Samsung’s unveiling of the ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 at IFA (Video)

With Samsung’s huge press conference just wrapping up, we’re going through all the news. Of course the big story of the day for our audience is the ATIV-S, the new Windows Phone 8 device coming this fall.

For those of you who missed the unofficial unveiling, you can watch that segment of the conference right here at Windows Phone Central. It's even in glorious 720P, thanks to our Rafael Rivera.

And when done, head over to our poll to voice your opinion on the Samsung’s new flagship Windows Phone!


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Samsung’s unveiling of the ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 at IFA (Video)


They only talk about horsepower specs which I assume all OEMs will match. I dont hear any differentiating features. HTC always talks about their audio features. Nokia could plug in PureView camera, plus all of their services. I think Samsung needs to try harder.

I read on another site this phone will be making it's way to TMo.  As much as I want a Nokia phone it seems Nokia will only bring it's second fiddle to TMo.  So, this phone may just be what the Dr. ordered.

it sounds like someone with a lisp trying to say achieve.
So lame Samsung.  Great looking device...lame name.

I disagree. When the Lumia was first announced, many didn't like the name as well, but over time perception changes. Remember when the iPad was first announced?

GO NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I own a samsung focus and I 'remember' how samsung didn't care about us and was joyfully copying the iphone to it's beloved crapdroid phones!
and this phone looks like an android LOL

What a horrible presentation. I struggled to sit through just that part, I wonder how many in the audience fell asleep.

At least it looks vaguely different then the S3, and im sure it has some sort of market. There is nothing I can fault this for design wise that isn't a shared complaint I have with the S3 (and I have a few, mainly the deceptively low resolution screen sue to the pentile matrix)

I just hope they also make a flagship wp8 phone with a 4-4.3" non-pentile display, and the same processor/ram/storage options as this one.

I don't get all the negativity. This is a solid device that isn't just a GS2/S3 with a Windows button it. I don't know why people would think Samsung would break their own mould on this. Of course us WP fanatics are all waiting as patiently as possible for Nokia, but this phone is hardly a bad alternative!

Really looks nice but I'm holding out for next week and what Nokia brings.  I'd be shocked if Nokia didn't at the very least match this.  Great time to be elegible for an upgrade. :D

I hope it's just a mockup error but the "4" on the Phone tile looks smaller than the "2" on the Messaging tile. The "4" also appears to be in the wrong font (there's a break on the vertical line).
Good to see NFC on the screen as I don't recall that mentioned in the press materials.

At last, I have been reading these posts to see if anyone else noticed, 1 stinking phone. I like it, its pleasant on the eye with nice specs but Samsung....one phone! Poor attempt.

Coming to TMo, I might be forced into this phone, love the 4.8 inch screen. Guess I'll have to wait for HTC to see what they bring to TMo. Nokia phone will probably be midrange with 4 inch screen

Why did the phone look so static? I would be more excited if they actually demoed it a little rather than just showing it. C'mon!

Can you blame them? The presenter was boring as hell and didn'd sound like he even knew what he was talking about. I own a samsung focus and it has been my fav phone of all(i have owned the iPhone 3gs and 4) but I will most likely jump to Nokia. They at least support their phones and have real enthusiasm for their products. Really hoping for the Pureveiw!!!

I don't care about any of the new devices that are being released, as a Lumia 710 user I just want WP7.8 to come my way!!

I want this phone. Looks awesome IMO, and the battery is almost twice what my hd7 has. I would like to see what Nokia has coming but chances are that the better of their line is going to ATT and I'm on tmo.

Agreed. Total lack of enthusiasm. Also, I don't like the silvery color they made the phone in. WP is very bold with no sheen whatsoever, making the phone in a brushed aluminum goes against how I perceive the design principles to be.

That's why I love the L800 so much, it's got bold colors, and has sharp squared edges, consistent with the tiles that make up the homescreen.