New Nokia Lumia 1520 press render shows the device in red

While not the most earth shattering news, the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 has now showed up in a press render in red via the Twitter account @evleaks. It sort of brings things around full circle as the very first actual photo of the massive Nokia phablet was revealed in that color back at the end of August.

Since that time we’ve learned that the price, off-contract, will be north of $700 and that it will actually come in four colors: red, black, white and yellow (sorry, cyan fans). Featuring a reported 6-inch 1080P display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3400 mAh battery, 32GB of storage with expandable memory and a 20 MP PureView camera, the 1520 should shake things up a bit for Nokia.

The device is expected to be revealed this month in Abu Dhabi during Nokia World 2013.

How long do you have to wait? The Lumia 1520 should launch in the US on AT&T in early November with the device going global soon thereafter. Verizon will reportedly get a similar but smaller device dubbed the Lumia 929 at the same time.

Source: evleaks


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New Nokia Lumia 1520 press render shows the device in red


Me too! I can't believe people actually buy yellow phones. I guess I just don't have my finger on the pulse of consumer trends.

I didn't think I would like yellow either, but fell in love with it (1020) after picking one up because they had no white available, and I no longer like black phones. If I get this one, likely it will be yellow.

I can't believe people don't like yellow or red. I had a red 920 that I replaced with a Yellow 1020. I miss the red 920 but the yellow matte is no less attractive.

I said the same thing when I got my cyan 920. Then my wife got her precious yellow lol, now that this has no cyan I will get yellow because I have grown to love it now.

I'm an Oregon Duck so yellow fits the bill (pun intended) Actually with all our football uniform combinations yellow with a black wireless charger or vice versa works to :)
Assuming there will be a wireless charger option like the 1020?

Matte yellow on the 1020 looks great. I just replaced the cyan 920(shattered screen) that I gave my nephew. All ATT had at the moment is/was yellow and it looks horribly bright.

+1520, well I don't need to be screwed up with all of their apps loaded one by one when I launch the app.

Cool GDR3 Stuff in picture:
Individual Word and Excel tiles
Nokia Pro/Smart Cam Combined
Mystery blue tile above calender

The blue tile seems to have a presentation icon with a play symbol. Maybe something similar to PlayTo for presentations.

I'll be curious to see how the how the pictures come out. As a 1020 owner, I'm guessing these will probably be 95% as good as the 1020.

Is it bad that I've been carrying around a paper cut out of the 1520 trying to get comfortable with the size? Lol

The device looks really nice, but the three medium sized tile arrangement looks weird. The tiles are so close together that, they get lost in themselves, especially if they're the same color. IMO, they should've kept it with two or at least allow us to change it back (which I'm pretty sure they won't).

Ugh... What? The tiles are no closer together. This seems like the ideal way to take advantage of a bigger screen.

idk what build of windows phone this is using but ie explorer and some others are the same color they are in tablet windows 8 that and some other icons such as the ringer notification icon that is not avaible currently could be wprth talking about. maybe induvidualn volume controls?.. or its just fake or not final.

I was thinking it could be an App that allows you to put your own pictures for tiles, but I could be wrong. I also don't own a Win Tablet so your comparison to that could be more accurate. I did wonder about that myself though.

It can be bigger. Your Lumia can't. It also has a higher res screen and the ability to fit 6 small tiles across the screen instead of 4, which is what our Lumias allow.

Look at the case of the phone... It appears it combines a wireless-charging back with an "ipad-esque" flip cover that folds to a stand... Is it new/something Nokia is introducing or something already available that I am unaware of?

Well, I was just making a conjecture based on the cover available these days to snap on to the L 925 and 1020... Btw, have you seen one like this in the market?

What's the ringer icon next to the Bluetooth icon on the status bar? I've never noticed that before...

Bring on the 5" 929 and its European counterpart. I'll leave this horrible mammoth to those who may enjoy it and/or need a tray to carry their tea :P

On the colours subject, I wish they would offer more often colours like grey and bottle-green instead of always red and yellow.

Depends on your defination.
Example: B&W TV vs Color TV
People don't generally thing Greyscale photos, TV, tattoos, etc to be "color"
Are we ok?
You can keep your special technical defination.
I keep my common usage of the language.
May the sun rise to you, too!

Common usage? You call monotone crayons "greyscale" crayons? It is a color if its part of a pantone system. But then you're right about depending on content too, since TVs and images are categorized that way too.

I think there must be an option for horizontal using in homescreen... Plus, Cyan version off course..

Simply beautiful but I'm starting to not appreciate plastic as scuffs or what not on phone doesn't come off. I tried shining up my red L920 yesterday, not working no matter how hard I rub! I even have the OEM Nokia protector and that doesn't save from any marks or scuffs.

Not sure if this was mentioned or not but can you make tiles double wide for one big wide tile or is it just half way across screen and smaller?

Really happy Verizon is getting the smaller/cheaper one. 929 is rumored to be $500 off contract, so I am hoping for $99 on contract at launch. 

There are those of us who simply want a large screen. I do not need a stylus. I respect that some do. Stylus' are so 2001 Palm Pilot. :p

I will be getting it in red, since my 920 is red and I like the fact that I never have to look twice to see if I'm reaching for my phone or that of my wife. Although with this beast there should be no confusing it with her 1020 :)

From the pictures, the Lumia 929 looks to be 3/4 the size of this (assuming the touch buttons are the same actual size on both). If this has a 6" screen, then the 929 would have the same size 4.5" screen as the 928. This makes sense because of the similar model numbers and dimensions in the FCC filing.

Didn't they relies that your going to need a new tile size for this phablet. You need one to go the entire way across the screen.

That will come in Windows Phone 8.8. Don't worry 8.1 is coming out so there's only 7 more releases to go.

If I get one, I will be getting red. Now to talk AT&T into letting me upgrade before April. I sometimes wish I never bought the 900.

The start screen tiles are annoying. Every single render or leak of this device has had an extra column of tiles that look like they have just been stuck on the side. They should have staggered the double wide tiles a little to break up the straight lines. Would look better that way.

I expect this to be rare and expensive. Nokia will not make this in mass for sure. I still need to buy it ASAP, and hopefully without the ATT branding.

Yeah, I"m uncertain at how successful a 6 inch phone will be.  It's either going to fall into the "it's perfect because I won't need a phone 'and' a tablet" category, or the "it's way too big to be a phone and way to small to be a tablet" category.  Right now I'm leaning toward the latter.

I thought the lil icons were aligned to the left in gdr3, so what's going on in this picture?.......

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is an awesome device! Android and iOS are getting kicked to the curb as Windows Phone devices come on strong! Taking market share!

If your on att and don't want to be the last to get gdr3 ...get this phone because this will be our only chance to get gdr3 in a reasonable time not 4 months after every one else as will wp8.1 so yes I will be getting this phone one main reason is that I do like wp8 but it lacks features now that may be on gdr3 so to not get frustrated anymore over now 13gb of this bs "other storage" I'll just upgrade this may be a reason att came up with this next program its awesome!

Hi Guys and Chicks :)
I heard Nokia will not only offer the Lumia 1520 in Black, White & Yellow but also:

  1. Cyan
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Orange
  6. Grey

I can't wait for the event :)