GameStop offering some great deals on Xbox One gear this weekend!

If you're looking to score some good deals on Xbox One gear, then you'll want to check out GameStop this weekend. As part of a special 'Xbox One weekend' promotion, the retail chain has set some reduced pricing on not only games but Xbox Live Gold memberships, controllers, controller charging stations and more!

  • Save $30 on a Turtle Beach Ear Force X07 Headset ($129.99)
  • Save $20 on Wolfenstein: The New Order ($40), NBA 2K14 ($40), Zumba Fitness World Party ($30)
  • Save $10 on Murdered: Soul Suspect ($50)
  • Save $10 on Charge Station for Xbox One controllers ($25)

If that's not enough for you and you don't already have an Xbox One, GameStop is also offering a 50 percent bonus trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One. If you combine it all up, you could potentially save a good amount of cash and walk away with a brand Xbox One and lots of additional goodies.

Source: GameStop via: GameSpot


Reader comments

GameStop offering some great deals on Xbox One gear this weekend!


That is how he feels about the savings. It is perfectly fine when someone is trying to sell you something and you're not interested to let them know. I'll repeat his sentiments, "meh".
I don't even own an Xbone, and this won't sway me.

I don't own an Xbox one due to the cost. I don't have an extra $400+ to blow on a new system. My 8 year old 360 still works perfect and keeps me entertained.

I bought the xbone on launch day and its been turned on maybe 5 times. Went back to the 360 almost immediately. Mostly due to GTA but... Nothing brought me back after that. Maybe the new elite sniper will... Watch dogs was a huge waste of 60$

Watch dogs seemed so epic, I wanted it but mom said no, I'm 15 and she acts like I haven't seen the nudity in it before.

Yeah after E3 PS4 got me looking. I dont see the trade in bonus is it for my Xbox 360 or for something else. If its for my 360 I'll do it, my 360 is on its last legs.

Really? I swear I've looked it up before and asked countless people to find they didn't. But I'll look it up again. 

Just looked it up. They had their grand opening late 2013. So that's why I didn't know. They haven't been here long. 

US deals i assume not that there better then last years deals @ eb but i guess they lost steam offering all kinds of deals earlier this year

Oh dear...I may have to check this out. I want an Xbox One....just don't have the cash. Do I do it now? Must....research.