Move back from Outlook to Live to restore Windows Phone functionality without resetting

Remigrate Outlook Address

With the launch of Microsoft's new Outlook.com, which is set to replace its current Live (formerly Hotmail) email service, a number of Windows Phone owners quickly acted to save their desired @outlook.com email address. All good and dandy, but using the new Outlook address in place of your Live ID is a separate matter.

Should you decide to completely replace your Live ID with your new Outlook address, then you'll be required to reset your Windows Phone to be able to make use of integrated services and the Marketplace. This is a pain for those who have a lot of apps installed and have the device set up to the way that suits the owner. The good news is that all your purchases are saved and moved across to the new Outlook address, but what if you weren't aware of the fact you'd need to reset your device and don't wish to do so?

Windows Phone Central reader Benjamin got in touch with us to reveal a quick walkthrough he used to switch his Outlook address back to Live to kick his Windows Phone back into life, but he also retained the claimed email address in the process. But before we get into how you can restore use to your Live ID and keep your Outlook email address, we previously published a few pointers for those who are thinking of switching to the new Outlook.com:

  • Create a new 'alias' with the @outlook.com email you want; don't just create a new Outlook account (which is what we'll achieve with this tutorial)
  • Wait for Windows Phone 8 to come out and when you get your new Windows Phone 8 device then make the switch to your new account

So, let's kick off our short tutorial on how you can return to use your old Live ID without losing your new Outlook email address, which will save your Windows Phone from a required hard system reset. A quick tip before we dive right in - be sure to let your account propagate your purchases and account information from your Live ID to your Outlook (takes up to 48 hours) before moving back.

Step 1 - We're going to have to remove our previous Live ID from the new Outlook email address, so we can then press on with both keeping the claimed Outlook email address and begin using our old Live ID. This can be achieved by heading to the Outlook Alias Management (link) on our Microsoft Account. Once you've removed your old Live ID from the populated list, head on to step 2.

Outlook Live ID Management

Step 2 - Now we've removed our Live ID as the alias, we'll now need to change our account email address from Outlook back to the Live ID. We can do this by heading to the email update settings page (link) on our Microsoft Account.

Email Update

Step 3 - We'll now be able to use your old Live ID, which is currently the integrated address on our Windows Phone, to make purchase on the Marketplace (and more) within 48 hours once Microsoft has completed the transfer of personal account details. Our new Outlook email address will remain active (so no one else can steal it) and should be an alias to our Live ID. That's it, done!

While the new Outlook is a superb successor to Hotmail / Live, though some are missing functionality and placement of features, it's a real pain when it comes to Windows Phone. Luckily Microsoft has measures in place to enable consumers to hop between email addresses on their Microsoft Account. Let us know in the comments how you get on with the above few steps, should you attempt to go through it yourself.

Big thanks to Benjamin for the heads up!


Reader comments

Move back from Outlook to Live to restore Windows Phone functionality without resetting


I was ok doing the change over, my HD7 needed resetting to recover from some minor problems, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to change to to @outlook.com.
Quite happy with the look and feel of the site aswell.

I got my new outlook, did a painful hard reset and I just finished installing all my apps. I lost messages but at least I have everything back to normal with my apps and settings. It's a painful deed we've to deal with. You can create your outlook and wait maybe 7.8 will allow us to detach and add a new Microsoft account.

Too late for me, I use reinstaller app to load all my apps back after I reset my WP. I did have to change the email associated with my Xbox live account. I haven't had any problem but I did lose my game saves and text massages.

for me everything was completely messed up. I found this solution yesterday and it saved my life (kinda). I'll switch my account to one of my @outlook adresses as soon as the first wp8 device arrives in my arms.

I still don't understand this change. Is it only related to hotmail accounts ? Since for my Live ID I'm using other mail, should I do something ?

I just reserved the @outlook address I wanted, set up forwarding to my hotmail address and I'll slowly phase out the hotmail over time.

Is the new @outlook.com really required? I already have a Live ID. What difference will it make if i dont migrate to @outlook.com keeping in mind that i am going to buy a WP8? is it just for having @outlook.com and the new interface?

