Nokia updates augmented-reality app City Lens with new improvements

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Although augmented-reality sounds a bit gimmicky to our ears, bringing back memories of the 1990’s and 'virtual reality', there’s little doubt that some of you of use these tools. And they are kind of cool.

Nokia City Lens (beta) is just such an app as it uses your Lumia’s camera, compass and accelerometer to display what’s around you or perhaps more accurately, to highlight areas based on categories. It’s a useful tool especially if you’re in a urban environment, walking around, looking for an establishment or wanting to discover something new.

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Version 1.1 of the app is now out and while it doesn’t get too many new features the new additions should make using the app a little more easy:

  • Nearby Points of Interest
  • Compass calibration

The first one simply brings more useful information to your fingertips, highlighting particular areas that have a higher degree of relevance. The compass calibration “takes less time and provides visual indicators”, which should hopefully make using the finicky tool less annoying--it’s a tad embarrassing to wave your phone in a giant figure 8 every time you want to use it or show it off, no?

Users can grab Nokia City Lens here from Nokia for their Lumia phones. Like all betas this may work on non-Lumias too if you want to try some Finnish Windows Phone wares. You can also see our mini-review of the app for more information. 

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

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Nokia updates augmented-reality app City Lens with new improvements


wow, I didn't really "get" augmented reality until I took a gander at this article. Now I can't wait for that Lens feature in WP8!!!

Here's a thought. ATT isn't hogging anything, they will be more than happy to sell you a phone. I've never had a problem, I give them money, they give me phone. Much like T Mobile.

LMBO that's what I said when they introduced the Lumia 710 with that hideous physical bar attachment.

Didn't get my update until this morning, really great update. Loads much faster on the Compass Calibration, which was the one thing it did lack. Everything is great now. Will give it a run around town soon enough, when I get better

Not the most accurate thing ever but it actually works in rural Saskatchewan.  My favorite app by far and a big help for business heading into new territories.