Nokia wireless Charger Dock App

Nokia shows off new car charging stand with dock app

We previously looked at Nokia's new wireless charging stand for vehicles back at Mobile World Congress. The company is back showing off the accessory today but is also using the Lumia 925 to demonstrate a dock app that is activated through NFC. We took a few minutes to run through what this app does and how the overall package will help consumers while driving.

As one can see from the video, the app will display the latest weather, time and date, as well as battery status. Not only is this information presently available, but a short menu with some quick access links is also on display. Users can select to start a call from a shortlist of contacts and fire up Nokia Music and HERE Drive.

It's a small tool that ensures the hands remain on the steering wheel and eyes on the road without having to spend minutes going through menus and more. We'll have more information on availability and pricing in the future.


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Nokia shows off new car charging stand with dock app


damn, $90 USD.  Sure would be nice to have... but I don't spend THAT much time in my vehicle to justify it.
Maybe it will be cheaper in the U.S.
I would rather just buy another wireless charger for $50 and rig my own car dock.

The same story as back in the time when Palm invented accesories like the touchstone: want. But priced way too high. When the touchstone came down to 10-15 Dollars apiece, everyone got quite a few of them, as they are really nice. I'd say: bring down the price for all those charging gimmicks to 35 EUR max, then you'll have a breakthrough USP.

Agreed.  I have several TouchStones laying around the house and office because they dropped to $10.
It's nice to see Nokia bringing an "Exhibition Mode", like webOS -- just wish it was built into the OS.  The "dock ID awareness" of Exhibition was really nice, too, so you could have different things showing based on which charger you were docked.  Hope Nokia or MS rolls that feature in one day, too.

I wonder if vendors can access some less-restrictive nfc backdoor in wp8 than endusers ? Damn, i even unable to turn on/off bluetooth mode automatically with a simple programmed nfc sticker. All that nfc allows me to shortcut into access bluettoth settings screen, where i have to Manually turn it on/off. Does Nokia nfc accessories have a secret ID that allows to do more than that?

At 1:02 in the video, you can see that in the settings menu there is an option to edit the app shortcuts, so it does seem like you can select other apps.


This looks good, can finally use nfc for something with this. Hopefully it is an easy mount and holds the phone in place well.

I was too but this has me curious.  My main question is will Qi provide enough charge to offset the drain from GPS or music playing?

Can the stand be rotated to orient the phone in Landscape mode? Does the app also support rotation?

Need landscape for navigation (better than portrait mode) and would be nice if you can choose other apps than the nokia ones (spotify for music).

Agreed. I have music pass so I'd naturally use that while my gf makes full use of Pandora on her 820 (and nears her data limit almost every month)

At 1:02 in the video, you can see that in the settings menu there is an option to edit the app shortcuts, so it does seem like you can select other apps.

Maybe you can edit the shortcut name when selecting an app. So if you wanted something to appear on the top of the list, you could prefix it with !! for instance. Just a thought.

This is a convention used when building globalised apps. Any text that is not yet 'translated' (even into the current language) is prepended with !! so you can easily see it's a todo.

I like this. Though, I already use a ProClip cradle to charge my 920. So it would be fantastic if I could just write to a blank nfc tag that could launch the app and plce it in the crade. Also, I hope the three apps are customizable. I feel like changing the default music app would be of most concern to people.

The dock you posted does not offer wireless charging. That's the primary function of the Nokia car dock in this story. The app is just lagniappe. 

Good point, totally forgot about that! Although I don't find having a seperate car charger to be an issue. Nice if you want to pay the price for it I guess. 

But this app desparately needs voice commands , so that i can control it over bluetooth. That would be awesome!!
Nokia is bringing a lot of innovation to the platform.

Just a reminder, you can buy cheap NFC tags, and program them to react using the Nokia NFC App.   So even if you don't have their charging stand, you can throw a tag on your current holder and let it launch this App when available.
WP8's security prompts you to accept any NFC action (currently), but it is still a nice feature that I don't see used much in the WP8 community.

Interestingly I was playing with a Sony nfc speaker in a shop and once paired the lumia doesn't prompt you, it just connects and disconnects once all that's required is to work out how to afford one :/

Any chance just the app will be released? I already have a custom fitted holder for my 920, I just want the app....Ill even sort out the nfc side...

I Think its against their interest and profit to separate the 2 components. As always you can buy the whole package, and throw the holder right into the bin after unboxing. Go for Consumer Society!

Can you put your own apps on their instead? I mean, I use Xbox Music instead of Nokia Music, so can I have that tile displayed instead?

Does your car stereo have to support Bluetooth, or can you use the aux-in to connect the stand and the stereo?

I'd like to see a PowerSkin type case rather than a wireless car charger. I hardly every drive now that I live so close to my job...and I work 11+ hours a day...would like to charge without a actual charger and just use the cases additional battery for charging!

this would be so nive to have, my husband has been looking for a mount for his phone for awhile now because he uses it more than the garmin we have, so hed like to make it a permant addition to work and just use his phone for our car. 

hopefully it wont be super expensive, though i wont get my hopes up for awhile

I would recommend Nokia to raise the starting price to 1000 USD. All these shutupandtakemymoney comments, i have the feeling lot of people have more money to waste on overpriced plastic holders than they should have.

Does this come with two mounting stands like the Nokia car adapter that I have for my 920?  I have the Nokia Universal Car Holder CR-123 that was made for the 900 but works for my 920.  It holds the 920 perfectly, and is well built, but it requires the USB cable to be used.
A huge feature of the non-wireless charging, non-NFC Nokia version of this car holder is that it actually came with two mounting arms - one you could use to adhesively stick to the top of your dashboard, and the other was longer and had a suction cup to attach to the windshield (windscreen).  I use this ALL the time, as I rent a lot of cars on the trips, and the one that attaches to the windscreen is indispensible.  I have never even use the one that sticks to the top of the dash, as it is essentially "one use" since it's meant to be installed semi-permanenetly.
Does this new charger have the same flexibility - i.e. attach with a suction cup to the windshield?

One concern I have about the wireless charging is that my 920 (actually, it's my second 920, and both of them have this issue) can barely keep up when running Nokia Drive+.  I.e. I have it charging through USB using the Nokia made car charger, and I will use the phone on a 3 hour drive running Nokia Drive+ and playing audio via bluetooth the whole time.  The phone either just barely holds charge at whatever level it was at, or it very slightly loses charge.  (If I am not running Nokia Drive+, the car charger charges the 920 just fine).
As the wireless charging is less efficient than the USB charging, I would expect that instead of holding charge, it's going to be slowly but continually losing charge while I am driving.
This is a big problem as I typically will do a long drive, then get on a few flights, and I want the phone to actually be fully charged when I leave the car....

I had Drive on for a journey back from Cornwall to North of England, didn't have it on charge and it lasted the full journey back. I was not streaming music by Bluetooth though. My gripe is Nokia Drive. The damn thing needed mobile internet on for some reason, highly annoying and should have been unnecessary. All maps were downloaded before the journey.

@Rich Edmonds Can you turn the dock app on without using the wireless charger? I like the old school rotatable dash mounts with the wired charger to my cigarette lighter.

I think this is hilarious using the 925 to show this as it doesn't have wireless charging. you will need to buy the charger add on as well. More$$$. This is more for a 920 or 928. and while I am at it placing the USB back on top is stupid now there is one more phone that will never be compatible with any dock.