Surface not delayed and should be expected on October 26th


A lot of huff and theories have been laid out regarding those delayed shipping notices for those who pre-ordered the Surface RT. Customers have received an email noting that their order should not be expected to be fulfilled until November 2nd, obviously putting a damper on pre-ordering. Turns out of all the thought out reasons for the delay, none took into account the simplest: it was an error.

The official Twitter account for Surface (@Surface) just tweeted that “An incorrect email was sent to several customers who preordered #Surface. Customers should expect their devices by the original date given.” That should be a relief for those few who did receive an email, though we wonder if Microsoft will contact them directly (not everyone see Tweets or reads tech sites).


So no, there’s no shortage of supplies or import delays or other shenanigans, just a simple erroneously sent email.

Source: @Surface; Thanks, Jarrod, Steve and dirtbound,for the tip!


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Surface not delayed and should be expected on October 26th


It would've given you an ETA on the confirmation receipt... So that date is when you get it. This is for people who received a "your order has been delayed" email, after getting the 26th on the receipt.

Just got a confirmation email right now (from MS Canada) saying that the earlier email was an error, I will get my Surface on the 26th. That's a relief. 

I know, I was pi$$ed when I got the original email saying it's gonna be delayed. Then this email saying it was a mistake.

People who preorder things do so to get the item on launch day without having to camp out in front of Best Buy like an iLunatic. And it's a week. I know it's totally a #firstworldproblems thing, but I can understand how it would be upsetting...

Yeah, that makes sense I suppose. Just seems kinda silly to get your panties in a wad about it but to each his own ;) Either way, they are going to get an amazing product and have a great experience with Windows 8 and all the products coming out soon!!

Tell that to the people (like me) who got their nexus 7 almost 2 weeks after launch with little to no communication of a method to cancel their order aside from refusing delivery.

MSFT has handles this FAR better than google and I commend them for it.

Its not an issue but you pay money for a service, you expect THAT service. Not hard to understand I wouldn't think. Imagine you paid a driver to pick you up at 2am from the club, but they called and said they would arrive 2 hours late? After pre-paying, im sure you wouldn't be happy with that service. People dont like being promised something and end up getting something else

I am trying not to remind myself that there is a Surface in the mail for me :). I am obviously doing bad at it.

haha official delivery isnt until 6 days away and I hope everytime the UPS truck drives by my house, that he will stop at mine.......JUST GIVE ME MY SURFACE GAHHHHHH.

Australian customers have always been told they will receive their order by November 6. Anyone know if MS plan to ship them to arrive on the 6th or are just giving themselves a big window and shipping will begin for the 26/10 release?

They'll send you another email telling you that the previously email sent was wrong.
I just received mine ^w^

Actually, it says nothing about a shortage of supplies, etc., just that an email was sent out in error.  It is still on two to three week backorder for anyone who did not get their pre-order in before the online stock was allocated.  If they said you will get in on 10/26, you will but if they did not, you will not....

I noticed the UK website only have the white touch cover available?  Has that been the same from the beginning of the release for pre-order, or did they run out?

I am pretty tempted to pre-order... I have never pre-ordered hardware before though and I am nervous to buy something so expensive without seeing it and reading reviews. So it will have to wait.  :o(  
Sometimes I wish I were the kind of person who impulsively buys something based on carefully managed limited information and catchy brands.  It is definitely a care-free way of living.  Ah well.

Gotta say I am one to give into hype. Especially Microsoft hype. But then again, I've been using windows 8 since last spring. Also I know what I want in a tablet... One where I can also use familiar programs such as MS office and oneNote and Microsoft-style apps

First time ever I preordered anything, I too usually wait out the reviews and get a hands on with the product, but with no guarantee that they were coming to bricks and mortar in Australia I bit the bullet and hope in not disappointed, at least I know it will be better than the iPad, got sick of that pretty quickly.

Same here. I feel you man. I bit the bullet as well. But on hindsight, hopefully it was a smart thing. I wrk at harvey norman, and I can tell you this, no Surface will be found in the stores. Not even JBHIFI. But if you are looking for the Sony Vaio tap (is that the name?) then you are in luck.
SSSh, confidential info:)

Mine said 26/10/2012 on the receipt of order. My order was on the 17/10/2012. I have just looked at my order history on my account and it says 2/11/2012 so I think I will talk to the Microsoft Store  (UK Store number is 0800 026 0329) people on Monday about this.

I got the email from MS Store today to confirm that my order is back on track for delivery on the 30th. Here is what it says..

Due to an internal processing issue, we mistakenly sent you an email indicating the shipment date for your order had changed. That email was incorrect. Your expected shipping date has not changed. 


My brother that works at best buy says Microsoft will cover the taxes on all windows 8 products at best buy.

How many iPad were sold at lunch time by crapple I mean apple bcuz I was thinking if the surface is sold out and MS said that they made 5 million units I think this is a new record

I think they should have stayed quiet with the error thing... The idea of them selling out probably helped boost sales with the "me too" crowd which probably is everyone who's not an early adopter.

I got email confirmation [from Bill Gate] saying "due to unforeseen reasons it be hand delivered on Christmas day by Santa Claus.

Us [ MS fans ] are making big deal out of this hyped-up tablet. It will take years before it can catch up with Ipad which has sold 84 million units since 2010. Microsoft is spending $1,800,000,000 on advertising!