Pako, our favorite car chasing game adds new car and new level in latest update

Pako update

One of our favorite games right now on Windows Phone is Pako. We've shown you the initial version just a few days ago, and now an update has just been released. The latest version adds a new level and a new car, while fixing the annoying bug that covers up your name when typing it for recording high scores. Check out the short video after the break showing the new level, Suburbia.

If you haven't played Pako yet, the idea is to escape enemy vehicles as long as possible before you crash or the chasers catch you. Your car is always accelerating. The new car on Suburbia has faster acceleration in addition to the bright orange paint. What we like about this new car is that we can drift more often. Here's a quick tip. Drifting helps slow you down. Since there are no brakes in this game, drift as much as you can to reduce speed.

Pako Suburbia

Pako is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. It's on our favorite platform first, before heading over to iOS and Android very soon. Our best time so far on the new stage is about 40 seconds. Try it out and see if you can beat it.

Thanks, Daniel, for the tip!

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Pako, our favorite car chasing game adds new car and new level in latest update


omer620 is 11 years old, and one immature f***er. Don't worry, his mom will soon tell him it's dinner time and he'll stop trolling.

What ? Are you aware that this sentence is supposed to be linked to a specific context ?

I am actually. I'm at home on WiFi. Today, before the update while playing it out and about, there were no ads. Got home, there were. Now, there isn't!

Is your rotation lock on? That prevents the ad from moving to the top of the screen and keeps it over the left turn button (which is incredibly inconvenient).

I watched my 4yr oold doing that and she was getting upwards 40+ seconds. Now I'm trying her tactic and I'm breaking 1:20+, lol.

This game is awesome. Made a record of just under 50 seconds on the new track, #168 on the scoreboard!

I did. Sorry, wasn't too descriptive. The ad in the top of the screen while you are playing. It's the number one complaint in the reviews. And it is quite annoying because there isn't always enough time to react if something comes from behind the ad. What I said was sarcasm, not a serious question.

Im at 39  seconds and I hate this game because everytime my sister beats my score I spend an hour beating her score

Think that new update has added ''Pause '' and '' SFX Volume '' in addition to just volume, don't know for sure whether it was earlier. Even before this update, you can bug the bug (LOL ) by first logging in offline and then getting it registered

Man! My personal best was 1 min & 3 sec, new update ruined it! I'm not going to play again.. Errrgh.. :-/

Yeah just keep drifting around the Mall sign! dunno why games like this are played.. I want a game where you can play for at least for couple of minutes

Cool game.

Wish there was a good V8 sound for the Car itself though. Must be silent running.