Switching your Hotmail or Live to Outlook.com? Here’s what you need to know for Windows Phone.

There's a risk to changing your LiveID on Windows Phone

With today’s announcement of Outlook.com many of you have noticed that if you were logged into Hotmail with your old account and navigated to Outlook.com you were automatically logged in to the new “preview” of Microsoft’s new email service.

What’s more, you actually have the option—even on an old Hotmail address—to change it to @outlook.com. But there is a catch for Windows Phone users…

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First off, Microsoft has done a wonderful job with the new Outlook.com system—it is simply gorgeous and it has received near universal praise from users so far. What’s more, Hotmail users can transfer their account to @outlook.com or @live.com, which is a massive improvement from the previous system.

A few months ago, we detailed a in a how-to guide what it means if you have a @hotmail address and wanted @live.com instead. In short, you had to create a new account and use an Xbox 360 to migrate all of your Zune Pass, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone purchases over to your new account. You then had to hard-reset your Windows Phone to get the new account up and going. It worked (we did it) but it was a pain and a little scary.

With the new Outlook.com system, anyone with any account can “upgrade” to @outlook.com or even @live.com if they still want that. What’s more there is no trickery involved as the system will propagate all of your previously linked accounts to your new one (it may take a few days).  That’s the good news.

The bad news is this: you still need to hard-reset your Windows Phone to get the new account as there is no way to de-link your LiveID on the phone. That’s a big risk as you’ll lose your text messages, Xbox LIVE scores and progress, app settings and more.

Our recommendation for most of you is to do this:

  1. Create a new ‘alias’ with the @outlook.com email you want; don't just create a new Outlook account**
  2. Wait for Windows Phone 8 to come out
  3. When you get your new Windows Phone 8 device then make the switch to your new account

To do that you’ll want to then delete your alias and then re-name your account. It may take a small delay before the system frees up your alias so do it in the middle of the night so no one can grab it on you!

If you want to create an alias now, simply go to More Mail Settings --> Create an Outlook Alias and you’re done.

Either way, you’ll want to reserve your Outlook email address via a new account or alias ASAP so that no one else snags it from you. You can then wait till Windows Phone 8 comes out and start fresh with a new Outlook account.

Go to www.outlook.com though to get started today.

** Note: If you create a 2nd account to later transfer, you will lose your previous app purchases and such. In such a case, you'll want to try our old method (via an Xbox 360) or just use an alias for now to grab that email until you can switch them around later this fall. Also, if you reserve an email address and later delete the account, it can take up to 270 days before it is freed up again! Choose wisely.

