Five tips you may not know about WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a super popular messaging app, which has enjoyed substantial growth over the last handful of years. Recently sold to Facebook (for $19 billion), we added the Windows Phone client to our roundup of best messaging apps for the platform.

We know many of you actively use WhatsApp, but we've got some handy tips for you should you be getting started. 

1. Tap a contacts name to view more

WhatsApp Contact

This may sound like a simple feature and something not worth noting, but should you wish to view more information about a contact and check out what media has been transferred in previous conversations, it's a quick way to get access to profiles.

Next time you're chatting away and need to be reminded who they are, just hit their name.

2. Send location info to recipient

WhatsApp Location

Meeting up with people can be a pain if you're wondering where the everyone is currently located. It's super easy to get started by hitting "attach" in a conversation, then "location" and wait for magic to get to work inside the device to determine your current location.

This can then be shared with contacts, along with a detailed report on how accurate the reading is.

3. Use the power of voice over text


Notice the microphone next to the text input box? That's for utilising your voice over hitting the keys on the virtual keyboard. All you need to do is hold the button and away you go. The Windows Phone will then decipher detected speech. 

Think of it as practice for when Cortana arrives.

4. Broadcasts and groups

WhatsApp Group

Sometimes it's more fun to communicate with more than one person in a group. Luckily, WhatsApp makes it easy for a group of people to communicate together, perfect for family, friends and colleagues. You can even add a photo and group subject!

But should you wish to fire out a single message to more than one contact, there's a handy broadcast feature, which will send said message to recipients added. It's worth noting that they will only receive the broadcast should they have your number in their address book.

5. Smash return to send replies

Smash Enter

There's nothing worse than having to hit the send button when down with instant messages. It's different when you're sending SMS responses as they can be rather lengthy and you may wish to separate paragraphs out, but in WhatsApp you can easily hit 'return' on the keyboard to insta-send. Job done.

This can be configured in the settings, just in case you don't wish it to act in this manner.

Those are just a handful of tips to get you cracking with WhatsApp. Let us know your helpful pointers in the comments. If you haven't already got WhatsApp installed, be sure to download the app from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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Reader comments

Five tips you may not know about WhatsApp


i dont really get it... windows phone has all those features already.  Why switch to whatsapp?

Do you mean windows phone has all these features for texts? Because if nothing else, regular sms SUCKS for group chatting. It'll be better if they add the rumored Mute option for group texts, but right now it blows. Trust me, I'm stuck in unwanted group text hell right now with a bachelor party convo with a bunch of people I don't know. It fuggin' sucks.

Number 5 doesn't really make sense, as the button should be return, not enter. And in such should input a carriage return.

Err, no, that's not quite right. A 'Return' key results in a carriage return in word processing software. An 'Enter' key, which can be found on keyboards with a separate keypad to the right, results in the completion of a function. In pretty much on any modern OS, the Return key also has the same function as the Enter key, with the exception of in a word processing setting, which makes the original comment valid. If the Return key sends the text, what key results in a Carriage return?

While the functionality is the same, the key attached to the alphanumeric keyboard is actually called 'Enter' in most English-speaking countries, even when he layout is still the US layout. It's only called 'Return' in the US and a few others.

Actually WhatsApp is very popular in countries where you get to pay for SMS. Here in Egypt for example a single SMS costs 0.14 pounds, while the whole internet package subscription that gives you 1.25 GB of data transfer costs you 25 pounds/month. So it makes sense to use WhatsApp instead of regular SMS.

Note: 1 EG Pound = $0.14

Alright, but here in the states they always give you unlimited text bit charge $15 for a GB over your data plan. On average in my area $70 gives you unlimited everything on t-mobile and sprint.

In India there is limit of sending sms. Only 200 sms per day and normal sms charge is ₹1 per sms and in ₹99 I get 2GB data for 30 days. I rarley use sms now, and my 90% frnds & family are on Whatsapp

Do you guys really think these are REAL WHATSAPP TIPS???


I know one which works awesome and sure is a real trick/tip or magic.

Send any downloaded video with your windowsphone whatsapp with anyone.
Till now we can send any pre-recorded video but with my trick you can send just ANY Web-Downloaded video.

Yes,you can send any video which exist on your device, by saving your Video(need to be send) in Camera Roll...But to do this you have to use PC....

I thought u were gonna tell me how to change the notification sounds for a sec..maybe u should change the title:P

Ok so u wanna know how it works.. Its very simple,

1) Download any web video from youtube or any webpage. (better to have .mp4 format file)

2) Rename the File (WP_2014/or any name) but the name should start with (WP_ ).

3) put the file in your phone in pictures hub. (make a seperate folder/put it in camera roll or wherever it doesnt matters.)

4) Open whatsapp > attach album > open your folder and attach video and share.

5) simple,usefull TIP.

Umm gonna give it a try. I can use Pocket file manager to rename and move the file to camera roll right?


Tried it, it says "1 VIDEO SELECTED" when I select the video but can't see any ( v ) (okay) button.... Maybe the trick worked before any update....

Why does Whatsapp need access to Appointments??? That's a deal breaker for me as it means that the app can access all my calendar info. I emailed Whatsapp to find out, but they did not reply.

Can WPCentral investigate?

