Deal Alert: Get a free folio case with a Dell Venue 8 Pro (India)

Dell Venue 8 Pro is one of the better 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablets available in the market right now. If you are in India, there’s a sweet deal available if you plan to buy the tablet right now. There are limited stocks available, mind you.

One, you get a free folio case for the Dell Venue 8 Pro with the purchase. The purchase also includes 1-Year Next Business Day Advanced Exchange Service plan. And not just that, the tablet ships to you within 24 hours assured.

Technical Specifications:

  • 8” IPS HD touch display (1280x800)

  • Intel Atom Quad-Core processor (Z3740D); 2MB cache, up to 1.8 GHz

  • 2 GB of RAM

  • 32/64 GB of internal storage; microSD expansion

  • 5 MP rear camera; 1.2 MP front facing camera

  • Thickness – 0.35” (9mm) | Weight: 395g

Available for ₹26,499 for the 32 GB edition (about $438 USD) and ₹29,999 for the 64 GB edition (about $496 USD), the tablet is sold via Compuindia.com. Compuindia.com is a Dell Express Ship Affiliate, and the only official online Dell distributor for India.


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Deal Alert: Get a free folio case with a Dell Venue 8 Pro (India)


You buy the stylus separate. It's a synaptics digitizer and the Dell stylus is the only one that will work. I have the DV8P and Asus's Vivotab Note 8. The Asus tablet has a real Wacom in it, the Surface Pro stylus will work with the Asus. A small phablet stylus also comes with the Asus and built in slot for it.
The Asus digitizer is better but the DV8P is an all round better tablet. Better screen, sturdier, slightly thinner. The digitizer in the Dell is good enough for note taking.

You can buy a stylus for it but I do not beleieve it is as good as the Surface Pros which I think is Wacom.  The tech is different and the build quality is crap.  Mine was not working well and I saw a video on taking it apart and doing some fixes which i did and it made it much better however it is still a little glichy on cutting on and off and sometimes getting a little erratic.  Love my DVPRO8 but the stylus is a bit of a bummer... I use it for notes and basic line drawings which its acceptable but if you want to run Painter with precision strokes I don't see that happening...

I have one of this tablet and stylus pen and I have the original surface pro 128GB version.

Yes, it's like the surface pro active stylus, it uses 2 AAA bateries that will last for almost a year, and the newly released version (A02) is very good and very responsive.

But why is the price so ridiculous for the 32GB? or is that a typo error? "Available for ₹26,499 for the 32 GB edition (about $438 USD"

You can get it for $229 here in U.S and that India price is almost get one tablet for price of 2.

Amazon keeps the price between $200 and $235 for the 32GB version, only like $50 for the 64GB version.

Those prices in India are really unfair, it's not like they get 24hour delivery shipping from the US.


Then again, that's Dell, the old XPS 12 which sold for like $900 is the hottest new "tablet" at Dell Panama, and it starts at $1633 http://www.dell.com/pa/p/xps-12-9q33/pd

Seems they think that just because we live in a 3rd word country, we don't know any better, or how to shop smart

Can't blame the companies for such ridiculous high price, Gota blame the governance here for that, because of all taxes! :)

The rich gets richer and the poor either remains poor or gets poorer. I really don't understand the logic of Asians. Allow foreign countries to take advantage of the people. Have foreign companies build plants in their country so citizens can work for a measly $100 bucks a month?

My country just like that. You'd expect economy to grow because these foreign companies coming to make jobs but nothing change.

Really?? Taxes? Haven't u seen prices drop when products become old or when new products line the shelves? Nobody sells at a loss no matter how old the product is. All countries have taxes its just that these companies prioritize certain countries where they think they ll have good sales.

I also got the 64gg for $269 on Christmas sale and a 32gb on the Microsoft Store Door Buster sale for $199 and just paid $229 at the MS Store for yet another.  People love these as a gift.  But it truly sucks the price is so jacked up in India.  Hard to advance or be prosperous if everything is artificially inflated.  Free Enterprise is stifled and the poor suffer the most imho...   

The surface pro 2 and a regular desktop PC are wildly different.. I mean u wont see a person going to store wanting to buy a surface pro 2 and walking away with a desktop PC fully satisfied. But yes a surface 2 is a cheaper way to experience windows 8.1 (should u not want the legacy apps support) i like the 10" screen size more than an 8". I was seriously thinking about the surface 2 and nokia 2520 but u know they don't sell that in India .