Have any more tips? Let us know in comments and we’ll update this post with them!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This article is 10 min too late for me :D
  • Same here...
  • same here... lol.  O well, glad I switched.  Old email address was way too long and used a couple _s which was a pain in the butt...
  • Crap. To late for me too. I just created a brand new microsoft account for [myname]@outlook.com. I can't create an alias for that anymore. Any idea if I close my new @outlook account, will I be able to use that as an alias?
  • You can but there is an unspecified delay until it will be free again.
  • Shoot. Just fount out that if you close your account, the email is reserved for 270 days. Anyone know a way around this?
  • Read our old guide (linked in the article) and transfer your email via an Xbox 360--that should change all your accounts to the new @outlook.com email address with your purchases. It's how I switched from @hotmail.com to @live.com and kept everything.
  • If you do this do you keep the 25GB Skydrive allocation?
  • According to the previous article, no =(
    Trying to figure out if its worth it. Also gonna contact MS support to see if there's anything they can do for me.
  • It should since you are renaming the old account that had access to the 25GB, shouldnt be removed. But thats human logic, MS logic may be different....:)
  • I think with all the confusion, Microsoft has got to put out a method that lets us merge a newly-registered @outlook.com account with an existing past live/hotmail account
  • Do you think in WP8 there will be a way to change Microsoft Accounts though? That way you would preserve everything. I am one of the many that made a new @outlook.com login rather than an alias. I'm hoping in WP8 that I will be able to switch Microsoft Accounts and migrate all of my data over. Do you think that will happen?
  • Is there no way to do this without an XBOX?  Is there a way to do it in Win8?  I don't have an XBOX but I have been running Win8 with each iteration of it.  I created a new Outlook.com account, and I'd like to move to it, but don't want to lose my app purchases.  :(
  • Actually, I prefer keeping my Live ID, only because it's a shorter domain. Don't see any benefit personally (apart from those who just prefer Outlook.com) in using a longer domain.
  • 12h Later the World looks better again :D. Thank's to Mcrosoft Support and a Hard Reset everything is the way it should be just in Metro and with outlook.com at the end. I have to say I am very impressed by the way MS handeled it after the srew up...
  • mreck... were you able to do this after opening a new outlook.com account and then they reversed the action so you could migrate your old hotmail or live account and services?
  • Its a good hour too late for me :P WP8 GET HERE SOONER!!
  • So for some reason the xbox 360 beta doesn't have an option to change live ID...........  is there any recommendations on how to get my app purchases back?
  • Apparently this will also mess up your messanger, as it still only changes your email address and not your live id. FML this sucks so bad, I was afraid this would happen.
  • Ok, purchases are back, messanger still not working
  • you lost app purchases on your phone?
  • If you don't change association with your Live ID through xbox, yes, you lose your purchases. That said, the xbox beta moved the change ID under account security, but I'm having problems accessing that. You also mess up access between your Windows Live Messanger friends, as your friendship is based off Live ID and not email.
  • I didn't bother changing my account through XBox, and I didn't lose any purchases. It's a bit of hassle to set my phone back up and re-download everything after the hard reset, but totally worth the effort IMO. Can't blame everyone for being cautious, though.
  • If you change your address through outlook.com you keep everything - app purchases and 25gb SkyDrive. You just have to reset your phone (believe me I spent 3 hours reinstalling my apps, but I didn't have to repurchase anything). I think this is a good system, the biggest problem is wp7 itself and the inability to change the primary live ID. So basically there is no need to do the Xbox workaround as long as you are just CHANGING THE NAME of your account eg from x@hotmail.com to y@outlook.com, which the new outlook site allows (your old address remains as an alias so all your contacts and newsletters can still reach you for anyone hesitant to change address). If you want to make a separate and new account and migrate your app purchases then you need the Xbox method.
  • I got my name as a new email. Score. Other then that, I'm keeping my MSN email.
  • Exactly what I did. Not sure if I'll ever fully migrate over. I kinda like my msn.com email.
  • Just curious. It would be nice if one would be able to save his text messages to a backup location. But i don't think thats possible with WP7.5?
  • No, that feature is coming in WP8
  • There was a program I used that would force Zune to do a backup. Idr the name tho. It was on xda
  • Backs up your texts. Idk if it'll restore them after a liveID change though
  • If you're with Rogers in Canada, Rogers one number saves all your activity to your computer, including texts, to all phones, not just WPs, but I don't know where you're from :P
  • Might be worth mentioning that switching will make you loose all your paid Apps on WP
  • Right, only if you create as second account but not within one. I'll clarify that. Although you can then transfer it via Xbox 360 and it will work that way like it used to in our old guide.
  • I "Updated" my live-ID to Outlook and my Zune telle's me I bought the App's and I Could reinstall them but as soon as I want to do so on the Phone it telles me it costs and I can't change it on the xbox cause there it is the same accocunt outlook to outlook....
  • Might be worth mentioning that this is, in fact, not a certainty. I renamed my live.com account to a new outlook.com email address and didn't lose a single thing.
  • Only if you make another Xbox account.
  • Yay got my name!
  • This was my plan but what gives me pause is..
    Nearly everybody knows me at my @live address. When I move to @outlook, will emails originally intended for @live automatically go to the new address? If there is a seamless transition so I dont "lose' peoples emails, then this is exactly what I'll do
  • Switch it and then grab your old email as an alias ;-)
  • Oh snap you're a genius lol
  • When you switch, it will automatically create the alias for you.
  • Just forward emails from your new Outlook address to whatever account you want, or create an alias. Easy as that.
  • Hopefully these new accounts won't screw up Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration for Windows Phone users.
    My EDU email address was originally a Hotmail account, but this moth they forced them all to Live@EDU, which made it an Outlook account.
    Now my Messenger, Twitter and LinkedIn don't work right on my WP7.  See this KB article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2599552
    Also see my Microsoft Answers posts here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/winphone/forum/wp7-wppeople/messenger-contacts-always-offline-not-linking-with/1e960759-d706-4af5-a813-148224cc0bb8
