Did you already pre-order the Surface Pro 3?

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft made the Surface Pro 3 official yesterday. It’s a beautiful new tablet that aims to replace your laptop. We’ve got two loaner devices from Microsoft and will have a lot more content coming. In the meantime we need to remind you all that you can pre-order your Surface Pro 3 today and get it on June 20. Also, we want to know if you pre-ordered. Take our poll after the break!

We’re really digging the Surface Pro 3 so far. It takes the strengths of Microsoft’s previous tablets and amplifies them. It also addresses a lot of the shortcomings from their previous work. Check out hands-on video above to see what we’re talking about and check out the full specs for the Surface Pro 3.


Starting today, you can pre-order the Surface Pro 3 online from the Microsoft Store. You can also walk into your local Best Buy or Microsoft Store to place a pre-order in person.

On June 20, the United States and Canada will be the first to get the Surface Pro 3, though only the Intel Core i5 versions will be available then. The configurations with either an Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i7 won’t ship till late August.

A lot of regions like Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom should be able to pre-order today. But the availability will be sometime before the end of August 2014.

The Surface Pro 3 comes in the following configurations and prices:

  • Intel Core i3 / 64 GB / 4GB of RAM / $799
  • Intel Core i5 / 128 GB / 4GB of RAM / $999
  • Intel Core i5 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1299
  • Intel Core i7 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1549
  • Intel Core i7 / 512 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1949

Other than that, all Surface Pro 3 configurations are identical. Hit up the link below to place your pre-order. 

Did you pre-order yet?

So did you pre-order a Surface Pro 3 already or are you planning on pre-ordering? Which model did you get? Take the poll below and sound off in the comments!

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Reader comments

Did you already pre-order the Surface Pro 3?


Agreed, for my purposes I need an 8".

For my sister (college student) I want to preorder, but I will wait till it is eligible for student discount (any ideas of when that might be?)

Also, only the i5 configs are June 20, everything else is late August :/

So when they are out of the 'preorder' stage they should be eligible on Microsofts online store? Or would she need to go into the store? Thanks BTW

Holy crap that additional $100 off would have been amazing. Anyways it now shows up in the student discount section when I checked this morning it was not there. Thanks!!

i5 128gb/4gb I was thinking of going up to the 256, but my current 128gb SP1 works for everything I need it for and I have space left over so little faster, little bigger, little lighter just seemed right

Im still trying to decide whether I want to upgrade my SP1 to the i5 128gb/4gb or the i7 256gb/8gb. Tough decision...

This is me too. I love my SP1. So, I think a 256 i5 is what I am going to do. Also, do you find it disappointing that the SP1 is only worth 120.00 for the MS trade in? 1k purchase a little over a year ago is now worth 120.00. Boo... Didn't plan on trading in anyway, just surprised/disappointed that it isn't really worth anything.

Still trying to determine which config I really need. I mean, do I really need an i7 which will primarily be used as a tablet?  Probably not.  The i5 might be enough.

You left out an option on the poll, yes but the i7, 8gb 256 won't be here until the end of August. Just sayin...

The Surface design language is so different than the phones though.  I mean, I'd like to see a Surface Phone... but it should look something like the tablets.  The Nokia phones should stay playful & colorful.

I'm happy with my 2520, but this suddenly made it obsolete to me. Especially since its not full on pro

Would also like info on the ram specs and ssd specs if possible Sam. Since there non upgradable its rather important at that price point.

I'm not looking for a laptop replacement just yet.  My 3 year old one still serves me well.  I may wind up getting the SP1 with 256GB to use to take notes, read my e-books, and run a few programs for my engineering classes instead of carrying around this 17" behemoth of a laptop I have here.

If its replacing your laptop, then no its not overpriced. Depends how you look at it.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Not sure that makes a practical tablet though...or even that portable of a laptop, lol

See, the reason why Surface Pro 3 is expensive? It's really hard to put laptop specs in something 1.7 lbs. A 17 inch laptop? Even low budget firms could engineer that, probably fit some clowns in there too.

As difficulty in engineering increases, so doesn't price. You just want a giant laptop, some specs and cheap manufacturing? You have (and have had) plenty of options for a looooong time. Last I checked though, those companies - and that market - were losing money.

Now show me a 12 inch Core i7 laptop at 1.7 lbs with no fan noise and I'll be impressed. But you can't, so I'm not ;)

You can bet better laptops for much less and you can build a monstrously powerful PC for half the cost of the i7 and even have spare money for a proper entertainment tablet.

I agree that the i7 512GB is overpriced but considering the SP3s overall specs, build quality, complete flexibility and user ability the other models are at a decent price point.

Yes. I have had the SP1 since day 1. It has always met my needs and I saw no compelling reason to get an SP2. The SP3 (seems to) address most if not all of my gripes about the surface line. ..so yes, shut up and take my money.

Bring on the content!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the surface pro 3... Its my dream device for sure! But unfortunately being in Pakistan... I can't pre-order :'(
So fingers crossed! Bring on that content, would ya... And perhaps a contest too, eh? ;)

No. As surface pro owner, I am disappointed that MS did not take care and fixed for us the tilting stand. Only left it on one angle. Please provide a fix for us. Those who first believed in Surface pro has been appreciated by MS. My personal opinion at least.

