More free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in September via Games With Gold

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Microsoft will give Xbox 360 owners two free games in September via its Games for Gold program while the Xbox One will get one free game during that same month.

From September 1-15, Xbox 360 owners who are signed up for the paid Xbox Live Gold service can download Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine. It's descibed as a "team-based, top-down, stealth-puzzle game featuring retro-style graphics and a really interesting plot." From September 16-30, the Xbox 360 gets Halo: Reach for free. It's the final game in the Halo first person shooter series that was developed by Bungie. Their latest game, Destiny, will be released for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9.

Speaking of the Xbox One, owners with Xbox Live Gold will be able to download Super Time Force during the entire month of September for free. It's a retro-looking side scroller shooter that has a cool "time-reverse" feature that not only lets players try again but also has them fight alongside their previous "ghost". In addition, Crimson Dragon, which is already available as a free download for the Xbox One, will stay free during the month of September.

What do you think of the selection of games for Games for Gold in September?

Source: Xbox Wire


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More free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in September via Games With Gold


Wrong. Super Time Force is the best game of 2014 so far. Not the best indie game. Not the best Xbox game. The best game. It won Gamespot's Game of the Month award in May over Watch_Dogs, Wolfenstein, Mario Kart 8 and every other AAA title released that month. It's absolutely brilliant. The best $15 I've ever spent and an excellent candidate for Games with Gold.

^ this. You don't realize how good this game is until you play it. The article description here doesn't do it justice. This is a very good GwG month for this title alone. Plus it's free, so why complain right?

Wrong. Anyone calling Super Time Force "underwhelming" is wrong. It's the best game of 2014. Try again.

I'm sure you hate some games I love, doesn't make either of us in the wrong. If it doesn't look interesting to him he's perfectly within in his right to feel underwhelmed. Having a pretentious prick tell him he is wrong won't change his opinion.

The irony of a pretentious prick (who apparently doesn't understand the concept of jesting) to impose his opinion on someone else that people who impose their opinions on someone else are pretentious pricks. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Warren is right in that stating your opinion as fact is not conducive to friendly discussion and leads to arguments. Please try to express your opinion more moderately. I agree that Super Time Force is great, though!

I honestly thought it was pretty clear that I was jesting as I thought everyone here understood that everyone else here is just offering opinions but I stated mine so definitively that it was purposively over the top, but I get that tone is hard to interpret. Didn't intend to irk anyone. Just excited that more people get to check out Capy's game now, but seeing so many people prematurely dismiss it was vexing as well.

No harm done.

I've been vexed by that crap since XBLA debuted in 2005. Some people will never accept or care about games that are non-retail, 2D, or creative from a visual standpoint. It's a shame, but at least the industry as a whole is becoming more accepting of these games.

People who can appreciate diversity and creativity do need to sing these games' praises... We just have to do it in a way that encourages open-mindedness and trying new things.

Awesome! Been waiting for Time Force since its release. Also been wanting to check out Monaco. Very pleased. By my estimate I've paid for two years of Gold now with all the money I've saved on games with this program.

2K needs to start making baseball games again, as only PS has them, The Show. Or if Xbox can make a nee IP for a REAL baseball game, and not rbi crap, that would be awesome.

Just curious though, why doesn't EA Sports make an MLB game?

i think the investment is not worth it as baseball sports game isn't as popular as bball/football games. 

I remember back in '05 or roundabouts EA bought exclusive rights to NFL games (even though the NFL2k series was better at the time) so 2k countered by buying exclusive rights to MLB games (even though the EA baseball games were better). Not sure how Sony is able to make the Show series with that contract in place or if it has expired.

Better to spend the time learning how a game works and seeing where it goes for a while. Uninstalling right away is just a waste of your time.

I'm feeling like my Gold subscription should include better free games. I'd rather they be rental games for the month and better games than get to keep a bunch of games I don't want.

When you pay over $500 for an Xbox w/Kinect and then also pay a monthly subscription fee you should get something for it.

I'd be cool with a few ported Xbox 360 games as the GFG deals.

you do get something for it, you get a consoel that plays game and a sub that allows you to play online which is what you paid for.   

I get your point, but the games are free and everybdoy has their own interpretation of what games MS "should" have and have different opinions of what they want. 



