's the store has sold. Would be interesting to hear some anecdotal evidence. I went to two today but didn't think to ask. Neither pushed me away from WP but neither knew much about it either. Except that the 1320 had removable shells, which was news to me

Just switched to Tmo back in March from Verizon and not happy at all. When 4G/LTE are available it's great, but just not consistent. Can anyone answer these questions for me about Cricket: will Tmo's phones work? Will an old Verizon phone work (I still have my 8X)? Are they on the same update path as AT&T as far as phone updates goes? Thanks!

I am using Cricket with the 1320 and find nothing "boo boo" about it. Great coverage and speeds. Only complaint? Wrap up the Cyan testing for the
1320 already!! BTW, boo boo.....really?

In my area the cricket stores are running low on stock for the 630 actually but its not lte like the att version only 4g

Cricket can take a running jump off of a cliff. I tried to buy a 630 from their website, they charged me three times, maxed out my credit card, then claimed they had no record of it because of an "address error than prevented transaction completion". They refuse to refund my 300$ so now I have to file a fraud claim with my card. Great first impression.

Hahaha... Good joke this article is. Why on earth would I ever want to leave behind LTE 33Mbps down on T-Mobile and get a paltry 4Mbps down with Cricket? Nice try, AT&T, but NO.

Will this deal be in-store only, online-only, or both?

Also, I wonder if the bill credit could be used up front towards the purchase of a new phone. That'd be cool! *sets eyes on 1320*

Majority of the Cricket stores around here have closed, the corporate store I called and they didn't know anything, not one thing about their network, about the phones, nothing. Just knew what was on their sales sheet