Public Beta for the Xbox LIVE update opens up again


Earlier this summer Microsoft opened up a public beta for the 2012 Xbox Live Update with limited space available for testers. It didn't take long for Microsoft to fill all the seats and due the the amount of interest received, the public beta is once again open for enrollment.

Space is still limited and you can sign up here to receive the Public Beta.  You'll need to agree to a non-disclosure agreement and take a short survey.

What does the update bring to your Xbox console? New features include:

  • Internet Explorer for Xbox
  • Recommendations and ratings
  • Pinning and favorites
  • Enhanced category search and discovery features
  • Voice search (in specified markets)

Remember, for confidentiality reasons, Microsoft is requiring you agree to a NDA. Anyone violating the agreement will have their NDA canceled for this version and any version in the future.  Which basically means you will lose access to Xbox LIVE until the beta program ends. And keep in mind, this is a beta version so there may be a few bugs to iron out.

If selected, the update will be pushed out to your Xbox 360 console in the next few days.

Source: majornelson; Thanks, Ali, for the tip!


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Public Beta for the Xbox LIVE update opens up again


I got the same as khazaduel. Either it's already closed or the link is bad. Edit: If you read Major Nelson's blog he comments that the landing page is spotty right now so keep trying. I just retried a few times and was finally let in. Doubly excited about this since I am an MS partner so got my full release of Win8 yesterday. I also just downloaded SmartGlass, which I didn't realize was available yet.

I got in the first time. There was an update for it today that had a few unnecessary changes. I don't have early access to win8, so how is smartglass? Was hoping they would give beta testers early access but apparently not.

In the beta already!  wish they can give us some points to play around with the music store and movies, then just take it away after beta ends. 

Or you could.. I don't know? Buy some? Honestly its like 8 dollars in Australia for 500, and the content is not much different if at all more the way it is delivered so if you've listened to music or watched tv b4 you know what you'll be getting.

You know that Engadget is a site for general tech news and WPCentral focuses on Windows Phone news before any other news, right?

Engadget pays very little attention to WP, so wpcentral should publish articles like this. I got my betaaccount thanx to to wpcentral:)

Signed up and got accepted. But, does anyone know if you need to have a gold subscription in order to use the features?

You will need a Gold subscription to use the features that require it. To be honest, just get a Gold subscription if you don't have one. Amazon.com sells it for cheap.

I always get my gold subscriptions from ebay. They are half the price. Microsofts 1 year subscription is 59,99€, I got 12+2 months for 33€ from ebay.
I also get my points there, they are a lot cheaper that way (not as extreme as the gold subscriptions, though).
I have bought multiple subs (3) from various sellers as well as points (6 x 4200, probably), never had any issues. Plus, you usually get the codes within a few minutes.

ebay or a few online sites. Last year buy.com was selling a kit on ebay. For $41, 1 year, 400ms points a new headset with keyboard. Good deal, I think they had it posted here..
I always keep a spare card on me and I have never paid more than $38 for a year of xbox live, the cheapest was $28.
Wise man never pays full price for anything...

The link in the post does NOT work.

Major nelson's site does. Go there. Now. Just signed up..

Stop reading.

ok so i got it, but now it says i have to go to the forums but when i do it just says runtime error? How do i actually get it on my xbox?

I finally got in as I missed it the first time. You don't really need to go to the forums. That's if you really want to participate and let them know of bugs and stuff (well, we're beta testers after all!). But the main thing to watch now is the product key. It's supposed to appear on that very sign up site.

I have been waiting closer to three hours now and still no product key. Do you actually have to do something or will it just pop up?

For all of us waiting for product keys, (and yes, it's all of us, lol) they said due to the huge popularity of the beta sign ups, they will wait for everyone to sign up then they'll send the keys in one fell swoop. As opposed to one by one basis. :-)

The pins are not that great. Its like another "recent items" menu that you can put anything in. It was made to sound like it would completely customize the home tab, bit nope.

This one really isn't exciting at all. The only thing good is IE, but that can't even play most web videos and if it does play it sometimes doesn't match up (sound faster than video).

Keys are up... Added it to Xbox, now gotta wait again, says to check the website to see when something becomes available :[

Visit connect.Microsoft.com you have to register your console first. Then the keys should be available ( will post when I do)

After you get your key, you download the console registration app and run it like a game. Then wait for your update =)

how long after i've registered my product key will it take for my update to go through? im just ready to test ie on here