Deal Alert: Dell Venue 8 Pro “free upgrade” to 64 GB version

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Just this morning we told you that the Lenovo Miix2 8-inch tablet was shipping from Amazon. The very similar and highly rated Dell Venue 8 Pro came out last week, but this week there’s a special deal going on.

For a limited time, you can order the 64 GB version for the price of the 32 GB one. That’s $299 for their top of the line 8-inch tablet, a savings of $50. Not too shabby. Plus you can toss in a 64 GB microSD card to maximize your storage—don’t forget, this runs full Windows 8.1, not RT.

Dell Venue 8 Pro

We took a look at the Dell Venue 8 Pro and were quite impressed. Battery life is good, the 800x1280 IPS display is fantastic and the build quality is superb. Is it better than the Lenovo? We’re betting they have way more in common that differences, but if you want to hold out for a day or two, we’ll let you know.

If you want to see the Venue 8 Pro unboxing and tour, watch our video below.

Head to the Dell store to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

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Deal Alert: Dell Venue 8 Pro “free upgrade” to 64 GB version


Can you load Win8 Pro on this device? Not an option when buying it. Name is quite confusing if not.

Same boat I'm on.   I want a tablet but also want Media Center.  I have not been able to find a "Metro" style solution that will display the hundreds of DVD's I have from my NAS as Media Center (and My Movies) does.

I'm liking the Dell one over the Surface, just because of the processor, which runs the Media Center.  But wish there was an option to have it with Windows 8.1 Pro already pre-installed.

Also, as for a deal, while it is a good deal, adding the extra sales tax comes just $7 under the Amazon price.  So if you miss the deal for X or Y reason, there is always Amazon (tax free)

You should be using Plex for that not Media Center. I use both of these and I prefer Plex hands down.

Plex looked really promising, and the $4.99 is not bad at all, but then I saw. VIDEO_TS folders are not supported

Unfortunately not, left them in their native VIDEO_TS folder .VOB formats.  In order to easily go back to a DVD if one of the originals ever got damaged (which many have over the years).  I mean this dates back to the Shrink DVD era..  way before MKV or computers were invented.

So, I'm at a point now that I can either:

a) stick with the Desktop, Media Center, and My Movies

b) convert everything (about a thousand) to MKV or MP4 format, but then I would also lose the DVD goodies like extras and such, plus the unbeliveable amount of time it would take to convert everything, just to be able to play them on any modern media player

I have also though about option c... convert them to ISO format, technically Windows 8 can automatically mount an ISO, so I would play them as if I had inserted a DVD into the virtual optical drive.  However I find myself back at step 1, what modern UI program recognizes an ISO, is able to mount it, and then play it

Are there other desktop version solutions that work (e.g., XBMC) in place of Media Center?  I have 10TB of music, movies and shows loaded on my NAS and although I have the media center pack I exclusively run with XBMC as I prefer the interface.  Plex is another option as mentioned below. 

Although Google purchased them a while back, I have been using Sage TV for a few years and it works great as a media center /pvr with a haupauge USB tuner. Last week, I tried installing on a Surface Pro and to my surprise, drivers worked, haupauge USB tuner and remote control worked perfectly.

Very similar. Honestly, the Surface 2 seems a tad smoother due to the "lighter" OS, but they're both very competent devices.

I do not need another tablet but this is tempting. Anyone here know how well this runs VLC? Last Gen tablets with the old atom could not handle large MKVs.

I haven't had hands on time with it yet, but I have to belive baytrail can easily handle VLC. There are YouTube videos of it handling games like SC2 and Civ 5 relatively smoothly.

I can't see why it shouldn't, my first gen Surface RT can play my 8GB 1080P Avatar mkv file without issue, smooth as butter.

Not available in Canada at the sale price, but $299 for the 32GB model's not bad.  Still, I'll hold off for now... very tempting though. :P

I have to agree with this... I just don't get the need for the full version on a tablet, esp one of this size. I would rather have the "pure" RT environment on this.

I think the OEMs gave up too early. RT was tough when it was new with no apps. Now there are apps and you can't get RT.

The only thing that makes me not want to get this is the lack of the Windows Home Button on the front of the device.

I've found that I like it on the side. Its not in the way so I'm not accidently hitting it. Now I just swipe in from the right and use the touch screen start button.