The only difference it makes is that you'll have an @outloook.com main address instead of @hotmail.com or @windowslive.com.

So if I don't change anything, I'll be able to keep all my stuff (Xbox Live scores, purchases, etc) ? I mean I don't use hotmail or Outlook. I just have a Windows Live account for: Zune (not Zune Pass), Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Skydrive and that's it. I'm lost plus my English sucks:) but I do try:'D

This is a cluster bang and should of never happend. the one thing MS really needs to do is have all the departments working as one.

No one should've rushed to switch in the first place. There were warnings on the outlook.com site on day 1. It's not MS fault if people choose to ignore it. Absolutely no one said 'this needs to be done'.

I made the alias or w/e in my Live account, all seemed ok. Reset my phone which wasnt a big deal. now I noticed my phone wont sync messages so I only see the hello to Outlook and the same on my iphone. I havent even loaded up my xbox to see what happens. I may be doing some things wrong but MS should have planned this out better. This is one example of why ppl give MS shit

Have you checked your folders to see if you old email is being sent there? That's what Outlook asks you to do.

hmm well I tried this and at step 2 I got this message
You can't use @live.com in your Microsoft account email address. Please try a different email address.
So I'm expecting my windowsphone will stop working as well as my xbox.

Frankly many people don't and rush into changing stuff. And neither do they realise that renaming your LiveID is merely just what it's called - namely renaming.

Can't switch back to the Live ID... It says "You can't use @live.com in your Microsoft account email address. Please try a different email address"...

Does anyone have any idea why I can't rename my Live ID to an @outlook address? I can only change it to Hotmail or Live.

I made a new one, just to take advantage of it but, Still using my hotmail account for everything...till this stuff just works..

I got it! Anyone getting the error "You can't use @live/@hotmail for your Microsoft account" is likely choosing the "Use a different email" option as shown in the picture in the instructions. Instead use the "Create a new email address" option and remake your old account that way. Worked for me! :D

Holy frack, this is confusing and risky. I tried the steps above with an alternate hotmail account and it failed b/c the picture in Step 2 shows "Use a different email address" but it doesn't let you use hotmail.com OR live.com. I then restored my hotmail.com address by clicking "Create a new email address" and it worked. BUT if this was the email my WP is associated with would it recognize the new alias? I don't want to gamble until there is verification.
MS should have made it easier to migrate hotmail.com/live.com emails to the outlook.com tags for WPs. Some simple instructions at least. Even this 3rd party article screwed up how to do it!
Anyone that used the "Create a new email address" option can report whether your WP successfully synced with your old hotmail account? Maybe WPCentral.com can verify this works in an update.

@ nlm... I find that odd as well... Though it won't allow me to create a new e-mail with a @Live domain... Funny thing is, I saved the Hotmail login page so whenever I log out and click on this link https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=11&ct=1344269909&rver=6.1.6206.0&wp=MBI&wreply=http:%2F%2Fmail.live.com%2Fdefault.aspx&lc=13321&id=64855&mkt=en-ph&cbcxt=mai&snsc=1 on my Favorites, then I'm directed to a Hotmail login instead of the Outlook... I tried to create a new account there and it gave me an option to create a Live or Hotmail address but if I go here https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=11&ct=1344269866&rver=6.1.6206.0&wp=MBI_SSL_SHARED&wreply=https:%2F%2Fhome.live.com%2F&lc=13321&id=251248&cbcxt=hom&mkt=en-PH and try to create an account, I have an option for a Hotmail but not a Live...

Here is what Apple would`ve done:
Click here if you want to keep your current hotmail.com/live.com account that is synced to your Windows Phone as the preferred email address. This will generate an outlook.com account as your alias so that you can still receive email addressed to outlook.com.

Ok so I created an Outlook alias in prep for WP8 later this year. However, the alias is just that - an alias... how does that become the primary Liveid account which will be used for the WP8 setup or will I have to use my Hotmail a/c? In that case what was the point? Should have created a new Outlook a/c and done a hard reset. But now I can't as the alias I set up has reserved that address. I'm confused?