Are you expecting a software update to change the number of kickstand angles? You knew what you were getting when you bought the product.

Absolutely nothing! Provided that you lack common sense, it's simply a daily routine.

"My bagel has a hole in the middle! I order you to give me the rest of my bagel!!"

It's totally unethical to sell a man his bread with a hole. It's exactly why the guy demands his whole bread back. Also, why would you make a hole unless it was cheese you were trying to sell?

Well, I guess I can't argue against flawless logic.

I wouldn't want to be the irrational one here.. so.. lets make a petition to get our bagel holes back!

This is why MS does not spend enough in the marketing. Actually they do not need to because many fan boys are just doing the job and blindly, on behalf of MS, defending them. LOL.

Yes definitely and upgrade the original RT screen so I can use it with a Wacom digitizer pen and USB 3.

Pre ordered the i5/128 Gig last night. I was planning on getting a surface pro2 anyway to upgrade from my RT (I have a few programs at work that need full x86) I am glad I held off and got this.

I'll use it for a bit with my gen1 type cover and likely get a pro3 one late summer.



i7 > i5 because "i" is just an imaginary part of these complex numbers. Since i is imaginary, lets assume its constant. Then, 7 > 5. Now multiply LHS and RHS by time for production of , you get time for production of 7 > time for production of 5. Multiplying our imaginary constants -> time for production of i7 > time for production of i5. Get it?

I am excited about the Surface Pro 3, I am happy with my Lumia 1520, but I am addicted to my MacBook Air already. Sorry.

Come to Manila pls pls :( i am palnning to buy a macbook pro but when i saw this.. i fell inlove with it. Local retailers here seems to double or triple the proce :( of only MS allow international orders.. :(

Not yet, but I'm thinks about opening an account on kickstarter.com to resist adequate funding so I can purchase Mr one ; )

i5/256. should nice nicely besides my other i5/256 SP2. I'm still not convinced this tablet is what I want, but having both should tell me what I need to know. Whichever one doesn't make the cut, will be passed down the family line.

I didn't preorder, I want to see it in person first, I have a yoga 2 pro but the sp3 is very tempting, hopefully Microsoft starts making laptops so thin,

I saw that the keyboard also magnetically sticks to the bezel at the bottom (to give some tilt to the keyboard I assume), but did they finally add magnets to keep the keyboard closed?...and to let the OS know it is closed so users can set it to do what they want (i.e. sleep)?

Not buying a surface for myself until they figure this out.

Also, with the cheaper i3 does that mean MS won't be making the RT version going forward if the battery life is good with the i3 and future generations of cpus?

Why are people here always so negative? Everyone is willing to pay a premium for Apple products , but not Microsoft pure systems without bloatware and supreme built quality. As soon as I have the extra cash, I'm walking in and buying it cash

I love the improvements with the SP3 but the SP2 is the sweet spot for me as I was already saving for one and now there's about to be massive sale prices! So SP2 for me Yey!

Yes I bought an I5 128GB at midnight. I was not even in the market for it I was hoping for a mini. But Panos Panay sold me. I just charged it. I'm going to try to sell my surface pro and surface 2 on eBay.

I chose: 

Not yet, but planning on doing it shortly.

Reason: I want the i7 version BUT want to go check out the i5 version when it is in the stores to se if it will work for my purpose.

No, still trying to figure out how $799 converts to £639 for the UK users :( same on you MS and our coalition government...booooo....

Then try to figure out how $799 means 819€ to Microsoft Portugal. Apparently in this country the dollar is worth more than the euro...

The mark up for the UK is pretty insulting - the i5 256 is $1299 which should be around £770. Unfortunately, it actually costs £1109. That's 150% of the US cost, there's no way I could buy this without feeling ripped off.

Im from south africa, paying R20 000 (the rand value vs dollar) , just isnt possible seeing that i can buy a fantastic laptop for like 10 000. Is that a fair price for Americans?

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I feel like there should be an "id like to but I don't agree with the pricing" option. I just can't justify 799+keyboard for the 64gb i3.

Meh, I'm not gonna bother preordering. I'm not cheapin out and the high dollar stuff is usually easy to walk in first day and get.

I will but not yet, don't need one until I get back from a holiday
Not sure if I'll get the i5/256GB or i7/256GB, but will get the desktop dock as well

Nope, and no plans of getting one. It sounds great but really doesn't seem to do too much more than my SP2. Don't get me wrong, seems like an awesome device and I would get one if I didn't already have a SP2. The SP2 already replaced my laptop so now it's like replacing the replacement of my laptop. Isn't that what iPad people do????