  • Might be better to do an alias vs a new account as you have to delete the new account you created and it takes 270 days apparently before that email is released.
  • Anybody know what if happens if your hotmail account is tied to your xbox live account, and you change the hotmail account to an outlook address, how would that affect xbox live account?
    Then how would i tie my xbox live account o the new outlook account?
  • It should transfer all your services. But you can go into Xbox 360 and change your email address that way too and that will shift your account to your new email addy.
  • sweet thanks
  • Looks like the best way would be to switch to an Outlook account then change your 360 to use that address then signing into your phone. That should link your Xbox live purchases to the new Outlook id.
  • Do I have to move to @outlook? I want to keep my @hotmail
  • No
  • Can we just keep our old hotmail address.I never switched when they changed it to live mail.And would rather not change it now either.
  • Yes! You will never have to switch from @hotmail if you don't want to. The team confirmed this today.
  • I don't think..i'd change my "@live.com" to "@outlook.com"...because..in the long run...i'd like to remind myself that I was using a windows account from back when it was "@live.com"..
  • I feel the same way about my @hotmail account
  • My question would be what benefits do I loose not having a outlook.com address? I have had a hotmail address since the late 90's and don't wanna deal with changing everything unless I truly need to.
  • You don't really loose anything, but some e-mail accounts have a negative connotation to them. Hotmail was tipping that way in the US along with yahoo, and Aol is certainly down the drain.
  • So do we have to move or is it optional
  • Optional
  • I think I will hold out until WP8 and Windows 8 hit. I am not in a hurry nor worried about loosing my email address or anything.
    Great story though!
  • *losing :P
  • Blimey... My Live ID is my Gmail address which I want to get rid of. I can't find what Hotmail/Live email address is actually linked to this...any suggestions gratefully received! I don't want to lose this as it has the 25 GB storage package. I want to change it to an Outlook email but can't. Yet. So, I now have a new Outlook account with my preferred new email address, and an Outlook alias with my second choice, but can't seem to use either. Hopefully, at some point soon, I can use my new Outlook address with my current 25GB account and bin the rest. Love the new look. Very clean. Hopefully I'll be able to utilise it with the address I want and not lose any apps or storage......
  • I also have a gmail login for live, but what you should have done is just login to outlook.com, then go to More Mail Settings, and then click on Create a Outlook Alias, and you can make an outlook.com email address go to your inbox. I linked my hotmail/outlook mail to gmail though my gmail.com live ID so I get all my gmail + outlook in outlook.com now.
    Now you will have to get another email address for your alias, then change your Live ID to use your outlook address, and then go from there. It will give you a warning about affecting your Windows Phone, which you will just need to reset your phone and set it up with outlook.com email instead of gmail.
  • What happens to your SkyDrive if you created a new outlook account? I'm guessing you'd lose that, right? I paid for more space and don't want to lose that...
  • I will wait until Windows Phone 8?  Dont feel like factory resetting.
  • So if one has an hotmail synced with SkyDrive (25gb) Xbox and Windows Phone, it would be best to create an alias compared to just creating a new account? Or the other way around? I just want a seamless process when WP8 comes.
  • alias, if you create a brand new independent account, you will definitely lose skydrive 25gb, but you can eventually transfer the licenses from xbox and windows phone to the new address using xbox console. 
    There is no solution for the skydrive . 
  • I didn't risk it; I just created an alias for my 16 year-old Hotmail account.
  • I'm having same issues with some of you. Basically to put it short:  I set up my WP with a live.com account. I created a new outlook.com account for the name, and would like to use this account as main. Gmail and everything works fine connected.
    The thing is with the old live.com account I have 25GB of SkyDrive storage (and connected to my WP). If I reset my WP to change it to work with outlook.com, I could lose everything, which I don't mind, but I want to keep the 25GB.  Yes I can just sign in outlook.com with my live.com ID but I finally got my name with the outlook domain so I'd like to this.  Hope there is a way around this later.  
  • There is no option to change to an @outlook.com address.  Only @hotmail.com and @live.com are options in the drop down. Anyone got this to work?
  • I found out my mistake...
    So apparently "Use a different email address as your Microsoft account" is different than "Rename your email address".
    So my question now is, do you get to keep your old @live.com address as an alias then?
  • yes you got to go an odd route
    Sign in to outlook with your hotmail account, go to top right where it says your name, go to edit profile.  This will take it back to old hotmail interface, now go back to top right and click your name again and select options, then go to the left tool bar and the middle selection is  "mail" then go to rename your email address under "managing your account'; section. 
    Odd that you just go to it directly, but go through different steps, you shoudl be able to select outlook. 
  • Or stay in the new interface and go to account profile, notifications, manage email settings... Aliases are in there
  • i do not think he is wanting to create an alias, he is wanting to change his hotmail address to an outlook address. 
    I dont believe your steps is the way to change your email address to outlook. 
  • I got it done. So from Outlook I went to the Options icon, then to More e-mail options. From there I chose to Rename e-mail address. It let me change it to an @outlook.com address. Once I did this and logged back into Outlook, it notified me that I had a new alias, which was my old e-mail address and asked if I wanted to put everything into a new directory for that e-mail address. So, I am all done and still can get e-mail from my old address. Now I just need to reset my Windows Phone and I am all good to go.
  • Did you have 25gb skydrive, xbox live?  let us know if that transferred ok as well. 
  • I did the exact same thing as dusteater. Skydrive is intact, and so are all my app purchases.
  • this is the correct steps to take, just WP users have to do software reset and reinstall all their apps and login with their new outlook email.
  • God this seems like such a hassle. What genius decided this would be a good idea when tons of people have the same ID linked to multiple devices?
  • You don't need an @outlook account. If it's too much hassle don't bother using it... It won't affect you at all
  • Useless complaint
  • when i go to outlook.com and log in with my hotmail address it redirects me to hotmail.  where do i set up the outlook alias?
  • Same for me. I only get Hotmail and Live.
  • I had the same issue. See my comment above. To get the outlook.com option, from Outlook, go to Settings | More e-mail settings, then rename e-mail address.
