HTC 8X and 8S owners report not getting Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1


A number of owners of the HTC 8X and 8S smartphones are reporting that they are not getting prompted to download the just launched Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 files, and we have contacted Microsoft to hopefully find out the reason for this discrepancy.

The reports have come in from WPCentral readers via both emails as well as on our message board forums. They did confirm that they received the smaller 8.10.12400.899 update that was included with the 8.10.14147.180 Update 1 download for all other phones with the Developer Preview version of Windows Phone 8.1.

HTC confirmed some time ago that the 8X would be getting updated to Windows Phone 8.1 but considering that there are quite a few additions in Update 1 we can certainly understand that owners of the smartphone that have already downloaded the Developer Preview build would be upset if the 8X is left out of the loop for Update 1. Again, we have contacted Microsoft for comment and hopefully they will have some answers for us soon.

Thanks to all of our tipsters and forum members!


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HTC 8X and 8S owners report not getting Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1




Maybe if wpcentral added the vote up/down or migrate to a comment platform that allows it we wouldn't need to do that.

Don't think it suck the update have some issues like takes about 5seconds to boot the lock screen on my Lumia 1520 when screen is off

Lock screen beta or standard? Mine is going to standard on my 1020 just fine. Removed lock beta last week.

Hy mate, just turn on and off the "child corner", turn on configure it, and turn of, this little tweak debugs your lock screen. Cheers.

Strange indeed. That's not a good advertisement for the HTC One W8. I hope it's only a matter of hours before they release Update 1 for the 8X and the 8S.

Lol!!!! What am I thinking?????.... I meant all that minus Cyan.. I'm crazy this morning..
I'm Living LaVida Lumia❗❗❗❗❗

That is not good advertising for microsoft and there phone system. First tmobile was able to abandon some devices .. than a OEM would be able to abandon devices.. means the whole update politic is basically android like.. well .. and now they put even more power into carriers and oems with the new update..

Its always been this way. iOS is the only platform that gets away with updates the way they do. This is exactly why we have the Developer Preview program, so we can get updates without the carrier. We will find out soon enough why these HTC phones aren't getting Update 1.

The difference is the new phone all come our packages with the latest update whether it's low, mid range, our high-end, and Microsoft makes the update available to everyone legally without having to jail break the device.

That's probably why, market share isn't growing, apart from Nokia Sales. People are hesitant to buy other phones, if they want a Windows phone.

Not so much that as Lumia is the only brand you can guarantee getting the update based on Microsoft's schedule as opposed to a random selection of may/may not support.

I have an Icon (Verizon) and even though Microsoft issued the 8.1 and even though there is now an UPDATE to 8.1, I'm still stuck at 8.0 [sigh]. Love the Icon, really learning to hate Verizon.

Just finished downloading on my AT&T branded 8X now. Perhaps it's just taking time to roll out to all devices.

I thought I was getting lucky goo but nope, just 12400 that supposedly rolled out the other see but I never got.

I know right! Its an absolute disgrace for the HTC 8X and 8S owners like me who has an 8S which cant get Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1! I really just want to get down to HTC and have a long chat about this because this can't go on. They have poor customer service and its might as well be said that I think that HTC should stop making Windows Phones all together because they are just taking the piss out of 8X and 8S users here! We ALL WANT Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 now HTC! STOP GIVING US DELAYS AND ANGER!

But according to some, HTC never delays updates its the carriers... I'm gonna say its HTC and getting the new W8 isn't going to change anything.

First they removed US English from unbranded phones, now this. I'm in doubt that they have 3 WP developers and most of the time they are on a vacation. For 2 years they released 1 8XT and 2-3 small firmware updates, what these programmers do the rest of the time?

Dude you seriously need to calm down. It's a god damned phone and some beta software. You don't know what real problems are.

Apparently att is doing staggered rollouts on Thursdays for 8.1+Cyan. Only ones left I think are 820, 920 & 1020, so check then to see if the carrier update is available.