I don't play online gaming. And MS themselves claims Xbox LIVE is more than just online gaming, so that is what I expect. They said all kind sof things in the past about brining "more value" to the XBL subscription. I'm just waiting for that to happen.

You got free games, just because you dont like them it isnt their fault. They are running a business, the developers of these games whether indie or AAA run a business, sorry they cant jsut add games that are relevant left and ride, especially still a year into the generation. 

Sorry, you've got me shaking my head. Games with Gold owners on Xbox One have gotten a ton of great games, listed here in order of awesomeness, with the first 4 being very good to excellent games):

1. Super Time Force (this is the best game of 2014--on any platform).

2. Max: Curse of Brotherhood (this was a fantastic puzzle platformer, original, creative, and fun).

3. Guacamelee: STCE (one of the best retro platform games released in the past 10 years)

4. Halo: Spartan Assault (a solid top-down shooter with great online co-op play)


5. Strike Suit Zero (an above-average space shooter)

6. Crimson Dragon (a so-so rail shooter that had it's moments but definitely underachieved)

Yea, played Crimson Dragon, one I was thinking about buying when I got my Xbox one....Man, I am glad I didnt buy it....Forgot how much I hated Rail shooters...Yea, kind of sucks..

Max is a great game, Guacamelee, was not impressed but only played it for like 30 min or so....

You paid $500 for the xbox w/ kinect hardware. You received that. They never promised free games if you buy the hardware. The gold subscription is optional. You are getting access to online gaming and some free games with the service. Maintaining servers to host online games cost money. If the service isn't worth the money, cancel it. I agree the games are underwhelming, but I hate when people have the attitude that they are entitled to more. 

Honestly, how self entitled are you? When you by anything, what really comes with it. I bought a car a few months ago, spent nearly $30k, I didn't get anything special with it. You bought a $500 entertainment system, and you got reguar updates, access to the latest games available from console developers, and with your LIVE account, you get access to multiplayer and all the stat tracking that comes with it, and then you got some free games. 


They're not going to give us AAA games until they go down in price. Most games still retail for more than what I paid for my XBLG subscription.

Wow. Incredible the balls on some people. He wants better games for his 40-60 dollars a year service. It's nearing offensive the level of entitlement your perception of what it's owed to you.

Ive been a live subscriber for years (since the start) without any free games and always thought it was worth it for the online play....and it still is, but even more so now with dedicated servers. Any free game is just a bonus.

I still hate Microsoft for developing a shit load of Xbox consoles, but STILL can't even make the latest futuristic next Gen Xbox One support the hottest and most successful Xbox 360 games.They want more money. Money is the murderer.

Anyone who really cares about playing Xbox 360 games either already owns one or can buy one for cheap. not that backwards compatibility wouldn't be great, but its absence is far from the end of the world.

xbox one has one free game, so what do you nean you got both for free?  Or ar eyou saying you got both the xbox one and 360 games which is a total of three games

My bad, didn't realize Crimson Dragon was already free. I got Super Time Force for free, haven't tried the 360 yet.

Considering the numerous (in fact much more than I can fit on a 500GB hard drive) triple A titles I've gotten for free on PS Plus, Games with Gold is quite underwhelming.

It started out good, but has seemingly gone downhill. That being said PS Plus has wound down and started offering less as well.

Personally, I think the Xbox One Games with Gold so far have been better than PS4's, especially Super Time Force, Max: Curse of Brotherhood, and Guacamelee: STCA. Those three gamese are significantly better than any PS4 Plus game released so far.

Ps+ and Xbox Live isn't the same. Ones a rental service that selectively gives out free games and the other is a online access membership that also gives permanent free games. Xbox Live doesn't have to do that.

Nope, PSN has given out Strider, Outlast, Resogun, and Don't Starve. Strider by itself is better than anything X1 users have gotten. Guacamele is cool but they gave that out for free on the vita.

Strider is great, but I think most gamers would agree that Guacamelee is a bit better. And I'd be surprised if anyone legitimately thinks Resogun is better than Super Time Force. I guess if you dislike run-and-gun shooters, but there's a lot of crossover between shmup and run-and-gun players.

Paid for STF day one. Super difficult. Haven't played it much since. Guess I should have waited. Either way, support for Capybara isn't a bad thing (go Toronto based devs!)

