Join us for Microsoft, Gaming and Libations tonight LIVE on Beam!

Microsoft, Gaming and Libations is a live show hosted on Microsoft's newly acquired streaming network, Tonight, we'll be playing Halo Wars Definitive Edition, and giving away a copy of Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition towards the end of the show!

Tonight's stream is taking place at 4 PM ET. So, in the future, all of our MGL live streams will take place on Thursdays, at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT, 9 PM GMT). You can find the start time based on your location and time zone in our event announcer.

Microsoft, Gaming and Libations

We'll be kicking off the latest episode episode of Microsoft, Gaming, and Libations tonight, where we'll talk about Microsoft while playing games, and, well, having a few drinks! Join us in the chat as we discuss the latest happenings from around the Microsoftosphere.

Watch us LIVE on

Tonight we're playing Halo Wars Definitive Edition, which is a remastered version of the same RTS from Xbox 360. Follow our channel and join us LIVE tonight and you could win a copy of Halo Wars 1 Definitive Edition and Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition for Xbox One and Windows 10. We'll give it away in the chat!

If you missed our earlier announcement for the full context of what the show is, you can find that here to learn more about the format and plans.

For now, all you need to do is watch the live stream above or head to our Beam channel at when the stream begins where you can jump in on the live chat. We'll give away Halo Wars 1 and 2 towards the end of the stream.

We'll also field some questions from the audience, so it's best to sign up for Beam.

For those curious, we're aiming for a 90-minute air time, but honestly, we have no idea how long it will go. So grab a drink and join in on the fun to find out!