    I was going to Account Details and then Use a different e-mail address. They are not the same thing.
  • Outlook.com redirects to mail.live.com on the Phone and looks old and you will not acomplish anything there. When you go to outlook.com on your PC you should end up in the new GUI with your old data.
  • Anyone know how to transfer Skydrive content to a new account?
  • There is no real way of doing this, but there is a way. Using the SkyDrive App (For Vista/7/8) download all of your content. Copy it to a different part of your computer. Then on the SkyDrive app sign into your new account. From there copy the data back into the folder and SkyDrive will upload it over the next few days.
  • Thanks for the tip. I registered a new alias. Same as the old but without pesky numbers after it for a more professional sounding name
  • I am not having any issues logging into outlook.com using my live email address. I get the new Mail format and the People (hub), However the Calendar and Skydrive goes to live.com. Is Calendar and Skydrive not formated to the new style yet, or is this the result of my live.com ID?
  • I've had Gmail forever and have finally had it with that garbage. How hard is it to turn all my accounts over to hotmail/outlook (Xbox Family Gold ... All the accounts, Zune/Windows Live login, etc)? Anyone know the simplest and quickest way, please let me know.
  • https://account.live.com/ChangeId.aspx
    This is the end-all be-all way. Anywhere you login to a Microsoft Live/Passport/Hotmail/Outlook account will use whatever you change this address to. It shows you the warning for WP users.
  • I created a new Outlook ID but, Stil using my hotmail account. I wont change them till the change over is flawless and I'm not loseing my XBOX, Winphone and achivement points by changing them over...
    At least a locked in a good name of mine..
  • I thought about signing up for an Outlook e-mail account (since I never got a Hotmail account) but it stilil doesn't fucking support IMAP. It's an utterly worthless service to me if it doesn't.
  • Who needs IMAP when it supports EAS? It's like complaining that your phone doesn't support IRDA.
  • Because I use Postbox you indignant little child. You really think no one uses IMAP anymore? Are you certifiably insane?
  • What is postbox and why should I care?
  • You don't have to. I do as I use e-mail clients. If my e-mail doesn't support IMAP it's beyond worthless.
  • Oh, so you use a worthless client that cannot into EAS? You should have said so in the first place.
  • No actually, it's the opposite. Outlook is a worthless e-mail domain because it cannot into IMAP.
  • ORLY? Well whould you look at that:
    Outlook can do IMAP for at least a hundred years.
  • You do realize I'm talking about the e-mail domain service and not the e-mail client, right? You know, the service that was just unveiled yesterday. The one this whole article is about. The one that doesn't have IMAP support - that one?
    Not once did I ever talk about the client.
  • Do you realise that you are not making any sense? No new service has been unveiled yesterday, Windows Live Mail just got another face-lift. And it still supports Exchange ActiveSync in all three hosted domains. Only linux nerd freaks care about IMAP.
  • No, you're the one not making any sense. You're basically telling me I shouldn't care about IMAP even though I use it for everything to keep all my e-mails in sync. Maybe you should shut up and quilt telling people how they should operate?
    And considering I don't use a Linux distro for anything yet I still rely and prefer IMAP pretty much proves you're an idiot who can't stand the fact I don't operate in the same way you do it. EAS is utterly worthless to me as I can't stand using Outlook. I much prefer Postbox or Thunderbird.
    I suggest you just get over it.
  • You're the one who should shut up! If you don't like outlook then you shouldn't have commented. There's a reason its #1 in business and worldwide
  • Outlook the client and Outlook the service are two separate things. My comment is about Outlook the e-mail service.
    Holy shit, can nobody fucking read?
  • I really don't care how you operate. I only care about you saying that Hotmail is useless because it doesn't support IMAP. 300 milion users don't care about IMAP and your postbox gizmo, which calls itself the best email client out there while it doesn't support EAS. Your opinion is meaningless - get over it. 
    Too late for me too...
    I created my account some hours ago...
    damn! =/
  • I can see there's plenty of confusion around a very simple matter. outlook.com is just a new UI to hotmail and other live services. You can use both UIs to access your existing live id slash Microsoft account. There is completely no need to set up a new account.
    Secondly, the ability to change the liveID sign-in address was "always" there. The only trick was when you changed it from an external domain to hotmail or live it was "stuck" and said you can't change it any more.
    The downside of that kind of "rename" is the need to reset your phone.
    Thirdly, the ability to add @hotmail.com and @windowslive.com aliases is also not new functionality. Only the @outlook.com domain was adder there.
  • I love the new design!!! Everything comes together, it's freakin beautiful!!!
  • I just changed my hotmail address to the outlook address so my hotmail account is no longer the primary login. 
    Everything seems to be ok so far, my skydrive is still 25 gb, xbox live is attached to the new address, achievements still there, downloading purchased apps back onto the phone with no issues.
    I seem to be all set, only problem was i had to reset :(, luckily i synced my phone last night. 
  • I thought I might be able to change it when I upgrade to Tango by restoring from the backup but apparently it doesn't work that way so I guess I'll wait for a new phone
  • Will you loose your 25 gigs of SkyDrive space using this method.
  • Vem stal Tobbe@outlook.com?
  • I love it I never even thought about outlook.com as a email!
    In my opinion its even better than a http://Microsoft.com!!
    Um, also if I where to change my email to an outlook.com and not worry about the alias stuff does it means I'll keep the 25gb of SkyDrive?
  • only if you convert your existing hotmail to outlook email. 
    So you need to login into outlook with your hotmail credentials, go through the options and change your email.  Once you do, you get to keep 25gb skydrive. 
    If you go to outlook site and you sign up for a brand new email, you will not get it. 
  • Thanks dkp23 I'll give that a shot.
  • Ahhk cool, and if I want to keep app purchases I need to do it through my Xbox 360.. Right? And if so will that also transfer my SkyDrive amount?
  • You don't have to use an X360 in this procedure, since you won't be associating your xbox/zune profile with a new LiveId/MS Account. In this case you are merely renaming your login name, so all your data and purchases remain intact. Keepn in mind that you don't have to change anything to be able to use the new Outlook.com UI. You can simply sign in with your existing Live/Hotmail account.
  • Made the switch earlier this afternoon. Used Reinstaller on my phone to get my apps back more easily and then spent the evening switching all my accounts over to my new email address. 
