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We’re under two weeks away from learning all about what Nokia has in store for Windows Phone and Windows 8. On October 22nd, Nokia will announce a wide range of new devices in Abu Dhabi for both platforms. The two rumored devices that we're most excited about are the Lumia 1520 and 2520. The first is a “phablet” running Windows Phone 8 with a 1080p display, while the second is a tablet on Windows RT.

We haven’t seen a cyan device from Nokia in quite some time, but it looks like the tablet is going to bring it back.

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This morning we’ve received some confirmation from a trusted source about the Verizon Nokia Lumia 2520, the 10.1-inch Windows RT 8.1 tablet with the codename ‘Sirius’. The tablet will be Nokia’s first Windows RT 8.1 tablet, though certainly not the last as AT&T and others are expected to get the device too.

Pricing is set for $499, which matches Paul Thurrott’s earlier reporting, and it should go on sale to Verizon customers on November 17th (possibly the 18th). Colors options available to customers include “black and red” though it’s not clear if those are separate options or just one. It will feature 32 GB of internal storage with expandable memory.

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In about three and a half weeks we’ll be live from Abu Dhabi where Nokia is expected to release a handful of new devices for Windows Phone and even Windows 8. Of course there will be some Asha devices as well, but you really want to know about the higher-end hardware. Nokia is also known for releasing new software and apps alongside devices. And it looks like an app called StoryTeller is coming for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

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Nokia has a strong following who still look forward to a Windows tablet. Speculation and rumours have been in the spotlight since the company started making Windows Phones and Microsoft released Windows 8 to the world. Currently being purchased by Microsoft, should the deal go through, we'll see future handsets be released by Redmond, but that doesn't stop Nokia from innovating and launching new hardware in the mean time.

The FCC has now approved a mysterious device, the RX-114. Require some proof that this is indeed a Nokia tablet? Feast your eyes on the above image pulled from the documentation, courtesy of Engadget. While the details are rather pixelated, it's clear to see exactly what we're looking at with multiple references to "tablet" alone. This could well be the tablet we've been covering the past months.

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Nokia Sirius Tablet to be called Lumia 2520?

The leaker Twitter account evleaks has posted this morning that the upcoming Sirius Tablet will be dubbed the Lumia 2520.

There has been a lot of debate about what Nokia would call their tablet line, with some thinking a new designation would be used instead of Lumia. It seems an odd choice to merge tablets and smartphones into one product line, but then again Microsoft has hinted and many analysts believe that Microsoft will combine RT and Windows Phone in the future. Perhaps this is the first shot of that planned mixing?

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Nokia never ceases to innovate. That's the mind-set for the majority of it customers and also the company, who has taken to Twitter to unveil an event happening on October 22nd.

What makes this date so special? Nokia cancelled a New York event for this month, which was to announce the Lumia 1520, a 6-inch Windows Phone and also a Windows 8 RT Tablet. There's not much to go on regarding location, but there are some subtle hints in the image, we're sure.

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Nokia is reportedly preparing to launch the massive 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 this fall and Windows Phone Central can now bring you a little more information about the device.

Yesterday, EvLeaks claimed that the Lumia 1520 will “launch” on September 26th, though we understand that to be incorrect. The device is still planned to be announced on this date but it won’t launch until early November on AT&T. That makes much more sense as GDR3 is still being finalized and GDR2 hasn’t even finished rolling out yet.

As reported earlier, the phone will feature a 20 MP PureView camera (dual shot: 16 MP + 5 MP), Snapdragon 800 CPU, 32 GB of internal storage (microSD on the side for expansion) and a stellar 1080P HD display.

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The recently leaked details of Nokia's upcoming "Sirius" Windows RT tablet, has been generating a lot of buzz on what exactly will be under the hood. The tablet was first revealed ten days ago in leaked photos from Digi-wo.

WinSuperSite's Paul Thurrott says that he can confirm that the Nokia will indeed be releasing the 10.1-inch tablet and has offered up some specifics about it, including some specs, pricing and accessories.

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SiriusXM stream back online, Sat Rad Player returns

Remember when we reported that the SiriusXM stream had gone offline and that led to the Sat Rad Player being pulled from the Marketplace? Well, both have apparently made a miraculous return. Which is fantastic news for users. You can download Sat Rad Player (Zune link) from the Marketplace.

According to readers in our last article, Canada was still online, only the US went down. SiriusXM were reluctant to provide any information apart from "we aren't developing an app on WP7 nor supporting third parties". It's a good job everything is back to normal and hopefully a reliable service will resume.

Thanks for the tip Perry!

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The Sat Rad Player, which was billed as the first satellite radio player app for Windows Phone has now disappeared quicker than it appeared it seems. According to an article over at XMTuner, the SiriusXM legacy stream is down (no word on a temporary fault or a permanent halt of the service) which has led to the app being removed from the Marketplace.

Unfortunately, if it's the latter of the cause then there's little anyone can do, hopefully it's a technical glitch on their end and the stream resumes soon. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for any further detail on the issue.

Thanks for the tip Jonathan!

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Sat Rad Player - App Spotlight

Peronica LLC has developed what is being billed as the first satellite radio player for Windows Phone 7. Sat Rad Player is being offered over at the Marketplace for $.99 and allows you to listen to your Sirius/XM Satellite radio subscription from the convenience of your Windows Phone.

Key features include:

  • Sort Channels by name or number
  • Channels can be grouped by Genre
  • Channels can be navigated by Genre heading
  • Favorite Channel management.

The developer does make note of a few conditions. There is currently no support for playback through Bluetooth devices, your US based Sirius or XM subscription must include the option for internet play, and while Sat Rad Player will run under a lock screen there is a brief pause once the Windows Phone locks.

There is a free trial version available to let you try before you buy and the full version runs $.99. You can download both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Chris for the tip!

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