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htc titan


AT&T Titan - Did you get yours?

We ask the question even though we think we know the answer: probably not!

Yes, the HTC Titan on AT&T "launched" today (see our first impressions video) but from our experience and yours, supply seems to be might-t tight on the mammoth phone. We had to hit three AT&T stores to get one. And we mean one. The phone we bought was the only HTC Titan within 30 miles of us and we're in Long Island (metro NYC). From Texas to Alabama to Eastern Virginia to Indiana, we've heard most stores don't have them in stock. Our local AT&T store told us they were expecting some tomorrow (Monday), which is plausible.

So why the hold up? It's clear HTC missed the BIG New York City launch a couple of weeks ago. Remember the six-story Windows Phone thing? Granted, the Titan was technically there (the unbranded international version). But the AT&T one clearly was missing and our hunch tells us that AT&T and Microsoft would have preferred to launch three phones on AT&T instead of just two (Focus S and Flash).  That tells us that HTC is probably having trouble either meeting demand or fulfilling their order to AT&T--whatever the reason, it is clearly having an effect on supply.

Your best bet if you don't want to order online? Call your store, give them your name. Store reps will personally call you to make the sale, so if you let them know you're interested, they'll most likely give you a ring as soon as some arrive. We also hear that Microsoft Stores do have them in stock and available--so if you're near one, that's a safe bet.

In the meantime, feel free to vent in comments and let us know if you got one!

Missing Titan image credit: Nick S., taken in NYC

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The TITAN has finally landed on AT&T! Possibly one of the most talked about and anticipated second-generation Windows Phones, the HTC Titan (we're not capitalizing it every time, sorry) lives up to its name. It's also hard to find in stores.  But the massive 4.7" inch device with a 1.5GHz CPU, 8MP rear camera (arguably the best of the lot), a 1.3MP front camera and 16GB of storage (12.5GB available) is certainly worthy of your time to hunt down.

We managed to get our grubby hands on it and we go over it in the video after the break, comparing it to the int'l version.

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We've had a few reports and can confirm ourselves that the HTC Titan has also just received a software update, making this a big day for HTC and firmware. No details are available as to what is different as tracking down a changelog has proved elusive so far, but here's what we do know:

  • Firmware revision number old: 1600.2200.10806.401
  • Firmware revision number new: 1600.2200.10902.401
  • Bootloader version old: 1.8.160015.3(132000)
  • Bootloader version new: 1.9.160015.3(132193)

Some speculation hints that perhaps the WiFi reception issue that some have experienced has been improved. We'll play around for the next few hours and update this if (a) we find anything new (b) you report to us anything new. Cool?

Thanks, Nathan and Smartphone France, for the info!

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The AT&T HTC Titan is slated to launch in the next few days, specifically this Sunday, November 20th for $199. While the AT&T price ain't bad for such a massive phone, you just know somebody like Costco will be able to under cut that a bit.

And if you're like us, you enjoy buying massive things in bulk. The good news is Costco's will be offering the Titan right quick on November 23rd, presumably for a cheaper price (and we hear better return policy, though it's been ages for us). But if you were planning on getting the huge 4.7" inch Windows Phone 7.5 device and you have a Costco membership, you may want to hold off a few days till you hear what their offering will be.

Thanks, anon, for the pic!

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The HTC Titan has made its way onto Amazon, unlocked and ready to go.  Anyone looking to get an one for use in Europe and/or Asia can pick one up for $799.99 with free shipping. Yowza that's pricey. This will work on AT&T and their 3G network with HSPA here in the US, in fact it's what we're rocking (too bad there's no 1900 WCDMA bands for HSPA+). On T-Mobile you'll just have Edge speeds though.

The handset is "Carbon Grey" and comes without a warranty, so caveat emptor.  Not sure about whether the Titan's for you or not?  Check out our first impressions for a look see.

Source: Amazon; Thanks for the tip, Alex!

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AT&T has announced the release date for the HTC Titan on their Facebook page - November 20th. It will be available for $199.99 on a 2-year contract with a minimum $15 per month data plan being required. The handset, boasting a massive 4.7 inch super LCD screen, was unveiled in the U.S. at the Microsoft event in New York. Be sure to check out our first impressions of the HTC Titan.

Source: AT&T Facebook, thanks Aaron for the tip!