    Love the new interface, so much better than Hotmail; as is the contacts manager which is reassuringly similar to Windows 8. Can't wait for the changes to roll out to the Calendar and SkyDrive as well.
    Honestly though, I'm just relieved to be rid of my .co.uk address. @outlook.com is a new address to have imo.
  • Same here bro. Happy to get .com and get rid of the country specific domain
  • Interesting here as I have retained .msn account for awhile and will continue to do so...
    The Outlook.com site and features looks quite clean, and I do not want to hard reset my Lumia 900, nor fool around with getting 'messed up'...lol with my current 25GB on my SkyDrive account.
    All features with the new, Outlook.com site will evenually be made available to utilize on Windows Phone platform.....and hopefully be bug free...
  • Reserved my address when wp8 comes out then I'll change and use the hotmail one only for SkyDrive in my pc at least that's the plan
  • Its a simple change of @live/@hotmail to @outlook. Why are people so paranoid and complicating things by registering a new email address and then planning to operate 2 mail ids etc. Go to options and change to outlook.com. You will only have to reset your phone. All ur data will be safe
  • It's the resetting of the phone that is a PITA, hopefully in WP8 there will be a way to change the email you registered with like you can on Xbox.
  • Turning your phone on/off is not the same as a reset. Resetting wipes out all your apps, saves, messages etc.
  • I can proudly say that I successfully switched this morning yo an Outlook account. I did it by renaming the account as suggested by the new service. I also did the rest on my phone... because... why not??? although it WAS scary, but everything turned out fine and now I'm almost done catching up to my games... IT'S ALL GOOD!
  • Exactly! Renamed my account to a better outlook.com address, reset the phone, and now setting everything back up. Worked like a champ.
  • Thank you Daniel for clearing up a lot of the confusion. Now I've got my new name reserved for when WP8 comes out. Will I be able to rename my Hotmail account to the Outlook alias I reserved?
  • WP8 will not change anything in the matter. Waiting for wp8 is recommend only because renaming your liveid/ms account forces you to reset your current phone. If you don't mind losing phone data you can "rename" your account today. If you don't want to lose your text messages and savegames you should wait till you are changing phones.
  • Does this apply for those who use their Gmail email address to login to hotmail/SkyDrive?
  • Those of you should be able to use your current credentials to access your data through both outlook.com and hotmail.com
  • I'm curious about that as well. I have two windows live ID's, both gmail, and both with 25gb skydrive. One of them is not linked to windows phone or my main gamertag, but I have used it on xbox live before... considering switching that over just to see what happens (particularly since I want to switch both accounts off of gmail...)
  • You don't need to switch anything. You can use both the new and old mail UI with your current LiveID/MsAccount. And when you decide to "rename" it from gmail to hotmail.com or outlook.com all your online data and services remain unchanged, including the purchases listed on http://billing.microsoft.com/commerce.microsoft.com (which is an another example of being able to use two UIs to access an exisiting account).
  • Outlook.com is also set up for Mobile browsers. I actually find it easier then the hotmail style. I am definitely keeping outlook as my email viewer!
  • Not for me, thank you very much.
  • Thx for the tips, but my first name has already be taken.
  • Is there a definitive answer from someone who has done this about fully renaming a hotmail to an outlook and keeping the SkyDrive 25gb?
  • Yes, it has been said many times already in the comment section. 
  • Yes I did it and erverything is fine now :)
  • There's no reason why a rename would change your service paramaters. And the rename option has been available for at least a year.
  • Seriously people, it's "lose" not "loose". I had no idea that so many people didn't know that. 
  • English is a second language for many people around here. And Lost has been off the air for a couple of years.
  • Hahahaha
    Your "Lost" coment was awsome!
  • if you know what they are trying to say, why does it matter? 
  • It does matter for many reasons. Among them is the incentive to improve our language skills.
  • Of course it matters. Careless talk costs lives :P
  • For many good reasons:
    (a) A person who will make such an obvious usage error will probably make other usage or spelling errors that are not so obvious, causing their posts to be misunderstood.
    (b) Because it's wrong usage. Isn't it a good thing to learn the proper usage and stop writing the incorrect word?
    (c) Because it's intellectually lazy to complain "leave me alone, it doesn't matter."
    (d) Improper spelling, grammar and vocabulary usage reflects poorly on the writer. Why continue to let other readers who do know how to write properly think you're illiterate, careless, lazy or just stubborn?
    (e) Those for whom English is not their native language get a pass, but they should also want to learn proper usage and improve their English writing skills.
  • Does anyone know to change your alias settings I don't see it anywhere. Thanks
  • so basically if you have a windowsphone or skydrive or a 360 you shouldnt use this just yet?
  • Changing your live sign-in adress won't affect your skydrive data. It will however force you to reset your phone. I'm not sure about xbox, whether you can change the liveID associated with a profile or do you have to backup your savegames, recover the profile and restore saves.
  • If you change the email address tied to your xbox to an outlook address, your live account will transfer.  That is only if you change the address, not create an alias under old address. 
  • If you only change the email adress of an existing account there is nothing to be transferred. It is still the same unique account with just a new login name. It is a similar procedure as renaming a domain account - the SID and data stay the same.
    Now what I am not sure is: if afterwards you try to sign in to your xbox profile - will the x360 let you enter both a new login name and a new password for an existing profile?
  • i think it will require you to login with the new outlook address. 
    after i changed my hotmail to outlook, i went to the xbox live tile on my phone, it asked me to login, but i couldnt change the email.  So you ahve to reset, once i reset, i used my new outlook, xbox live tile works.  So i am guessing the console, it will transfer to the outlook email. 
    I will try when i get home from work. 
  • I know that the change will force to you to login again. And that you can't change your login address on windows phone without resetting it. What I am wondering is whether the Xbox console will let you type a new login address when opening a profile.
    (the xbox hub wasn't the only thing that stopped working on WP after you changed your sign in address, other services would also fail after the authentication session has expired)
  • I got my name @hotmail.com in 1994. Ain't giving that up. Got it @gmail too, then now @outlook as an alias. All of a sudden, Gmail is looking old.
