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From Windows Mobile to Android

OnePlus 3T is the best Android phone for Windows Mobile converts

First impressions of Windows MR

We went eyes-on with Windows Mixed Reality — and it's very cool

By the numbers

Why you don't need an unlimited data plan

Theme me up Scotty

Master the new theme settings in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Android

Using Android in the Microsoft ecosystem

Nothing to fear

Why the decline of Windows 10 Mobile won't affect this site

The elephant in the room

Developers, what will it take for Microsoft to win you to the UWP?

Not for everyone

4 reasons why you should buy an all-in-one as your next PC

Postive > negative

It's time to celebrate the GOOD things about Windows Mobile

Responsible recommendations

Do you still recommend Windows phones to family and friends?

1080p vs supersampling vs 4K

Exclusive look at the resolution differences between Scorpio and Xbox One

Sound off!

What would Microsoft have to do to bring you back to Windows Mobile?

Badass on a budget

CHUWI Hi13 review: A Surface Book alternative that costs only $369

From the Forums

Why have things gone so wrong for Windows phone?

Sonic sound

Turn on Windows Sonic and experience spatial audio in Windows 10


Windows Central Podcast 46: A Windows phone reset

Hey cortana ... ?

A brief history of Cortana, Microsoft's trusty digital assistant

Scratching the surface

Here's one way Microsoft could make the Surface phone succeed

Beyond the doom and gloom

What does the 'death of Windows phone' mean for Windows Central?

Le sigh

Check out our in-depth Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review

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from the forums

Everyone has their own lifestyle and tackles day-to-day business in individual ways. How one treats a mobile phone (or any piece of technology and belonging) falls into the same notion. But an interesting question was asked on our community forum: how do you treat your mobile phone? Are you the cautious user or simply throw it into the bag and forget about it?

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Galactic Reign, Skype usage and most wanted apps? It has got to be another From the Forums, right? Definitely! Bringing you random, popular and elusive threads that you may have overlooked. The Windows Phone Central community is a vibrant forum with thousands of posts published on a daily basis. So what's been happening the past few days?

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Samsung has lifted the curtain on its latest Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. We'll not go into too much detail here and repeat what's already been published, but it's only right we tackle the newly announced competing hardware and what this means for the Windows Phone community. As well as this, there are also a number of threads from our Windows Phone forum that are worth checking out. Shall we dive in?

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The Windows Phone Central Forums are a place of immense knowledge, resources and camaraderie. There is no better place on the web to hang out if you’re a fan or user of any Windows Phone device. Here is some proof of the kind of content you’ll find inside – this is some Sherlock Holmes level work regarding dust, the front-facing camera, and the proximity sensor on the Nokia Lumia 920.

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Howdy, folks. Mobile World Congress has been and gone, so where do we all run to when it comes to discussing the platform? The Windows Phone Central community forum, of course! There have been a number of interesting and unique threads created over the weekend, and we'll highlight a few to kick us off comfortably into the week ahead.

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It's time for a From the Forums to wrap up the excitement from this year's Mobile World Congress. We've had an eventful week where Windows Phone Central has covered the latest headlines from the floor in Barcelona, but what's been happening in our forums? We'll quickly walk through some light-hearted threads to cool everyone down and return back to normality.

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Today's a huge day for mobile, especially Windows Phone and Nokia. If you've only just woken up then be sure to head on over to check out our continued coverage of this year's Mobile World Congress. As well as our team bringing you the latest news, we've also got the latest discussions from our Windows Phone community forum. So what's been happening?

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As well as reporting on all the news relating to the Windows Phone platform, we also take pride in maintaining the top Windows Phone community on the web. Our forum accumulates thousands of posts each month, but how does one keep track of everything being published? This is where the From the Forums column comes into play. We take a handful of interesting threads and highlight them for readers to check out.

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It's that time again, folks. More discussions pulled from our ever expanding and growing Windows Phone community. If you've not been 100% with it these past handful of days then fear not as we have you covered. The forum is constantly a busy place, which isn't a bad thing, but it can prove difficult to keep up with everything that's currently going on. So what's being discussed?

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Welcome to another From the Forums! This week has been a busy one with the last handful of days featuring the launch of BlackBerry 10, as well as reports that Windows Phone 7.8 is officially rolling out to consumers. It's been an eventful day today with a few articles comparing the Z10 from BlackBerry against Windows Phone and the Lumia 920 in particular, along with our usual news coverage.

But what's being discussed on the Windows Phone community forum?

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Welcome to another Windows Phone Central From the Forums where we bring you the latest discussions that are happening on our community forum. If you've somehow been too busy in life to be checking the community out on a daily basis, you may find yourself being out of the loop when it comes to discussing the latest news. So what's been happening the past few days?

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It's that time for another From the Forums, which serve to help keep you up-to-date with the latest threads on our Windows Phone forum that begin to drive some traffic. The Windows Phone Central community forum can be a busy place at times, and it can prove difficult to keep up with everything that's being published. We'll highlight a few threads that you may have missed on your travels.

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Howdy, folks! This is a rather special From the Forums as the Windows Phone Central team is currently at CES 2013 absorbing as much related technology news as possible from the booths and shows on the floor. Be sure to stay tuned to our feeds and main website for all the headlines that will trickle out from the event. So that's the main site, but what's been happening on our forum?

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