HTC HD7 Priced

The HTC HD7 has been priced.  At least with the European wireless carrier O2.

A leaked pricing list indicates the HD7 will run you 559 Euros out of contract (about $730 US Dollars) and with contractual discounts, as low as 79 Euros (about $104 US Dollars).  The pricing list also indicates availability during week 42 which is the week after Microsoft's October 11th event.

So, is $730 a little on the steep side for the HD7?  Do you think the price will drop or does this open the door for LG and Samsung to offer their Windows Phone 7 devices at a more competitive price?  Will T-Mobile (expected to offer the HD7 possibly as the HD3) discount their prices as much? 

Luckily, October is right around the corner.

via: wmpoweruser.com


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HTC HD7 Priced


If you can actually walk into a store and purchase this device for $730 your question about price may be relevant but you will never see this device on sale for that price in the US in a B&M store. A straight conversion is NEVER correct, why make it sound as if this will be the US price?

I'm going to make a guess and say this thing will be $199 on contract. $549 off, and $699 unlocked.

Prices in EU include a 20% VAT tax, so it works out to 1:1 EUR/USD pretty much all the time.

Can we get some specs and a picture of this or what? I'd like to see what it looks like and what it has for that price.

Except this baby won't arrive in our shore before the end of the 1st quater of 2011.

I agree with one of the comments. Straight conversion pricing is not always correct, unless you want the Euro version.

I would expect this phone to be the usual pricing (i.e. about $200 with a contract, and $600 without a contract). Price really has not changed for new smartphone. It's not like you will get 50% off/$20,000 on a new Lexus because of the recession.

Furthermore, I am not too sure about getting a WP7 phone, and being locked in for two years for a uni-tasker OS, while dual core phone will be the next thing for 2011 and on.

VAT levels are not the same in all EU countries but Germany has a 19% VAT. Without VAT the price is 452.79 Euros.