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MetroTube, the rebranded, updated version of LazyTube, has finally launched in the Marketplace. Yes folks, the much anticipated YouTube client for Windows Phone that includes many new features, Live Tiles and a smooth, elegant interface that embraces the Metro UI is finally here for you to download and use daily. What's more, we're told it's launching with a special offer: an unrestricted, unlimited, ad-free trial in which you only pay the $0.99 if you feel the app is worth it.

That's some confidence right there.

A free, ad-supported version is in the final process of being approved for the Marketplace and in addition, we're told video-uploading will be featured in the next major update. So sit tight for that one. For those who opt for this $0.99 edition, you get

  • HD video streaming
  • Early access to new features
  • Chameleon tiles adapt to phone theme
  • Warm fuzzy feeling for supporting developers!

We took the app for a spin last week and walked away very impressed with the redesign and new features, so we have to give the thumbs up to this app for you YouTube fans. Certainly we expect this app to climb to the top of the most-downloaded on Windows Phone as it deserves a lot of the praise it is getting. So without further ado, here's the download link to the Marketplace.

Sound off in comments on your thoughts!

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It's close folks. MetroTube aka the former app that used to be know as LazyTube is in the final stages of approval in the Marketplace, which means in days or even hours, the app can be yours. MetroTube is a complete rethinking of a YouTube app where the UI has be redesigned all around the Metro UI framework. We like that. You like that.  So lets watch the video and get ready for some greatness.

From our earlier write up on the app's new features:

"We have a revamped UI and pinnable tile support. Users will be able to pin videos and categories (playlists, favourites, subscriptions, etc.) to the home screen for easy access. The most interesting item to pin is an individual author where the thumbnail of the latest video added will be pushed through."

Yeah, it's pretty awesome indeed.

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LazyTube rebranding as Metrotube

LazyTube, the popular free (and paid) solution to the lack of YouTube support on the Windows Phone platform, is almost set to be launched as Metrotube sometime this month. So what's new in the upcoming version? We have a revamped UI and pinnable tile support. Users will be able to pin videos and categories (playlists, favourites, subscriptions, etc.) to the home screen for easy access. The most interesting item to pin is an individual author where the thumbnail of the latest video added will be pushed through.

Why the rebrand? It's to do with the facelift and aesthetic changes that have been implemented for version 3.0. Users who already own LazyTube will not have to repurchase the app, and they will receive Metrotube as a free update. As mentioned above, Metrotube is set for a November release.

Check out the video below for a small demonstration of pinning the above to the home screen and visit the Metrotube website for more information.

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LazyTube 3.0 in the works

LazyWormApps is gearing up to release version 3.0 of their popular YouTube client LazyTube. Version 3 gets a major overhaul to improve performance and the overall user experience.

LazyWormApps will be offering a series of "What's new" videos over at their YouTube Channel that will highlight all the changes in store for LazyTube.  Expect the updated version of LazyTube to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace sometime in mid-November.

LazyTube is a very nice YouTube client app for your Windows Phone and the updated version looks to carry on that level of quality.

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Major update in the works for LazyTube

There's a major update in the works for Lazyworm Apps two Windows Phone Youtube apps, Lazytube and YouTube. No dates are available on the release, it'll be version 3.0 for Lazytube, but we're hearing it it won't hit the Marketplace until Mango is officially launched.

What's 3.0 bring to the table? All we know is what the above sneak peak image can tell. Which looks really nice by the way.

Updates will be posted on LazyWorms' Facebook ( and Twitter (@lazywormapps) pages from time to time.  The developers are also open to suggestions, comments and feedback that might help improve things (not that LazyTube and Youtube are shabby as is).

If you haven't given them a try, you can find LazyWorm's Free YouTube app here and the $.99 LazyTube app here (bothe links open Zune) over at the Marketplace.

Thanks Atta for the heads up!

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If you use SuperTube, LazyTube or any other 3rd party YouTube app, you may have noticed you've lost the ability to stream or even download videos in HQ/HD resolution. Instead, you're left only with "low quality" which is not exactly ideal.

Here's the situation, as explained to us by the developers of SuperTube:

"Today Youtube changed the resources address of videos. All Youtube client app can't stream the video in HQ or HD. The downloading video function doesn't work as well."

So that's the bad news and the reason why. The good news is that the developers of SuperTube have finished a v1.9 update, which we have on hand and we can say this fixes the issues. Version 1.9 for SuperTube has been submitted to the Marketplace and pending approval, should be available in 2-3 days.

We'll also bet that LazyTube will have a similar fix on the way, meaning this is just a temporary issue that we can all blame on Google :-P

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Lazyworm YouTube app updated 2.4, sports live tile

The free Lazyworm YouTube app has been updated to version 2.4, which brings some new features including live tile notifications, volume slider in video playback and an option to toggle Music & video hub synchronization. The live tile supports push notifications for up to three subscriptions.

In the video above, as well as demoing version 2.4 of their app, the developer also touches on version 3.0 being worked on, hopefully arriving before Mango. Both the free and paid versions of the Lazyworm YouTube app will receive the upcoming update that will bring new features as well as sporting a new interface.

You can download the free Lazyworm Youtube app and purchase LazyTube (Zune links) from the Marketplace.

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LazyTube v2.4 in the works

An update is in the works for the Windows Phone app, LazyTube. Version 2.4 has been submitted to the Marketplace for certification and should be available in the next few days.

v2.4 brings Live Tile support to the YouTube application that will alert you on updates to your YouTube subscriptions. The Tile will keep it's chameleon traits, mimicking your Windows Phone theme color.

LazyTube is a great application for your Windows Phone if you are a YouTube fanatic. Having a Live Tile to show you when new videos are added to your subscriptions will only add to an already fine app.

There is a free trial available for LazyTube with the full version running $.99. You can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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LazyWormApp's Youtube apps - Review

Some time ago we first mentioned LazyWormApps YouTube app for Windows Phone after it was recently updated. The YouTube client made a very good first impression and after tinkering with the app for a few days, that impression hasn't faded.

The app comes in two versions, Youtube and Lazytube. LazyWorm's Youtube app is a free, ad-free, app that gives you access to YouTube. LazyTube is a paid app ($.99) that also gives you ad-free access to YouTube as well as HD Streaming and a chameleon live tile that adapts to the phone theme.

Oh, before you make the jump to read more about LazyWormApps Youtube apps, you might be interested that the developer is running a fully featured free trail of LazyTube. Not sure how long this offer will last but you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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