It's challenging, but it's not that difficult. I think you're just not playing it right. You have to think about things differently. You have to set up runs, then rewind back and choose a complementary character to assist the previous run, and repeat that until the end when you have dozens of characters running around the screen, each with different but complementary roles (e.g. various Jean Rambois characters setting up shop on various ledges, unleashing their spread attacks while Shieldy McBlockersons protect them with their shield powerup). It's actually quite a brilliant game. Super hardcore mode that you unlock after beating the game on normal mode is very challenging, but the normal mode you should be able to beat no problem.

ffs! If people are wrong they need to be told they're wrong. You'd make a terrible father. Super Time Force = amazing. Warren Dance = not that amazing.

Just because you think it's right does not mean the rest of the world agrees with you.. even if it's one person. I have never played that game, but I already don't like the way it looks, therefore I will never play it, even if it's won every award known to man.

That's a poor decision though. You could end up having a lot of fun with it if you tried it, but you'll never know if you choose to be close-minded.

Ouch! That hurt. But I'm just not into that 8-bit looking graphics stuff. I like 'em smooth as butter graphics like Ori.

Honestly, isn't it sad that most of the news are windows or Xbox related? Is there really so little happening in Windows Phone world? It's Windows Phone Central after all, isn't it?

Never heard os Super Time Force before so I went to check it on the xbox page. Found it at 99,999.00 dollars, I suposse it is to prevent gamers to buy it since it's going to be free in just 3 days

That being said, while the games aare not that WOW, they are still a good deal for 9.99$ I paid last month... but I'm not sure the date I placed the payment, I think Iwon't be able to get Halo

Reach.. Good, Time Force - Meh. Have not been impressed with games for gold on Xbox One and sometimes on 360.. Not at all impressed..

I've had a lot of fun with the xbox one games, a few of them are titles I wouldn't have thought to bit myself and yet I've walked away incredibly happy. I'm disappointed they have doubled up with crimson dragon, but I can't very well complain about something that is complimentary to my service.

Try it, spend a little time learning the mechanics, and see how you like it. Indie games can be just as fun (if not more) than big-budget retail releases.

Really waiting for Outlast and Child of Light for Xbox One. I'll have a crack at STF, could be great like Guacamelee was (fantastic game).

Meanwhile smashing Diablo 3, and eagerly awaiting Destiny, Dragon Age and Sunset Overdrive.

Outlast would be awesome although I already own it on PC, and child of light is great, I bought it a week ago and everything else is getting ignored.

I wanted something more along the lines of Forza 5. Super Time Force looks good, but I'm getting a bit tired after each indie game. I'd like a "full" game.

Super Time Force has more heart and thought behind its development than any "full" game released in the past 10 years. It's quite brilliant.

MS is on some BS. Second time they extended a game. First was Max. They could have easily given the crappy Lococycle. I like their system updates but they aren't really trying very hard in this area.

Come on Strider....I want that one free....Tried a demo on my PS4, it's ok and would not mind playing it but, not sure I want to pay $15 for it..

Strider is pretty awesome, but the difficulty ramped up so much on the last area that I officially gave up. Was still worth the $15 though!

Yeah, I was disappointed too. I loved the Panzer Dragoon series on Saturn. I don't understand how those games were so much better when it's the same development team, more or less. Inexplicable and very disappointing.

Im ok with getting Monaco for free! Loved the demo, just never bought it. Reach, not so much as I have a disc copy still from way back when I was part of the dash update in 2010 I think...never finished it.

One reason why I didn't buy super time force as I knew this would happen. My brother just got super time force ultra on steam and it is great.

Why is the best game offered always last of the month? Cant they make 360 games available all month like xbox one? Monaco sounded fun when i read about you doing heists by yourself or coop but then i saw the graphics. Someone should make a 1st or 3rd person close view of that game, it really seems fun. I like thieving in games, its mostly all i did in skyrim.

Ok ffs. Now I'm getting tired of your STF dick-riding. You have literally replied to EVERY comment about STF saying how awesome it is. Literally around 20 comments! Clean your mouth up, you have super time spooge all over it.

You could've done that without the homophobic comments. So STF is fun and I'm excited that other people get to play it too now. So what?

Monaco... thats going to be new for me, now Reach? wasn't expecting that one, glad to hear it, now i can sell my copy :D

If you plan on buying an Xbox One and have a gold account, you can "purchase" the games with gold games for the Xbox One on xbox.com. You don't actually need the Xbox One to make the purchase.