Nokia Lumia 520 getting Cyan update in Africa, Latin America, more of Europe and Middle East

Microsoft and the carriers have been busy pushing out the Lumia Cyan update for one of the most-prevalent Windows Phones to date, the Nokia Lumia 520 (and 520T in China). Although last week, we saw some carriers and countries in Europe being eligible for the Cyan update, starting Friday many more including Belgium, Croatia, Iceland and more have entered the 'available' list.

Additionally, countries like Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, and others in Africa are also now cleared for the Lumia Cyan and 8.1 updates. Finally, last week we saw Costa Rica get the update on Claro, but now the telecom has pushed an update to other countries in the region too, including Argentina, Guatemala and more.

Below you will find the current list of Lumia 520 updates by country and region.

You can also see our tracker for all other Lumias currently getting the Lumia Cyan update.

Remember, if you are using Windows Phone 8.1 already through the Preview for Developers, even if your country is listed below, you still do not get Lumia Cyan just yet as Microsoft has a pause on the updates. Users are instructed to either wait until a fix comes out or use the Nokia Recovery Tool to downgrade the OS and then take the updates.

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*CV = Country Variant

Lumia 520

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Kenya CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, MTN; Tanzania CV; Tunisia CV; Uganda CV; Zambia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV, Telstra; Bangladesh CV; China Unicom, 520T CMCC; India CV; Indonesia CV; Malaysia CV; Nepal CV; New Zeeland Telecom; Papa New Guinea Digicel; Philippines CV, Sun; Singapore CV, Singtel, Starhub; Thailand CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria CV, A1, Telering, T-Mobile; Belgium CV, Proximus; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV, BHMobile; Bulgaria CV; Croatia CV, T-Mobile; Cyprus CV; Czech Republic CV, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Denmark CV, Telenor; Estonia CV; Finland CV; France CV, Bouygues, Orange, SFR; Germany Vodafone; Greece CV, Cosmote, Vodafone; Hungary CV, Telenor, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Iceland CV; Ireland 3, Meteor, O2, Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone, WIND; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Macedonia CV; Montenegro CV; Netherlands CV, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Norway CV, Telenor; Poland CV, Orange, Play, T-Mobile; Portugal CV, Vodafone; Romania CV, Orange, Vodafone; Russian Federation CV, MTS; Serbia CV; Slovakia CV, Orange; Slovenia CV; Spain CV, Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo; Sweden CV; Switzerland CV, Swisscom; Turkey CV; Ukraine CV; United Kingdom CV, 3 UK, O2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Argentina CV, Claro; Chile CV; Costa Rica CV, Claro; Dominican Republic Claro; El Salvador CV, Claro; Guatemala CV, Claro; Honduras Claro; Mexico CV, Movistar, Telcel; Nicaragua CV, Claro; Paraguay Claro; Peru CV; Uruguay CV, Claro; Venezuela CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Jordan CV; Kuwait CV; Lebanon CV; Oman CV; Pakistan CV; Palestinian Territories CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; United Arab Emirates CV; Yemen CV
  • North America - US AT&T

Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 520 getting Cyan update in Africa, Latin America, more of Europe and Middle East


I don't have cyan so I can't tell you, but here's something that helped me,clear the phone memory, move/delete apps, photos, files, it will greatly improve performance.

I have 14 gb free memory on my 920 and m on wp 8.1 update 1 without cyan... Was just curious if cyan gonna solve the problems like lagging inbtwn, disappearance of tiles, double start screen when press back button etc etx.. Any1 with cyan hv seen any improvement ??

Man same symptoms but 14gb!!! I hope cyan fixes this for you! Great hardware STUPID *Microsoft
Oh yeah you will wait just like I waited 2.5 months for amber on 620, JUSTMSTHING :D

Lol I never got amber but had to go to Nokia Care to update my phone directly to black

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

cyan fixed many of my lag issues,i'm done with enrolling in developer preview,no need for live folders, i'm content with 8.1 and what it brings, i'll wait for official update

Hmm that makes me more excited for cyan....though in early sept.... Dnt know if that too will come with bitlocker fix or not... God save my 920 till then :D

I have 7gb free and my 1020 is running like a pig. Hope the cyan update does fix it when out finally comes for me but I am not downgrading. Lost all my game progress last time I reset and I love the live folders

Hahahahahahaahaj I hope nokia is doing what she did on the 620 with Lumia black lol,we suffered 2months ,no really I hope you get it guys no one likes to be left behind:D

Not Exactly, I think in the Amber or Black, lots of brazilian devices get the update first than North American At&t devices.