Maybe I am a biased surface owner, using my surface pro one daily, and still vastly happy with my device, maybe taking my expectations of the third generation of surfac pro into consideration. New kickstand, bigger screen, better battery and full penabled stylus support all nice and dandy and impressive for a hardware standpoint. But the hardware feels so polished that, in my view, windows 8 feels unpolished to accomodate "the get more done on a tablet"[quote]. For me the stylus and and the surface pro is the most interesting aspect, and its very good, but its not there. One fundamental thing the consequentially forgot with the stylus is the seamless inking acroos the OS, specilifically the ink-to-text recognition. The Times crossword puzzle was the wow factor, but it was lost after the smae old doodly do writings and scribbilings in onenote. I could hardly read Panoss' handwiriting. Well, where the heck is the ink-to-text recogntion where you need it? Only in a basic crossword puzzle? Come on! "Is that dreaming the impossible?"[quote]. There is already ink-to-text recognition in the OS. That is an amazing powerful tool, just as cool as Cortana in a way for being able to recognize and react to our voices! Where is inline ink-to-text recognition if you've mastered the paralax ink-to-pixel? These two go hand in hand. That would have blown the wow factor out of proportions. And then a mindblowing full office-onenote-windows 8-onenote inking experience. If I saw that in the keynote (because that's where microsoft needs to be now to cater the best enduser experience and a familiar, seamless, personal experience with pen and paper and the power of windows (the power of ink-to-text recognition, flawless, everywhere, notes, forms, dokters recipes, illegible doctors notes or illegible doodles on script notes, that's getting things done!).

If they got this in this keynote I would not hestitate to shell out 2000 dollars for the surface three. Don't get me wrond, the surface 3 hardware is sexy and amazing, but I can't help after owning tablets with stylus support and my current surface pro, that they're still missing an essentiel experience, a familiar feeling, that is not put forward in this amazing product that can now be so much better. Panay has done his work, but its the microsoft windows team that need to step up their game and realize that the surface pro 3 deserves a much better expierience in this 3rd version.

Luckily this seems to be heading our way (click here), but even on this part I have some suggestions, that if put on the pro 3, it would make it a dream come true. This would, for me, get things done, because even with a surface at hand, at times the pen and paper are still pratical and mightier than the surface, just because the experience on a tablet does not adress enough the right issues of "familiar" and "seamless".

Microsoft has always problems with full stores not with empty ones. I will wait for discount after sales failure.

To answer the question (vice discuss penile issues) I did pre-order.  It was the i7/256 I wanted and will now get, but alas not until 31 August or thereabouts. I was going to order the KB (red) but decided against it since I can either pick up one from the Bellevue MS store or Best Buy before the arrival of the P3.   

Really REALLY close to ordering! The thing is beautiful and it's probably worth the exorbitant cost just to brandish it in front of my iPad-apologist-friends!!! =)

I'm from Croatia. I can't preorder. But I will send someone to USA on 20th to buy it for me. I'm taking the 999$ version plus keyboard.

In many countries (Brasil, India, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, the Czech republic, .. ) that means NEVER.

I really want it but it's a tough call. Sp3 or food and clothing for my kids... F*** it. They can survive one month. I hope...

You guys need to help me out. Idk if I should buy the i5 128GB or i3 64GB. There's a $200 difference and I want to see if its worth it. Simply use it to browse the web, homework, and some gaming (barely getting into it). What do you guys think?

You may survive with an extra SD card for that homework documents, if not OneDrive. 64GB disk does not leave much usable space for a laptop. If you use it as a tablet mostly you will be fine imo.

not gonna lie, i know they will have a deal with the type cover included. i'll wait for that to happen. I still think it's nuts that they say this is their answer to replace laptops, but they don't include a keyboard.

No way I'm spending that kind of cash on a device with that "much" horsepower

•Intel Core i3 / 64 GB / 4GB of RAM / $799
•Intel Core i5 / 128 GB / 4GB of RAM / $999
•Intel Core i5 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1299
•Intel Core i7 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1549
•Intel Core i7 / 512 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1949

I'm perfectly willing to drop serious cash on a new laptop device, but I can get a lot more power and storage for that amount of dough.

MSFT is stuck. If they drop prices to acceptable levels maybe alienate Dell, Asus, Lenovo et.al. But still, these beautiful Surface tablets are just too expensive compares to what real people pay for / can spend. These are hybrid tabtops for the 1%.

Yup! i5/8GB! its expensive, but Microsoft already loses money on each sale, how can we knock them on price?

I pre-ordered the i5/256 GB model as a gift for my husband's birthday at the end of June. I can hardly wait to surprise him with it! Hopefully, I'll get it in time.

As for myself, I have no need or desire for a pro tablet. I'm waiting for a Surface mini and/or Surface 3 (RT), which I'm hoping Microsoft will release later this year. I would love a Surface device that is as light and thin as the iPad Air.

O pre ordered (excitedly) in the UK, then realised I won't get it until the end of August. Was a little bummed, but I want the UK warranty and keyboard so can't import. 

I was this close to ordering as well. August long time away and options and discounts could happen. Also not sure if that's just a blanket date as i5 is June in usa so that seems to be the one to buy if u want it early, even in uk.

Having been a early adopter of surface rt and Xbox once Microsoft has taught me one thing: Wait. I'm so excited to see the surface 3, as I was at the point of buying the surface pro 2, sadly we all know I'd you order a month or so later you get a much better deal.