App requires

  • contacts
  • phone identity
  • video and still capture
  • location services
  • photo, music, and video libraries
  • microphone
  • data services
  • phone dialer
  • push notification service
  • camera
  • WVGA (480x800)
  • appointments
  • owner identity
  • music library
  • photos library
  • media playback
  • movement and directional sensor
  • VOIP calling
  • web browser component
  • HD720P (720x1280)
  • WXGA (768x1280)

Got excited when I saw whatsapp thinking it was the update at long last...instead we get this very useful article. Thanks wpc! :D

Yeah, I thought the microphone only sent an audio sample to the chat.  I've been wishing since day 1 that I could voice-to-text in whatsapp (like I do in SMS, or iOS whatsapp)


These are nice features if you start using WhatsApp; however, all of these features are already built into the default messaging in Windows Phone 8.

I mention this, because I am shocked to find WP users that never noticed these features.

SMS/Texting/Messaging with the built in Windows Messaging, you can use LOCATION, SPEECH TO TEXT, ROOMS & GROUPS.

The 'groups' and 'rooms' features of WP8 also provide additional features like OneNote sharing, etc.


To find some of the more advanced features, when composing a Message, hit the Attach Icon, it brings up a list of additional things:

picture, video, my location, voice note, ringtone, contact



Indeed, and that would be great if everyone had Messenger and/or unlimited texts and mms. There are people with whom I'm communicating on daily basis who have neither. I do have unlimited texts, but in order to send location, pictures or participate in a group chat via text, I must send mms and it's 36 cents each (converted from Croatian kuna). I don't feel like paying a few dollars for a lenghty group conversation and some photos when I can do it for free over wifi or my 3G with 1 GB included. :) That's why messaging apps are priceless, whether it's WhatsApp, Viber or some other solution. But I'd rather use built in stuff because I like the feel of everything being in one place. Sadly, I must go for the cheaper option.

Hey, we want WP to grow, right? There will always be newcomers to the platform and we need these articles, too. There are tech-savvy forums for you guys to comment on. Your lack of insight is why you are not writing for wpcentral.

Hey rich,
That microphone is actually for recording instant voice messages.

It will not record and decipher speech to text. Please correct it.

So happy to see whatsapp picture on WPC news feed but turned out not the update... Update update, where are you already? #prayformh370

Only thing I havent figured out with Whatsapp is how to message someone just after you've added someone to your phonebook. If I add someone's #, and they have Whatsapp also I don't see them on my favs list. I can see them in all contacts, click their name and see their tagline or status, display pic etc but I have to wait for them to initiate the convo before they appear in my favs. Very frustrating.

Yesterday I saw someone using a lumia in the bus where I found the colour of the whatsapp is original in the live tiles not the theme colour but i cannot set that in my lumia?is that possible?

I didn't sneak man actually it feels good when I see people using a WP..and I guess u r right,either he is WP7 user or he doesn't update WhatsApp..

As already stated, 3 is incorrect. WhatsApp does not have speech to text deciphering. Its simple audio message. Not sure why they don't add it as I *believe* they can make use of MS's audio recognition web services.

I do hope that's the only aesthetic thing they add - I don't hope they add chat heads. I really like the cleanness of the current interface.

Talking about WhatsApp, my account's expiry date got extended by a year. Again.
My friend's Lumia 1320 shows "Lifetime" instead of a date though. What's going on??

Is it only me or does Whatsapp squeeze pictures taken vertically to a square? It not only looks hideous, it is also very annoying atm.

Indeed - I noticed that too. I do wonder how the recipent sees the photo... Would be bad if you're sharing selfies lol

Unfortunately the receipient gets it as it is sent... In a square squeezed box. But the original picture is stored (in good proportions) on the phone.

If you add the picture through the albums, it is also in good shape (not squeezed).

Does anyone notice that WhatsApp crashes when you skim through older messages? If I go up in a conversation too far, the app closes itself - or is that just my phone (L920)?

How dumb are wpcentral readers?  Or are they all just 13 and never seen a typewriter?  Guys that symbol on Whatsapp is a "carraige return" symbol or a "return" symbol for short.  Carraige return, return, and enter are all synonymous in the computer world but they are all derived from the old typewriter term carraige return.  Haven't you always wondered why the symbol looks like that?!  And it has nothing to do with the English language.  Typewriters behaved the same way all over the world.

I've got Whatsapp installed but zero of my nearly 200 contacts use it.  I don't understand why others like it so much, I have to admit.  And, seriously, "nothing worse than having to hit the send button"?  Are you kidding?  What is this world coming to.

Send button comment was a little over the top.  I honestly like the old way it was where you could use the carriage return key as a real carriage return key and make paragraphs.  I hadn't really bothered to figure out how to change the setting back to the old carraige return behavior so the article helped with that.

wen can we get an update where we can hide our last seen,custom our background,custom our notification sound,send songs through whatsapp...and everything,,...cmon i feel windows users who r music lovers should nt feel that they have choose a wrng choice by opting windows phone...plzzz try to get update of all d above asap

New to the windows community but hoping for a very soon whatsapp update.. Notification alerts and maybe a pimp with custom backgrounds too :) blackberry received their update this week past.. So it shouldn't be long now I suppose