Because it's one of the most popular phones, and I guess the only one of them that didn't get the update yet, at least not worldwide

I couldn't wait any longer for cyan for my Lumia 720 and flashed it with the Italy Rom. Now enjoying Cyan here in Kenya, Africa

Has Verizon released this for anyone yet? I'm specifically looking for it on the 928, but I don't think I've seen it go to any of Verizon's phones yet.

i updated my 520 3 days ago . after successfully updating, it turnes out that there is no lumia brightness profile or equlizer in audio settings to be found !

so what is the problem !!!!!!!!!

Not sure about the brightness profile, but I saw a number of posts over the last 2 weeks saying the equalizer isn't supported on the 520.

equlizer is not a big deal as it's not the first time to missing it , but brightness profile ,seriously !!! so why lumia cyan made for

When will the Microsoft gonna solve this issue. Lumia cyan is available in my country for my Lumia520 but I can't download it.

Hello guys. Can someone please answer me. I have Lumia 520 and I got WP8.1 via Developer Preview. Now when I check for updates it says an update is ready to download. Is it Lumia Cyan or another update. Please answer ASAP. Thank You.

It is update 1 for WP 8.1. To get Lumia cyan, connect your phone to your PC, and downgrade to Lumia Black, and check for ota update in the phone. Cyan will download and install. After that install the preview for developers and upgrade to WP 8.1 Update 1.

Im using black + gdr1, my L520 performance is better after update 1, resuming bit more faster than before update 1.. I suggesting you who already had 8.1 update 1 pfd, don't downgrade your phone to have Cyan update, just wait until MS fix pfd issue, once again, black + 8.1 update 1 pfd react good in my L520

My L520 laggs so bad I can't use google *heh* so here I come: I got the upgrade 1 for 8.1 so is Cyan older version of this platform, and I need to get update 1 after Cyan again to get all the features?

Why don't Microsoft just give the update (Lumia cyan) over the Nokia recovery tool
Will definitely be better than downgrading just to upgrade

I went to Phone update in settings, it found the update, downloaded and installed.

But when the phone rebooted after installation, nothing happend :/ still Lumia black with WP 8.0.

I thinck il sell my 1520.1 Netherlands Belgium cauntry variant

It's realy stupid slot of 1520 alredy having the cyan update and we stil are waiting for weeks

Big fail for this update of u aske me

I have a strong feeling the developer bitlocker issue in the end will not be fixed ever, and MS will suggest everybody to downgrade. Their excuse will be that the beta program was exclusively for coders anyway, and not for ordinary people, and all you ordinary people accepted the risk of getting f*cked in the arse any time MS feels doing so. I think, the time has in fact just come according to MS. With this move, they will make people not to use the beta program anymore so bravely, and as a result only real developers will use the beta fork in the future.

Stupidity by Microsoft. Why give 520 the update before 920 820. That's sending out a bad message. Nonsense update cycle by MS.

Lumia 520 for vodacom south Africa not available yet. But for MTN it is? Is it possible if I swop my SIM and check to update my phone?

The 920 was AT&T's Windows Phone 8 Exclusive Flagship. I'm surprised that AT&T, the first carrier with a true Windows Phone 8 flagship phone here in the USA, is taking so long to update the 920. That said, I felt that we got Black pretty fast.


Hey.... just saw Cyan on the 520 is available from AT&T here in the USA... Time to rollback the WindowsPhone8.1 DevPreview and give the whole firmware/os upgrade process a try on my 520.

Got cyan now.  But it takes houres to restore the damage because i downloaded cyan via my computer.

Gdr 1 needs reinstalling and the store downloades are taking more than an hour.

But now i have cyan. i should't complain

I tho lumia 720 would get cyan soon...but its...ah forget it. Nokia's complicated update schedule drive me nuts!
Next time, I will buy cheapest lumia for faster update.

Yay Australia CV, even though this update brings shit all to the 520. My phone needs a restore anyways so now I have a reason to get it over and done with.

I am from india and i took the win 8.1 update with gdr1 as developer preview on my 525. So after that what can i do for cyan update. Will i need to downgrade to 8 ?

These 3UK giving cyan update for lower end model like 520, but they still didn't give cyan update for higher end models like 925.... When the 3 UK will give update for Lumia 925.

Why Microsoft can update windows 8.1 rollout in india without cortana voice assistent.............

when cortana can came in india phone like 520, 720