  • You are lucky...
    I've born in 1994 so my e-mail account was only created about 10 years later (I've born in August 1994 and I belive I created my hotmail account in November 2004).
    While you got [your first name]@hotmail.com, I got [my entire name]@hotmail.com.
    It's 41 characters! But when I was a ten years old kid it seemed a reasonable idea xD, specialy because, at the time, it was already the only ID remaining that used only parts of my name (or in this case, my complete name) and I didn't want a ID based in some nickname or numbers because I knew I would eventualy grow up, find my e-mail ID related to kid's stuff and be forced to delete it and create a new account while I wanted my e-mail account to last for many years. I was smart at the time :P
    That's why I've created a outlook.com account about one hour ago: to get [my first and last names]@outlook.com (about half the characters of the hotmail account) but I still took time enought to not be able to get [my first name]@outlook.com or [my last name]@outlook.com xD
    Anyway, I still don't know if I will have the guts to abandon my almost 8 years old hotmail account. I access the website www.hotmail.com everyday since I created it, so I've opened my e-mail about 2830 times and kill it hurts a bit...
  • I have had a live.com address for many years. So I just went to outlook.com and my account is already active and working with my phone
  • Am I the only one who thinks outlook.com is a bit stupid name? Outlook is e-mail, just like Hotmail.
    Live was not imediatly related with e-mail. It was more kind of a Microsoft account. We could have live only for the XBox, Zune, or whatever and it would came with an e-mail provider as a bonus.
    Outlook is the oposite. It is an e-mail account you can [need to] use to login in XBox, Windows Phone, Office, Windows 8 etc. But is always e-mail.
    I got a Outlook account anyway because I could change from [my_complete_name]@hotmail.com to [first_and_last_names]@outlook.com, so my new account domain is about half the size of the original one. But I think somethink like http://@microsoft.com, @msft.com, @msaccount.com or even @msmail.com would be much better and way more cooler...
  • My Live ID is currently from Gmail.  I don't have a Hotmail or Live address.  I was looking at the option for "Renaming my email address," and the only choices I am given are Hotmail or Live, but not Outlook.  I created an alias in my Gmail-based Live ID to save it until I find some way to turn it into an Outlook address completely.  Has anyone else solved this problem?
    Also, in the people tab of the new Outlook, it gives me an option to import Facebook email addresses into the service, but it does not seem to be working correctly.  I find it odd since I have those email addresses currently on my Windows Phone as a result of the Facebook integration.
  • Created an Outlook email.
    tried to change my old windows id to this new outlook email and received this error message..
    "You can't use @outlook.com in your Microsoft account email address. Please try a different email address."
    anyone else have this problem. how do i work around this
  • I am so close to leaving everything google for microsoft.  If Microsoft could offer a product like Google Voice and allow explorer the extensions that Chrome and Firefox have, I would be all in.  Great changes already.
  • Who cares about extensions?
  • I just created a new account and lynced it with my live ID account. I don't give out my live ID email address anyway because I have important stuff tied to it. I like keeping them separate.
  • If I upgrade to Outlook... Do you know If I can reset my billing info? Currently is set to México and I want to change it to Argentina so I can Access my local market and buy apps. Not sure if that info is transferred also.
  • I would leave Gmail but my google calendar syncs flawlessly with my work's Office Outlook. I get meetings synced without me having to confirm via email. If Outlook will do this, I'll leave google. Microsoft, time to work on your calendar.
  • I log in with a gmail address, and it just takes me to the old hotmail site. I can't change it. And the link to make an @outlook.com alias is only in the new UI.. Has anyone figured how to create an alias when logging in with a gmail address?
  • How do I switch
  • This is B.S. They should integrate hotmail or live to outlook..Msft is getting to the habit of abandoning...
  • What? This IS hotmail! Outlook is a reskinned hotmail/live etc The only cool thing is a new @outlook email address
  • Microsoft is the king of abandonware. Just give it 6 months until the next thing they abandon.
  • ^Idiotic troll
  • I've got a yahoo account and when I log in there's no option to add an @Outlook.com address - only live and hotmail :/
  • I still have an msn.com address...probably time to upgrade
  • If you've accidentally change your Microsoft account to the new "new-email@outlook.com", and screwed up your phone, there is a way to solve the problem if your phone is interop-unlocked. 1) Install a registry edit tool (eg. WP7RootTools). On the handset:
    2) Using registry editor or provisioning file, change these values: [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveSync\Partners\{B2830 118-7BC6-4A74-8C9A-3D8B9CEF88E0}]
    "User"=your_new_id@outlook.com [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\IdentityCRL\Environment\Pr oduction]
    "DefaultID"=your_new_id@outlook.com (Got from XDA forums for the registry values to change) 3) Soft reset your phone and everything should sync again (email, Xbox, marketplace etc)
  • i'm in the same situation as ade333 where i am unable to select an @outlook.com account with my current account.  any person(s) experience this same dilemma?
  • You have to click on the little settings icon-->more settings-->rename email address
  • thanks for replying jesse but when I do that, I only have the option to choose hotmail.com or live.com
  • Do you want to create an alias or do you want to rename tour email completely?
  • Here's what I did and I had the option to switch to @outlook.com (this is where your live account completely switches to outlook) :  Go to outlook.com Log in with live, hotmail, or msn e-mai On the top of the website there is a blue bar On the right of that bar there are three options: Messaging, Tools, Your Name Click on the little Tools icon Click on : "More mail settings" Under "Managing Account", there are 8 options Click on the 8th, "Rename your email address" You will now have the option to basically create a "new" microsoft account with @outlook.com
  • same thing here - no option to change to @outlook.com, only €live.com and €hotmail.com. Could it be that it is currently only supported in the States (live in AT atm)? 
  • What am I missing? I have tried to login to outlook.com with my existing live ID and it goes right to hotmail (like others have had happen) so I then try to add an alias and @outlook.com doesn't show up as an option. I have tried different browsers and have had no luck.
  • It's inside one of the email sent by the outlook team. The subject of the email is "Get to know what's new in outlook".
  • I never got an email.
