Microsoft updates its collection of Bing apps for Windows 8

Bing Apps Windows 8

Microsoft has today updated its collection of apps on the Windows Store. The array of Bing solutions help make the Windows 8 experience what it is with travel, sports, weather, news, health and more all covered by Microsoft developed apps. There's something here to suit multiple needs and requirements.

We previously looked at the apps being bumped to new versions to make way for a new cross-platform, Microsoft account syncing feature. Check below to see if your favorite Bing apps have been updated.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to see what’s new in the latest versions as we have been unable to notice any obvious changes, but do sound off in the comments should you notice anything new. If you have yet to update the apps on your PC, head to Windows Store > Settings > App Updates > Check for Updates to force them.

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Microsoft updates its collection of Bing apps for Windows 8


My news app has been broken for a few days, this update did not fix it. Anyone else with similar issues?


Have you stopped the app via Task Manager?  Or try this -- while the app is open take the app and drag it to the bottom of the screen like you are going to close it (works with touch or mouse).  Pause at the bottom and wait for the tile to flip -- that resets the app and actually closes it instead of suspending it.

Press "Window Key + X, A", press enter, type WSReset (or paste via this finger dance: "Alt + F, E, P") and press enter. This will reset Winows Store cache.

Also, try uninstalling / reinstalling the app.

Hope it helps.


It does not. I've tried all that. You should read some of the convoluted "resolutions" posted. These are the more simple suggestions. Alas, does not work. App launches then immediately closes. If you can interrupt it tyring to sync, it will stay open. But as soon as it the home page is selected for it to sync, it crashes.

LOL! Whew!! I'll go inform everyone in the Microsoft forum that they're not having the problem either. I'm sure they'll be relieved. ;)

Mine has been broken for months. I've got a bad source somewhere, but the app crashes and exits before I can remove it...and to make it worse, it has synced, so News doesn't work on any of my PCs.

The only thing I noticed is that OneNote has freaking lost all af my notes and had to re-download them. I was lucky to notice it in time - I have all of my copybooks in the app and it wouldn't be nice to show up in the university and find out that I actually can't access any of them.

Want update for bing weather and news. I know its working fine but needs update for more smoothness on WP.

Still nothing to make Xbox Video actually make your own video library relevant. For crying out loud. Over two years now. If your OS makes your own personal media libraries insignificant, then your operating system is going to become insignificant.

I gave up on making Xbox Video do what I want so I just use MediaMonkey for now and call it a day on my tablet. It at least allows you to make playlists and shoot stuff to the Xbox.

I know I can shoot it via Xbox video but it still treats my own videos like second class citizens which is a no-no for me. The media controls are also lackluster and playlist creation is miserable. I have not yet found a a way to send a video playlist to the Xbox without using the desktop. MediaMonkey currently lets me do that with the least amount of hassle.

correct. I also find the second class citizen treatment I get from the music app annoying. For example, I have a bunch of international albums which aren't on the US store. The music app absolutely refuses to share them with my other devices because it doesn't think I should have these as they are not sold on the store. really? msft really?

plus why can't it just use my onedrive? you'd think that the music app would look into onedrive and stream your music from there. no, you have to mantually point it to the one folder that is sync and tie it yourself. What happened to "it just works".?

No its not a stretch. For a lot of us, the computers main use is for our media. If they aren't going to allow us to organize our own media in am easy organized manner from within their own app, then I'm better off with iTunes and iOS As bad as that sounds. But who would have thought after the great Zune, that iTunes and iOS would allow you to manage your own music, TV shows, and movies better than Xbox Video, Xbox Music, and Windows 8.

So Xbox Video might not give you what you want but you can still run Zune (VLC, WinAmp, Media Monkey, Foobar or hundreds of other programs) so, sure it's a shame MS haven't given Xbox Video the functionality Zune had, but it's no reason to move OSs.

it is typical MSFT. they put out a half balked feature, call it done, see ya 18 moths later. The problem is they don't understand how people actually use things because you know, their hubirs gets in the way. Then there is off course the war inside MSFT where surely the team who did the OS libraries is seen as directly competing with the video app's own collection so therefore the video app team will do everything it can to torpedo the other's work.

working at MSFT must be so much fun! who needs competitors when they have each other. My favorite is how with the 360 you could stream music 3 different ways which were totally incompatible with each other. you could use WMP to create those shared folders. You could use Zune to create a distinct share set, or use the WMC software and the xbox as an extender to create, yet another share set. But off course the libraies in the OS were hidden from the xbox

HA HA. OMG, I can't even imagine how the average user can possibly make any sense of it all. No wonder consumers have bee fleeing MSFT because of crap like this, gets tiring.

Xbox Video seems a tiny tad faster. There's now a section of sets called Featured sets which keep certain sales and collection of Movies/Series. In addition when downloading Video you now have the option of downloading HD or SD if you purchased in HD you get both. The Download also give you an ETA and how big the downloads will be. You can set download defaults for your device. Pretty cool!

Has the "exercise" tracker always been in the W8 Bing Heath & Fitness app?  I know there has always been "diet" and "cardio" trackers but I don't recall previously seeing the exercise tracking.   Either way, pretty cool and I hope to see it added to the WP8 app.

Bing News, Bing Travel, Bing Health, Bing Drinks & Food, Bing Sports. Off the hook awesome apps not just for Windows 8. But also awesome on Windows Phone 8.