No problems in Romania with Htc 8x.just a little issue when asked for the phone to be restarted,after restart phone shut down and had to push power button for like 20 seconds to turn it on.guess they pulled back the update because of that.

You have to make them yourself.. Ohhh geeeezzz...
Just long press any tile and drag it over another until it creates a folder... Play around with it for minute and you'll get the hang of it..

No problem!!! And, it is awesome... Try this!! Pin three weather apps, full sized, to the start screen and put them in a folder... You get a live folder that cycles all of their information!!.. No platform does that... It'll also be good for pinning multiple news sources into one live folder... Nice!
Once again MS has taken a traditional idea and made it more useful..

Adding a "Weather" folder was the first thing that I did! I like having a large/wide live tile for the three day forecast, and a large/wide live tile for current radar - now I have those and my favorite weather blog lumped into a medium/square tile, which saves a TON of space on my home screen. With one tap of the screen, I can toggle those views and the live tiles are updated... Microsoft really did make folders more useful! 

My 920 (ATT) has both the 180 and 899 update downloaded an installing now.  did you read the update information before installing?  It listed the features and would have let you know if you in fact downloaded both.

Looking forward to the folders.  The Nokia folder setup, while nice, is slow and takes more RAM than i like as it make going back a pain or lack there of.. crash.

I had installed the dev preview on my wife's 8X and I installed the 8.1 update this morning along with my Icon. No problems at all.

Did you get both updates on your 8x? If your OS version ends .899 you didn't get Update 1. My 8X updated today as well but only with the first part of the update.

Not to defend late rollouts or anything but let's give them a couple of hours.   Additionally HTC has nothing to do with this update it's all MS. 

I have my dought that is a microsoft problem why tha well lumias are not experiencing this problem then ??? the only ones who are having some problem as far as i know are the ones that already have cyan installed all the other's are ok, at least that what i have read .... But lets talk about al the other thing about HTC, no apps at all, there nothing near NOKIA Exclusive apps, for example if i want a proper GPS APP i have to pay 40.99 € and buy Here drive +, for nokias is free of course ..... HTC i have one and i can assure you that is the only and last one, i'll NEVER buy one HTC again

Developer Preview = Microsoft controlled update without OEM interaction.

It's why you need OEM to provide firmware for some functions. Since this is a developer preview update, this is on Microsoft.

Also if you have WP8.1 DP then Here Drive + is FREE. I have them currently installed on my device.

no your wrong at least in portugal here drive is not free and yes i have the 8.10.12400.899 version ;) and in my store cust 40.99 € has you can see ;) and really "Developer Preview = Microsoft controlled update without OEM interaction" your the living einsteein :D, but looks like that is just a theory ;)



annouced yes even in the 360 Here oficial page, but check out the reallity have you saw the image of my store ;)

And there's no actitude you saying thjink that you dont know why you keep saying that here is for free in portugal it isnt't there the prof in the link of my store above, and another thing why you're assuring that is not relatted with HTC device, are you a MS Programer ?? why lumias are geeting the GDR1 and 8X and 8S dont i'm assuming that you have a 8X and with the GDR1 installed right

Many many users with Lumia 925 Cyan also getting error 8018830f.

Update downloaded but can't be opened.

No report about this? :(

Same here. L925 with Cyan and I get the same error 8018830f. OS: 8.10.12937.895.
EDIT: forgot to mention I got Cyan and 8.1 through developer preview.
Unlocked phone.

This has turned out to be a joke, I m not even pissed off. I am just not buying a windows phone ever and be happy

More than likely you are getting the 12400.899 update which is not Update 1. Can you confirm the build number you are updating to here before you install?

It says it on a page right before you update, it looks like the screenshot in the original post about Update 1 on WPCentral.

Okay I'm guessing your're just getting the smaller 8.10.12400.899 update then, not 8.10.14147.180 which is update 1.

8xt user here. Unfortunately, I've received the .899 update. I assume it's because HTC phones will need a firmware update before getting these features.