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We mentioned last night on Twitter we have a lot of new phones here at WPCentral. First up was the Radar 4G, next is the Lumia 800 and today we have the HTC Titan (look for some new Samsung stuff too).

The HTC Titan is expected to launch here in the US on AT&T in the coming weeks, so we figured we give the unlocked version a go. The device is quite massive with a 4.7" Super LCD screen, 1.5GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, 12.6GB of available storage, an 8MP rear camera with a 1.3MP front facing one and a solid, smooth case.

Here's the phone's strengths: beautifully designed, excellent cameras, gorgeous screen and it's fast. But is it too big? You'll see it compared to the HD7 in the video and yes, while it is large, it's not too noticeable. Then again, if you're on a subway or in a metro region, you will get some head turns and stares when you pull it out to check your email.

More coming up in the next few days. Throw our your questions and we'll try to answer 'em either in comments or in the review.

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HTC Ultimate Brazil advertisement

We've just been made aware of the above advertisement in Brazil, which effectively promotes the HTC Ultimate (Titan). Fabio Castro walks us through how the beast handset lights up his life. "The big screen turns on and my imagination wakes up", more like the big screen wakes up and you feel like you're carrying a futuristic screen around and not a phone. It's a great advert nonetheless and further proves HTC's dedication to promote Windows Phone.

Thanks Lucas for the tip!

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HTC taking over the Metro newspaper

We've previously covered HTC advertising in Metro, a popular British newspaper, but it's now extreme. The newspaper offers an advertiser the opportunity to purchase the front and back pages. HTC has now taken not only a full page inside the paper, but the Radar is the first image you see when picking it from the stand.

The Metro newspaper is often read by commuters to and from work, which may prove to be effective audience targeting since businessmen would benefit more with Windows Phone than an iPhone or equivalent Android handset. While it may sound silly, it's fitting that the newspaper shares the same name as the UI.

Kudos to Jay for the images!

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One of the weaker aspects of HTC Windows Phones has been the camera. We keep hearing reports that the camera has dramatically improved on the second generation Windows Phones from HTC.  We've seen comparisons with the HD7 and Titan and now we are seeing a comparison between the Titan and the new iPhone 4S.

Les Numeriques did a comparison of these two smartphones and based on the photos the Titan appears to be capable of holding its own. For the most part, the Titan produced sharper images than the iPhone but the flash seemed to be harsher.  Color saturation seemed to be a draw and overall one could make the case that the Titan is the better performer.

The test photos were taken from a distance of three meters and all settings were automatic.

Granted, these test photos were taken under ideal or studio conditions. The softness in the iPhone photos can be adjusted/eliminated with post-processing software and overall, the iPhone's camera isn't too shabby.  Still, it is nice to see HTC getting the in-phone processing software better tuned and it will be interesting to see how the camera performs in every day conditions.

Windows Phone cameras have come a long way and maybe, just maybe, the HTC Titan will give us a quality camera to go along with a quality phone.

source: Les Numeriques Thanks goes out to RedSamuri for the tip!

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HTC is going big with promotion and advertising for their Titan and Radar handsets. We've seen their commercial being aired on prime time TV, full page newspaper adverts and Phones4U has also been publishing advertising material in newspapers. We're aware of HTC and Samsung investing more funds in promotion, but it's good to see a store take part with the above photo from a Phones4U store in Norwich, UK. Purchasing the Titan will earn you 800 MS points and 12 a month Xbox Live subscription.

Thanks Joseph for sending the photo in!

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Also just posted on the Windows Phone Blog, we finally get to see the AT&T HTC Titan what may also be called the ultimate Windows Phone. Behold it's glory and while many of you know the specs on this big boy, we'll repost below to tantalize you:

  • 4.7" TFT display
  • 1.5GHz MSM8255 CPU
  • 8MP BSI sensor with AF, F2.2/28mm. 2X LEDs flash
  • Front facing camera
  • 11 hours talk time

Also no word on pricing or availability, but we're gonna guess sometime in November since this image doesn't look like the prototype device we saw a few weeks ago in New York City.

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HTC Titan and Radar coming to Taiwan

Today HTC announced that its island home of Taiwan will be seeing the HTC Titan and Radar in the very near future.  The Titan, HTC's new flagship phone, is set to hit shelves later this month at a retail price of Tw$18,900 ($619.67).  The Radar, its lower price point counterpart, is expected in November and will fetch Tw$13,900 ($455.74).

