Nokia Lumia 800 - the Dark Knight edition spreads its wings

Details are sketchy at this point but it looks like there is or will be or might be a limited edition Nokia Lumia 800 -- The Dark Knight Edition. We find it odd, only because that movie won't be out till July, 2012. Either way, there's only 40 of these babies, which means we probably won't be getting one. Doh!


Still, the all-black with Batman logo, subtly placed on the back is pretty amazing looking, as is the box. It even has special themed lock-screen wallpaper with Bane on board and Batman Start tiles. Very awesome and we're jealous.

Source: MyNokiaBlog; via OMGItsCJ


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Nokia Lumia 800 - the Dark Knight edition spreads its wings


Hmmm I just wonder.... will a modified Lumia end up being Mr Wayne's phone of choice in the Dark Knight Rises?

That would be amazing!!
As if i need another reason to want this phone. This is my favorite phone design of all time. I love my Titan but the Lumia is special.

This makes me wonder if the phone was actually in my hometown where they were shooting for a while. Damn I shoud have been an extra so I could try to catch a glimpse - haha!

Windows Phone + DC Comics = Nerdgasm 
I wonder if it comes preloaded with the DC Comics app even though it is about Dark Knight Rises.  
I would LOVE to have any DC hero-themed Windows Phone, especially a Lumia 800.

I know there are bigger batman fans out there who would go to much greater lengths to get one of these, but that is very cool and I would love to get my hands on one !

I submitted that name when Nokia was looking for names for their phones a few months back, I suggested that because Christopher Nolan rises will probably be the biggest movie of the year, I also submitted the names "Phoenix" and "Elegance".

That was actually a very lame video.
If you didn't notice he was acting if that was an actual unboxing but when he pulled it out the phone was already turned on and when he lifted the lock screen the browser app was displayed.
Nice phone though if your into that kind of thing. Hell, maybe Nokia should contact George Lucas and make a Star Wars phone. Those fans would be beating eachother down with their broom-sticks; I mean lightsabers for one...

That is one bad ass piece of kit! 40 is way too low a number though. I understand they want to keep it exclusive, but 40 is crazy low.

The only thing that could this better this is black (very dark gray) live tiles.

If it had that I'd be willing to kill people to get one.

Since the body is just a polycarbonate, couldn't you get the Dark Knight logo engraved on it yourself? And a Bane lockscreen wouldn't be that hard to make.
Yes, I want one.