Xbox Live Clubs are coming, and here's how you can create your very own!

Clubs are a brand new way for Xbox gamers to connect across console and Windows 10. Using an Xbox Live Club, you can schedule group activities, have a shared feed for game clips and screenshots, make use of a group chat room and even showcase your Club's greatest content for all to see.

We will be running our very own Windows Central Club, allowing you guys to connect with us, receive giveaways and much more. If you want to join the Windows Central Club, drop your Gamertag in the forum post below and I will invite you as soon as I receive the update.

Join the Windows Central Xbox Club

Of course, if you would rather create your own Club, here are the steps you need to take!

  1. Navigate to the Community Tab to the right of the main dashboard.
  2. Select Clubs.
  3. Select Create a Club.
  4. Choose a Club Name. Note: Like Gamertags, Club names are unique and can only be used once.
  5. Select your club's visibility:

    • Public Clubs can be viewed and joined by anyone.
    • Private Clubs are searchable, but their content is available to members only.
    • Hidden Clubs are only visible to those who have been invited.
  6. Add additional information about the Club:

    • Description
    • Background image
    • Logo
    • Descriptive tags
  7. You can also associate the Club with specific games. This is for the types of games your Club will play frequently. Your Club will appear in the associated title's Game Hubs.

You can edit the information at any time via the Club homepage by selecting Customize.

Xbox's new Clubs feature has huge potential to engage gamers from across the console / PC divide. It feeds into the company's Xbox Play Anywhere strategy, which sees more and more co-operative games become functional across platforms.

Clubs could also help limit pressure on developers to build these sorts of features directly into their games, many of which rely on third-party websites or tools as present. Clubs and Looking For Group should also drive up engagement for Game Hubs as well, which are a dedicated space for developers to communicate directly with their fans. Xbox Live is getting a whole lot more social.

Everything you need to know about Xbox Clubs and Looking For Group

Xbox Clubs are rolling out in waves to Xbox One Preview members, but will launch more broadly in the coming weeks to the various Xbox apps, as well as publically on Xbox One.