  • Daniel, have you got direct contact to the Microsoft Account team ? The feature to link 2 Microsoft accounts together is broken for months now. I have all my contacts in 1 account, and would love to share them with the other account (without exporting them all in one account and importing them in the other, so I have plenty of duplicates). I hope that's possible when the Microsoft Accounts are linked.
  • Here go again. MSFT, screwing us yet again.
  • You aren't being forced to change,so shut your stupid mouth
  • Anyone know if there is a way to make an alias if you already claimed the email by creating a new account? Or is linking the best way?
  • I like resetting my phone. Its like starting out fresh
  • Just realized, now even if you are logging into hotmail, with your hotmail account, even then it takes you to outlook with the new UI. I reckon soon they would be changing over the name of hotmail itself.
  • You can click on the settings icon and choose "return to hotmail". This turns off the redirect from hotmail.com to outlook.com. The redirect is switched back on after you visit outlook.com again. Simple, isn't it?
  • Alrighty, i've activated a new outlook account, that will replace my gmail account. I've also got an alias with my hotmail account, don't see much use for it, but I wanted to save it so nobody else could take it. I just hope microsoft doesn't force us into switching from hotmail to outlook, i've set it up nice and good. I'll upgrade my hotmail account to an outlook account once I get a WP8, provided the name I want is there. Or would I be able to have my alias as the main account?
  • this sucks! do they even provide a user guide about this migration thing for wp?
  • I agree! Wish there was a simple guide on what to do, even the explanation on here doesn't make the greatest sense, all so much to take in.
  • There is no migration option for WP. Just don't touch it if you don't know what you are doing. The "rename" page clearly says that you will get in trouble.
  • I just went ahead and created a new account and then linked it to my old account.  
  • O my you guys made my head hurt.
  • Too late for me :(, have to reset the phone accounts now :(, I much prefer my new email now though!
  • No, it was not too late. You could delete the alias bearing your old @live/hotmail address and rename your MS account back to the old name. Your phone would start synchronizing again without resetting.
  • Are you saying that after renaming my account from Hotmail to Outlook, I can go into aliases, delete my old Hotmail email address (as alias), and then I can rename my new Outlook email address back to the old Hotmail address (an alias for which I just deleted)?
    I call BS on that one. You are risking losing your old Hotmail account for good. Deleting the alias will disable that account, and you may have to wait for a looooong time before being able to use that address again.
  • Just reserved my new account under the outlook brand. The interface looks awesome, i love it.
    Its such a mess now because i have my WP7 linked to my old hotmail account. Couldnt be bothered hard resetting my phone again.
    I'll just wait until last minute i guess, until they finally turns the lights off on Hotmail :(
  • Ok so thanks all of you with the renaming process. It worked ( and I will go reset my WP now..).
    One thing though, is when I'm logged into my LIVEdotcom in outlook, my email address is xyz@outlookdotcom but when I click my name on the top right, it is still shown as xyz@livedotcom. Which bothers me a bit. There's no way around this one, correct? Thanks. UPDATE: Sorry xyz@livedotcom was left as an option...which confuses me more. I renamed my livedotcom to OUTLOOKdotcom. So why is the livedotcom option still there? Is it safe to remove? 
  • It is perfectly safe to remove the @live alias. The only downside is you won't receive email from people who haven't yet updated your adress in their address books. Are you sure you want to do that?
  • Is there any risk if I just keep my @live.com email address?
  • same question here ........
  • omfg. Yesterday i created two aliases, today i wanted to create one more alias and BAM - it renamed my account. WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?!? how can i rename it again to one of the aliases (the live account) ?!?!?!
  • Been getting this error for the past 20 minutes :(
    There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.
  • SO many problems with this switch. I love the new design, but it fudged up a lot of stuff. Many people are having syncing problems now with their calendars. It just made them disappear on our phones. Look here:
  • Lol, in the middle of the night! but the night is not at the same time everywhere :D
    Good advice though!
  • i did the renaming of my live account to outlook, now i can receive e-mails with both domains. that´s fine but how does it work? there is no alias in the aliases menu so i guess its somewhere hidden. but how long will my old address be valid?! does anybody have a clue?
  • Late for me also. But I parked my outlook.com name and I have an Xbox360 so I think I'll go that route.
    Luckly I don't have any save games I want to keep so the biggest pain in a reset is remembering which apps I had installed. Can't wait to they ad a real backup in WP8.
  • To avoid all the trouble of losing all of your information with the hard reset of your phone you can simply just log into your live account in the Outlook account.
  • What do you mean exactly? I'm having this issue and don't want to reset.
  • It exactly means goto outlook.com, sign in with your existing LiveID and just use it without any renaming. It only is a new UI to hotmail, for heaven's sake.
  • My question is what that XBOX360 switch does? What I expect is that I will do that XBOX360 thing and all my purchases and xbox live account will transform from my @hotmail account to my @outlook account. But what about emails? Does thisswitch "connect" the email adresses? I wan only to transform my purchases and xbox account from my hotmal to outlook account. I wan the email inboxes separate. Is this how it works? Anybody?
  • I get a message saying i cannot use outlook.com in my email adresse. The dropdown only has hotmail and live. What is wrong?
  • Same here...
  • Crappy maximum number of alias!! How do I delete my alias? I can't find it anywhere, I created some, but there is one I was going to create (more important than one I already created) and need to delete one of the alias' to be able to create the new one.. I've gone through all the settings (I think....) but have not been able to find the alias delete option anywhere.. Any help? 
  •  You can delete aliases here: https://account.live.com/ManageAssocIds
    This page is indeed hard to find.
    BTW, you can create new aliases here:
    And if you wanna rename your account and break your phone, you can do it here:
  • Created an outlook alias to my hotmail id. Then tried to use that id to configure my outlook inbox in windows phone. It asked for my id and password while setting up the new email id but then it does not synchronize and hangs. If I create an alias how can I read the mails that I get on the alias on my windows phone
  • If I switch to @outlook using the switching tool in the settings...will the old @live.com an alias? Meaning...emails I had going to @live.com such as subscriptions when they are setn to @live.com will they redirect to @outlook.com or do I need to change all my non- microsoft  subscriptions manually?  Thats the only unknown holding me back
