Nokia takes Lumia Windows Phone Challenge to V Festival

Nokia were at the V Festival, but instead of simply enjoying the acts playing on-stage the company was out in force to challenge smartphone owners to see if their device could best a Windows Phone - the Lumia 800.

the V Festival, like many other music events held throughout the UK, is a golden opportunity for Windows Phone to be advertised to younger generations. Nokia has stated in the past they wish to rejuvenate their brand with youngsters, and being present at music events is definitely an effective game plan.

We're all familiar with the Lumia Challenge, and a special "Dare to Live" campaign went on tour around the UK earlier this year. The challenges are much like Ben Rudolph's Smoked by Windows Phone, which puts a Windows Phone up against a competitor smartphone to see which can complete common mobile phone tasks. This can vary from capturing and uploading a photo to Facebook to locating a nearby restaurant.

As we can see in the video that was published on Nokia UK's YouTube channel yesterday, the Nokia team were fully kitted out with Lumia headbands, "I Love Lumia" shirts, and of course shiny new Lumia 800s to make each challenge interesting. If a contestant can best the Lumia Windows Phone with a competitor smartphone, they'd pocket £10 there and then. 

But losing participants didn't walk away empty handed. Nokia ensured the word of Lumia spread throughout the festival by giving away merchandise, including hats and other Lumia gear. Near the end of the video we can see folk chanting Nokia and stating they'll be purchasing one in the future. 

The Nokia team also managed to reach someone who owns a Lumia Windows Phone, so they handed him a voucher for Nokia Music worth £30. Not bad. While it may come across as an odd time for the company to be marketing its Lumia line when we're yet to see its latest hardware launch, the current generation of Lumia Windows Phones are still solid smartphones that shouldn't be overlooked.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Patrik, for the heads up!


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Nokia takes Lumia Windows Phone Challenge to V Festival


I'd get 1 as well. Feel bad using this app forever and not signing up until today (switched from HTC to lumia 900). Buying a shirt could make up for it :D

+100 I would totally sport a WPCentral hat or shirt in support of my favorite source for all things WindowPone.
EDIT-A viser would be cool too =)

Ever been to a music festival? They're everywhere, well at least in Australia where it's sunny and they get given out quite often :P

Keep up the good work Nokia.
On another unrelated topic, what's the word or ETA on getting Supertube, Metrotube or YouTube Pro fixed to stream HD. And what about the Pinterest app issues when will those ever be fixed?
Again great job by Nokia is establishing brand awareness.

I like the last guy that had the Lumia so they gave him 30 pounds of music and a chest bump. Just shows that Nokia takes care of their customers

They're gonna have a problem if they challenged an iPhone5. It got FB integration already. You can also take a pic and post directly to FB. Just so you don't murder me in my sleep, I'm a Nokia900 user. I'm no apple fanboy.

Can you explain how it is better please?
I agree it doesn't matter who had it first, its' what you have now that counts.
Also well done to Nokia, this is exactly the demographic and sort of event you should be targetting. However there is a lot better way to get the customers buying your phones. Open exclusive stores (like MS have).

Yeah, but the iPhone 5 crowd used the new Apple maps and ended up in the middle of the English Channel, so no need to worry.

It doesn't matter if WP had something 2 years ago. What a phone can do right now is what matters...it doesn't matter who was first (to users of the iPhone 5 for example)

Noo, you're clearly wrong, I had a seance and Steve quite clearly insisted that Apple invented Facebook integration but WP used some shifty timewarp Dr Who trick to bring it out first! (note to all: this is IRONY don't start flaming!)

I don't get it, I can already do that with my phone! What's your point? After taking a snap I can upload it directly to my FB! Please explain..

I would much prefer Nokia spending 10 mins sending me a replacement cable for my Monster headphones which has never worked...pls ;-) 4 emails and no response.

I own a lumia 800 but I find this cringworthy. "Getting down with the kids" never works, it just comes across as desperate and a little sad.

oh this is a good idea, show a COLORFUL phones to a bunch of people on Drugs!
they are SURE to love it! seriously lol!
they should spend more times in RAVEs and after hours!! WP sales would ski rocket!