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Although the HTC Arrive is yet to come out, looks like Sprint is pushing some updates to the few carrier apps that are on board (seriously, it's sparse). Both the 'Sprint  Zone' and 'TeleNav GPS Nav' programs received some 0.1 updates with, of course, no change-log to be noted. However, we can now at least use TeleNav as before we were unable to register the device, so perhaps that's the fix.

'Sprint Zone' is the carriers "hub" for the phone, offering software, tips and other Sprint news delivered to the phone (see it in our video hands on), whereas TeleNav GPS is a full-featured turn-by-turn navigation system (works in landscape too, woohoo).

Interestingly, it looks like Sprint is still finishing up some apps for Windows Phone as the Sprint Zone lists 'Sprint TV & Movies' but it's not available. However, 'Sprint Radio' ("powered by mSpot") is and it delivers "over 60 channels of crystal-clear music in all genres" and is free with your data plan (eat that, AT&T). Of course there is also 'Sprint Radio Extra' which you can pay $5.95/month for, zinger. Sprint Radio Extra is commercial-free and has ABC News, Fox Sports, NPR, etc. with customizations. It's like Pandora. We'll have more on Sprint Radio later.

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This post is for you old school kids still using the near legendary Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2--a device hacked and ROM'd to death and which approached perfection (if it weren't for that under-powered CPU). Anyways, the new Sprint HTC Arrive (aka 7 Pro) is basically a Touch Pro 3--the devices feel very similar, are nearly identical in size and quality. Still, we figured we get some close up glamor shots for you people who are curious about jumping to the new guy in town (we vote: yes, do it).

More pics after the break...

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Hands on with the Sprint HTC Arrive

Yes, our Sprint HTC Arrive has showed up and we're liking it so far. The device is the final production model headed to stores this weekend and it rocks the latest build of Windows Phone 7, 7389 with NoDo on board.

For those curious, no sign of the MicroSD card though it may be under a tiny metal door--more on that later. But sporting 16GB of memory should be enough for a lot of folks. The volume sliders appear to changed slightly--while not raised too prominently, they are very wide, making volume adjustments a breeze. The Arrive is comparable to the Touch Pro 2 in size, though noticeably thinner.

Overall, first impressions matter and ours is the Arrive is a winner. The screen is better than the HD7s', the keyboard is better than the LG Quantum and the design is quite stellar. Look for our review shorty by George Ponder and smaller follow up review by Daniel Rubino.

Have questions you need answered now? Fire off in comments and we'll get to them later tonight.

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In the world of mobile phone technologies changing from one device to another usually brings excitement. Getting a new device with more memory, faster CPU/GPU, better cameras, newer and faster radios is so thrilling. Other times it can bring the same immense excitement mixed in with the feeling of wanting to throw up. If you fall into the latter camp, it’s probably because you are switching OS platforms and a devote technophile. That is where I am currently at … the week before a new device launch and I am planning to switch OS camps. This time around is the HTC Arrive for Sprint which is the first Windows Phone 7 device for CDMA networks; you might know the GSM variant, the HTC 7 Pro, with slide-out keyboard and all.

This isn’t my first (or last) switch from phone OS’s. I’ve gone from PalmOS to Windows Mobile (2003 all the way to 6.5) to Blackberry, to webOS, to Android and, to iOS. All of these in no particular order and on several occasions more than once. This time feels different to me than previous changes. When I wanted to switch from Palm to Windows Mobile, it was because of the lack of multitasking and Wi-Fi support. From Windows Mobile to webOS, it was the lack of pretty and notifications. From webOS to Android, it was… well it was a lot (credit goes to Palm/HP for making round two three more interesting). So, why am I making the switch now and why the sudden urge to expunge my Jolt Cola and beef jerky?

The rest after the break...

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File this under unconfirmed, but probable.

We have a report that people in the Seattle area may have early access to the Sprint HTC Arrive, which will hit Sprint stores around the 20th of this month. Evidently, some Sprint stores are telling customers that they can pick up their phones on the 17th instead--okay, so three whole days is nothing extraordinary, but it's still, not shabby.

Interestingly enough, the reason given for the early release? Microsoft. We know those employees get to pre-order theirs, with the corp paying for each employee to have a phone and we hare they're nearby Seattle. Furthermore, we're told each store should have one Arrive on hand to play with right maybe go hit up your local store and get some one-on-one time, eh? Let us know if you if you do.

Thanks, Bryce, for the heads up!

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The Sprint HTC Arrive (aka the HTC 7 Pro) is just around the corner and a video review has surfaced. Our friends over at Wirefly spent some hands-on time with the new Windows Phone and Sprint customers should be happy with what is heading their way.

The overhead view of the Arrive reminds me of the HTC Surround. That is until the keyboard is extended and the screen is tilted up. Then the new Windows Phone reminds me of the HTC Tilt 2. The screen comes across as responsive to the touch. The button layout places the camera button closer to the bottom right corner of the phone than on the Surround.  Which may take some getting used to.  It is also a little strange to see the screen maintain the vertical orientation when the keyboard is extended.

The overall appearance of the Arrive looks nice and I like the brushed aluminum battery cover. I’m curious if you need to extend the keyboard to remove it though. Oh… and did any one else cringe when the reviewer slides the face of the Arrive on the table while discussing the battery size?

The Arrive is loaded with the NoDo update that brings copy/paste to Windows Phone 7, which is also demoed in the video. The video also includes video and photo samples taken with the Arrive and camera quality looks nice.

The Sprint HTC Arrive is expected to go on sale March 20, 2011 for $199 (after contractual discounts).  You can find more info out over at Sprint's Arrive webpage.

Source: Wirefly (Thanks, Jeff)

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Looks like the lucky folks at Engadget got a sneak peak at Sprint's first Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive (aka 7 Pro). They took a few snazzy shots and even did a quick video demonstrating copy and paste on the device.

Of course C&P is there because it's tied into ">the NoDo update, which also brings CDMA support to the OS. While the copy and paste demo is nice, unfortunately they did not film the device in landscape, meaning those mysterious Xbox LIVE shots in the horizontal zone cannot be confirmed/disconfirmed just yet. So close, yet so far.

Source: Engadget

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After a couple of days worth of teasing, the HTC Arrive -- aka the HTC 7 Pro -- has, erm, arrived on Sprint! It'll officially go on sale March 20 for $199.99 (after two-year contract and $100 rebate). And that's not a bad price for the tilting, sliding phone. And best of all, it'll have the cut-and-paste update on board when you pull it out of the box. Can't beat that.

Other features of note:

  • 3.6-inch touchscreen at 480x800
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 16GB of internal memory
  • 1500mAh battery
  • 5MP camera with flash and 720p recording
  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • Wifi b/g/n
  • And all the usual Sprint customizations and WP7 features.

Full specs and the presser are after the break, and there's more at Sprint. Who's gonna pick this one up?

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Sure, we'll probably know way more in another few hours, but lets tease a bit more, shall we?

Evidently, if you search on for "Arrive" you get this little result above, confirming what everyone already suspected: the HTC 7 Pro is going to be the Sprint HTC Arrive. We also like the emphasis on the wording here: "the first Windows Phone from Sprint", strongly hinting that the carrier is just getting started.

We also know that we'll have to pre-order the phone, meaning tomorrow is not the release but the announcement (also pretty normal for Sprint). Anyone want to take a guess on shipping? And lets hope we don't actually have to go to a Sprint store to pre-order....

Thanks, Matthew, for the tip!

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