I can't imagine that's the case because lumia phones without Cyan are still receiving the 8.1 Update 1 dev preview.

I really think this is showing a larger update issue...my wife's 8XT which is about 6 weeks old, has never been able to see the 8.1 DP ever...so I think the 'block' is still on.

If you installed the DP app after going online, registered as developer (free) and downloaded the DP app, MAKE SURE TO OPEN THE APP AND MAKE SURE THE 'ENABLE' CHECKMARK IS MARKED!

Yep, got DP 8.1 running on my own 8XT no problem...its all set up correctly.  I am not the only 8XT owner who cannot get the 8.1 DP to be found by their replacement or recently purchased phone.  

I even built and deployed a basic app through App Studio to her phone...nothing.

Yep, I have gotten all of those.  Her phone won't find it...hard reset, DP app installed, checked, logged in, etc, etc.  My theory is that they know that the phone has an electrical issue without the updated firmware and are preventing us for the last 2 months.  (Until today when .899 showed up.)


Going to try updating her's when I'm done with work as she really likes 8.1 and is the sole reason she was willing to move off of Android.

Exactly.   Beta software has nothing to do with what we're on which is a privelege.   Complain when you're not getting something that you're actually entitled to.

I don't blame HTC. It simply feels like Microsoft don't love them any more, which is a shame because HTC have supported Windows Mobile and then Windows Phone even though it's doubtful HTC have made much, if any real margin.

Why would they feel that way if they are on the brink of releasing a Windows Phone version of the M8?

What does this have to do with MS? HTC is just not making enough money to justify putting any effort into their Windows phones.

*Sigh* The Developer Preview skips all OEM's the only the HTC has to do with the DP is that they provided the phone that you're using the software on.   HTC didn't release the DP software MS did and its MS that needs to resolve or acknowledge the issue. 

Just got OS version #8.10.12400.899 on unlocked HTC 8x (UK) but no live folders and no Cortana. If I search for cortana on my phone I can to Cortana settings but it says it's not available for my region (UK). Also got notification saying my Battery Saver app needed updating.

My 520 is just about to restart to install that update.
I am planning to upgrade my phone with the 930 or the rumored new HTC, but HTC had always had this kind of issues so...

So after all the news & articles about Lumia phones, we finally get news about HTC phones & just our luck it happens to be bad news. :(

Yap, few news on HTC few apps from the OEM, HTC doesn't care much about the windows platform. It's very obvious. They are more into Android.
They forgot some people Love their hardware but in love with WP and can't imagine their lives without it.

*Sigh* The Developer Preview skips all OEM's the only thing HTC has to do with the DP is that they provided the phone that you're using the software on.   HTC didn't release the DP software MS did and its MS that needs to resolve or acknowledge the issue. 

I agree, but I was talking in general, look how many apps Nokia has for it's WP and how often they update them.
That would affect how frequently the news about HTC could be.

On my L820 I haven't received the smaller update. It was the one that MS recalled. I got it while it was available.

Only .899 on my 8x.  I don't have folders.  Also, it forced all my apps to be reinstalled...  After the reset, I couldn't launch any apps.  Switching to the app view showed that every app had the 'installing' tag below it.  They're slowly being installed again....

heck, i brick my lumia 1320 for the 8.1 update 1.. got stuck on spinning gear after restarting on installation.. currently restoring through Nokia recovery tool...such a pain

Having a little trouble, as a 920 owner, getting weepy about folks not getting an update for the initial update I still can't get.

All Indians Alfa cortana will run only when u keep ur language n speech uk English no need to change region like before

Guys, why don't you read before you comment, plus this article was made too fast, it's not working on many devices, including Lumia and Ativ too

I've tested the Chinese Cortana, really sucks tho, it needs many more update to keep up the original Cortana. It was a nightmare to switch region and language back and forth.

So you're Chinese. Xiao Na said that the ms Cortana server isn't online at the moment and it'll be 24hrs before it is turned on --- Check Sina Weibo for more information.