Taiwan joins the expanding Mango marketplace, along with India, who gets official Windows Phone support today.  you can bet that both will see their fair share of the bump in marketing recently promised by WP7 phone manufacturers like HTC.

Source: AFP, Via: WMPowerUser

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Joining Digitec today is Expansys in Canada, who is now also shipping the HTC Titan and Radar. What's more is according to the Expansys Top 20 best selling handsets this week, the HTC Titan is ranked number 2 behind the Samsung Galaxy S II Android device. Not bad!

If HTC isn't your cup of tea, remember that Expansys is stocking the Omnia W too for Europeans.

Source: Expansys, thanks Jean-Philippe for the tip!

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Digitec shipping HTC Titan and Radar

We were already aware that Digitec were pushing Windows Phone with their mobile prospect for October, featuring some handsets with the HTC Titan on the front cover, but now we've got word that the retailer is shipping both the Titan and Radar from online ordering. Fantastic news should you reside in Switzerland!

Digitec has priced the Titan and Radar at CHF 599 ($663) and CHF 399 ($442) respectively.

Source: Digitec HTC Titan & Radar, thanks Pascal for the tip!

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We've received a tip that Digitec, a major online retailer in Switzerland, appears to be pushing Windows Phone quite hard according to their mobile prospect for October 2011. Giving two pages (at the front of the prospect) to the HTC Radar and Samsung Omnia W, which both look superb. 

The HTC Titan is also available should you dive into the carrier section (page 16 onwards). It's also featured on the front cover of the prospect itself, fantastic to see a retailer providing Windows Phone some room for promotion.

Source: Digitec, thanks William for the tip!

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It seems HTC and Phone4u have decided to jump the gun and release the HTC Titan and Radar earlier than what was stated as the release date - possibly to combat the iPhone. The two handsets were originally said to be available October 7th for ordering via the UK retailer website, which we found aberrant as the devices are readily available in stores.

One can find both the Titan and the Radar ready for order and shipping on the Phones4u website, or you can check into your local store for a more hands-on purchase. Contracts are available with the cheapest being Orange with the Radar at £23.50/mo and Vodafone with the Titan at £31/mo.

Thanks Ross for the tip!

Update: Our tipster just confirmed the purchase of an HTC Titan from Phones4u.  He did share this pic of his new phone before relegating it to the charger.

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For those looking for an unlocked, SIM-free version of the HTC Titan, Clove Technology has you covered as that device is now in stock and ready to be ordered. Fetching for £498.00 (incl. VAT) or about $767, you can order the biggest, baddest Windows Phone to date.

For those looking for network compatibility, you have 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz covered for voice and 850, 900, 2100 Mhz for 3G data on board. Everything else looks the same as expected.

Source:; Thanks, Jubbin G., for the Twitter tip!

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Microsoft's Big Box of Awesome 2

We previously covered the first Big Box of Awesome that featured a good load of prizes, now we're back with a second that sports a HTC Titan handset! So how does one enter? Well, visit the Microsoft Facebook profile, "Like" the profile and enter the sweepstake. A good bonus to note: should you share the sweepstake to a friend, their entry will count as a second entry for yourself too (up to 100 additional entries per person).

I know what you're all thinking, "what are the prizes?":

  • One (1) Sony® Vaio L Series All-In-One Touchscreen PC running Windows 7. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $1,800
  • One (1) Xbox 360® 250 GB console with Kinect™. ARV $399.00.
  • One (1) copy of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010. ARV $279
  • One (1) Microsoft LifeCam Studio Webcam. ARV $59
  • One (1) Xbox LIVE® 12-month Gold Membership. ARV $59.00.
  • One (1) HTC TITAN Windows® Phone. ARV $499.00
  • Three (3) Xbox 360 game titles (ARV $50 each):
    • Dance Central 2
    • Kinect Sports: Season 2
    • Forza Motorsport® 4
  • One (1) Wireless N Router ARV $100

The total ARV of the Grand Prize is $3,346. Be sure to check the requirements for eligibility - "resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, and are 18 years of age or older". The sweepstake ends on October 31, 2011. Do note that this contest requires personal information and an active Facebook account.

Source: Microsoft Facebook

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