T-Mobile 4G Super Sale: December 17-18th

TMobile 4G Super Sale

T-Mobile has an awesome sale starting up on December 17th, and ending on the 18th. For just two days, 4G handsets stocked by the carrier will be available for purchase for $0 after a mail-in-rebate. A few Windows Phones are included in this deal, the HTC Radar and HTC HD7. Handsets require a two-year contract (qualifying Value Plan) to be taken out, but for Christmas, a brand new 4G Windows Phone with a packed plan is a perfect present.

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T-Mobile 4G Super Sale: December 17-18th


The HD7 is not available online.  It has not been available for a long time.  T-Mobile says it is discontinued.  They dont even keep cases in stores any more.  Its is also not a 4G phone.

HTC Radar is the one that is 4G as you can see in the ad and it is new. HTC 7 is one of the first Windows phone 7 and I not sure if they were 4G or not. I am pretty sure is hard to find now

I have an HD7 and it is def not 4G, barely 3G in most areas too, at least for me.  Also AT&T doesnt keep the HD7S in stock at most locations, as well as assessories :(

Incorrect statement. It has some version of HSPA (+?) because I know someone with a MT4G and we speed tested in the same spot and both got 13mbps down. My HD7 sometimes drops to 2G in my room but so did my arrive. Doesn't seem to do it as much now anymore now that they're upgrading towers I guess.

Speed is also based on network traffic, reception, and background running apps.  You got 13mbps down?  I barely get 4 on full 3G signal.  Ironically I get almost 2.5 on 2G signal.

I had 3 bars and she also had 3 bars. This was in a large city (Chicago) on a college campus during lunch/activity hour. I live in the Chicago suburbs and in my house I get between 2.6m and 9m down depending on how many bars of 3G I have which ranges from 0 to 4. Time of day didn't matter.

Actually, the sale does NOT mean that you get the phone for $0.  It means you get it for $0 DOWN, which is a big difference.  If you read the fine print, you actually have to pay $15 a month for 20 months for the phone.  So in essence, you are just getting a $100 rebate after paying $400.  Sure, you pay the $100 up front, get $100 back, but then you are paying $300 more dollars over the course of 20 months.
Their ad is VERY confusing and I'm sure intentially misleading.  It's actually still a good deal though because it lets you use their value plans with the phone, so even with the extra $15 a month on top of the value plan cost, you're still likely paying the same or even less per month than if you did a "classic" plan.

Oh, and as others have said, the HD7 is definitely not included.  First, because it's not a 4G phone, and second because T-Mobile isn't offering that phone at all anymore online nor in stores (at least in the stores I've been into recently).  You may want to update your post so as to not send a bunch of people to the stores with incorrect information.

The HD7 is listed in the ad (just click the source link) and yes, it is not a 4G phone.

Why T-Mobile included it in a 4G Sale is a bit of a mystery.  Maybe they are trying to clear out some inventory to make room for the Lumia 710?

That is interesting.  The source that I saw a few days ago did not show the HD7 as part of the deal.  And they still don't show it their online store and it still isn't in stock at the local t-mobile stores around me.  Must be in there for those stores that do still have a few in them.  Definitely odd that they call it a 4G sale though and include the HD7.  Would hate for somebody to buy the HD7 thinking it had 4G because of the ad.

We still have like 3 hd7's which is probably the same at most stores,, they are included in the sale.. check contracts before coming to upgrade though,, if it's through 2013, migration fees will be pretty high and you won't qualify if you upgraded less than 18 months ago..

It may show up on the main page but there is no phone available online according to the site.  Only the Radar shows up.  And the radar says its free without a mail in rebate...FYI

As has been mentioned, the Radar 4G just went on sale to $0 with a normal contract online.  This means you can either get the Radar for free with a new 2 year "Classic Plan" contract or you can get the Radar for $0 up front with $15 a month for 20 months plus a 2 year "Value Plan" contract.  Basically, what you need to do when you shop for a phone, is to price out how much it will cost to own that phone for 2 years. 
Here's the comparison I am doing since my wife will be getting the Radar this weekend.  She wants the unlimited minutes + text + 2gb of data.  So she has two options.  Either do the Value plan $0 down which would be $15 a month for 20 months plus $60 a month for 24 months OR do $0 for the phone plus $80 a month for 24 months.  If you do the math, the value plan option comes out to $1740 after two years and the classic plan comes out to $1920 after two years.  On top of that, after the two years, she'll be on a $60 a month plan that comes with the exact same minutes, text, and data as the $80 plan.  So it's actually quite clear that the $0 down + $15 a month + $60 a month value plan is the way to go.  So even though the value plan makes you pay $300 over 20 months for the phone versus a free phone with the classic plan, it still comes out to cheaper.
So I urge everybody to do their homework and price out EVERYTHING (the phone, the monthly fees, addons, etc.) for the length of the contract and figure out which combination give you what you want for the cheapest amount.