  • i switched my live adress to outlook and it created an alias for the old live adress automatically, so e-mails to this adress get delivered to my new outlook inbox. the only scary thing is i can not see this alias in the settings, so i wonder how long it will be valid.
    also i noticed today that msft did not change the live adress everywhere, for example in my microsoft account, some notifications etc...
    but the worst thing is: my pop3 fetch of an other email account stopped working as of the time i switched to outlook. although it is still configured properly in my settings :(
    EDIT: pop3 fetching is now working again. just edit the settings of the pop account and save.
  • Could not wait and changed got new address phone reset without problems only took 40m to get all the apps again and Xbox still the same its easy and painless except for the hard reset
  • Did you lose your texts and contacts?
  • I have a @hotmail.com.BR account and microsoft won't let me rename it to anything, neither @live @hotmail or @outlook. This account also has 25GB of Skydrive storage. Can I use the xbox method to use @outlook? Does it keep my 25GB storage? 
  • too late for me :(
  • I hope people are still reading this thread, but does anyone know if you create a new outlook account, and link it to your live account (via Account Settings - Permissions - Manage Linked Accounts), then hard reset your phone, you can re-download all your bought apps without having to repurchase?
  • @ Daniel  What if I switch over to the @outlook domain?... Could I still create an alias?... And is there a limit as to how many aliases I could create?...
  • Can anyone tell me how to contact Microsoft support?
    No matter what I try navigating through the website or the outlook.com and live account settings, I can't seem to find any way to contact MS support.
    I've got a live account of the format name@myowndomain.com that is my live account log in.  Now, I went and created a separate name@outlook.com account - NOT AN ALIAS.  This was before I read this whole article and the comments.
    Now, I'd like contact MS to see if they can migrate my outlook alias to my main account to that I can keep my apps, 25GB SkyDrive etc. 
    But I can't find any way to ask for help directly to MS.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thx!
  • Does anybody know how long it takes to free an alias?
    Yesterday i created an alias on my primary Microsoft Account (non-microsoft domain).
    Then i decided that i would rather have the alias as a seperate account. I deleted the alias, and tried to create a new account with the same name, but it told me the name was in use.
    Even now almost 24 hours later is still tells me the name is in use.
    Is there a was to convert an alias to a seperate account? Or does anyone know how long it takes to free an alias so you are able to create a seperate account with that name?
  • I think this is where earlier in the comments people said it can take up to 270 days for an alias to be re-released, so that may just take a bit of patience on your part....
  • I understood that it was only if you created a seperate Microsoft Account and then deleted it that it would take 270 days to clear.
    Wasn't that why it was recommended in the article to "reserve" the name by creating an alias until WP8?
  • Hey guys, can someone help me with this? I currently have an external email associated with my live ID, but would like to change that to myname@outlook.com. However, neither under the microsoft account settings nor under more email options -> change email address can I select @outlook.com. The only options available are @live.com or @hotmail.com.
    Any ideas why that is? Could it be because I have an external email as my live ID? I would factory reset my HD7, no problem, but would like to keep the 25gb skydrive and my bought apps, so I will have to go through changeing it in outlook somehow...
    Any help greatly appreciated
  • Any one else notice that once you change the domain to @outlook.com and hard reset the phone, once you setup your Live ID it won't automatically setup your e-mail unlike before...
    For MS Support: http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/#
  • What an own goal. What a deal breaker. Bye bye WP. I liked the phone, but f**cking up people's accounts like this is bad. Sure, "just hard reset your phone". Oh ok. Unbelievable.
  • IIRC, no one's being forced to upgrade to a @outlook domain...
  • When i try i get this msg :(
    "The email address associated with your Microsoft account can't be changed"
    What should I do???
  • Do you gain ANYTHING at all by switching from a live account to an Outlook one? I don't see the point, even if I didn't have a WP7 device, to switch.
  • i wish you had not said to go out and grab an outlook account in the article - if you do that and want to change your existing live account to it you are screwed because you cant - its a whole new account and you cant and if you try to rename your account - guess what? you can't because that name is already taken.
    so now i lost the ability to rename my currentl microsoft account to a "my name@outlook.com" email address 
    good job wpcentral .. good job
    PLEASE go and clarify this article .. too late for me, but not for others 
  • New Outlook account set up. Currently reinstalling all apps (paid included) with zero issues, after reset. All in all, I'm a happy camper. The Live/Outlook team have done a grand job, IMO. :)
  • This sentence "so do it in the middle of the night so no one can grab it on you!" is not very correct.
    Another news said Microsoft will preserve the deleted Outlook account alias for 30 days and there is no one but you being able to add this Outlook account as an alias, or to change a Microsoft account to this Outlook account:
  • Hey guys. I set up a few aliases when Outlook.com launched.
    I want to create a new account with one of those aliases (by releasing it night and then register it as a new account). I will link my current account to the new one (not the other way around).
    Will I keep 25gb in SkyDrive as I will be linking a 25gb account to the new one?
    I don't care about app purchases because I've been, like tons of users, locked out of purchasing by the lack of options to change countries on your Microsoft account. I realized this when Windows Phone launched and I couldn't add Mexico payment information with my US-registered and old live.com account.
    Has anyone been able to register a new account, get 7gb, link a 25gb account to it and keep them? Thanks!
  • Thank god I got my name without any stupid seperaters!! no more stupid . or - or _ !!
  • This is all new to me.  VERY DISAPPOINTED.  I want it back the way it was.  
  •  Dont  want to switch to anything. Like  hotmail as it  was. How  can I get rid of message threading? Hate it.  That s why I don t use gmail.  Want each message on its own.It should be an option, not imposed. Don t want facebook, tweeter,etc. Have enough  with my old  Hotmail. HM
    When you upgrade to Outlook.com from Hotmail, you get the new Outlook.com service, and you keep everything about your account intact. You will continue to Hotmail Sign In with your @hotmail.com using the same password.
  • sorry who ever wrote this article is biased towards Microsoft, read your comments and over the net NO one likes outlook its gross and nasty