Hold out for the Lenovo. Metal casing, actually functional windows key, lighter build, and better cameras make it the better device. Also liking the cover with attachable stylus on the Lenovo for those who are into that sort of stuff.

i successfully convinced dell to refund fifty dollars off the 32gb version i bought from dell.com on the 5th, i would rather have the 64gb verson, but i dont feel like going through the return process and waiting a month

I noticed the same, right after I fired and email off to them saying it felt like we were being penalized for being early adopters. After the delayed shipments, ending up spending an extra $50 compared to what others paid right after your device finally showed up sucks. I guess that's nullified now, maybe it's thier Black Friday deal?

I guess it was limited to a couple of hours as the deal seems to be gone.  Too bad for them, I might have bought one.

Damn.. I just bought this 3 days ago on the Canadian site (I'm in Canada) and was hoping I'd see this rebate but guess it's for US only :(

Was just going to order one. Confirmed with Dell the promotion is over.
Oh well. Might just have to wait on the Lenovo.

Daily reader, rare poster. Just wanted to thank Daniel and WP Central, absolute best up to date news on the internet on the information I care about, great job guys!

Side note, I am posting from my brand new Surface Pro 2, not sure if im sold on it yet or going a bit smaller into the Dell or Lenovo. I have my power laptop from Samsung with dual 23" LG monitors, I use Adobe CS6 and Visual Studio a good bit. This Surface Pro 2 is great without a doubt, but a bit heavy for a tablet and a bit small for a laptop "to a degee" I could always put it on the monitors too, but again it doesnt have the power of my main machine, for the $1,200 on the 128gb model and type cover, I am still weighing my options. Lastly the pens only matter to a point as well, for my use anyhow, mainly for good artists which I am not lol. Its like a case of... its cool to have, but dont expect to want to use it constantly as it slows me down in the awkwardness.

Is the offer still on? I want to buy it, but I don't see the 64GB version at the price of the 32GB version offer anymore from the US. :-(


The deal is dead, but if you really want one, call Dell directly and ask them to match it.  I just completed my purchase.  I told the rep what I saw on WPCentral web site, and he went to the site and checked it out for himself.  He then took the information to his manager and 2 minutes later, it was approved.  After tax in CA, I paid $323.51.

Good luck, JHinOC 

Thanks for the recommendation JHinOC!

I just did that after reading your comment, and they did the same for me. Got the deal as described here and free shipping. To be delivered by 11/14. Can't wait! Love this community! :-)

Snagged one; it took a while on chat and a supervisor, but they created the order and it'll be delivered 11/18! I included the link to this posting to convince them.

I a reply to a customer in venue 8 pro owners forum , a senior figure from Dell has assured that an update for the stylus software is will be coming wthin 2 weeks.

If you dont care about size and live close to a Microcenter, the 32GB is on sale for $259. Just picked up one. The Venue supports up to 128gb microSD so i dont mind too much that its 32GB

Is anyone selling 128gig micro SDs? I haven't seen them. I expect that most devices that support a 64 gig unit would also support larger as long as it is SDXC

Looks like the 64 GB upgrade deal is dead. I just called and asked about the offer and was told here was no such offer or least they were not aware of any. No option to see this or provision it via the dell purchase portal as well.

I jumped on this deal the other day and got the 64GB for $299.  It arrives tomorrow.  After waiting for the right tablet, I'm so happy I got the DV8P at this price.  What a deal!

The one I ordered arrives tomorrow also.  Can't wait to play around with it, but kinda wish i could have caught that WinRT deal too.  I have a SP1 and a couple of other systems running windows 8 Pro but would like something more lightweight for just games and media consumption.

What can I say, I really am interested in this device. Good size, good price. Why wasn't this invented and released   last year during the holidays. I think Dell hit this one out of the park. I may consider getting one. A few nice to haves I just wanted to throw in there:

  • LTE option
    • Imagine the power of Windows 8.x with WiFi and LTE. This would make me a real road warrior working on the road


  • 128 GB / 64 GB.
    • The 64 GB is scarce right now (I can't even find one for sale on Dell's site), but a 128 GB option would be good. The OS on these things take up a lot of room. From what i've heard the 32 GB model will only leave you with 11 GB of usable storage. Not enough for me. Need the larger option.


  • Docking Station
    • Of course if you happen to have a heavy work load, a portable docking station of some sort that would allow you to connect a larger monitor, keyboard/mouse/ethernet connection would be fantastic


Other then that I'm excited about this product line. I'm going to hunt me a 64 GB whenever one surfaces. Hopefully this will bring some spotlight back to Windows 8.x