Get a month of the new SiriusXM Essential subscription completely free

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Sign up for the SiriusXM Essential streaming package and get your first month for free. This is a new feature from SiriusXM. Not just the free month but also the Essential option, which was introduced earlier this year. It normally goes for $8 a month, and the subscription will automatically renew at that price when the free trial is over. If you don't want to keep going, you can always cancel it at any time. But you might find it gives you the entertainment you need!


SiriusXM Essential streaming subscription

This service launched earlier this year costs only $8 a month anyway. The Essential bundle includes 300 channels of music, comedy, talk radio, and more. It's only for online streaming not using your car's satellite radio. Remember it will auto renew.

SiriusXM has a variety of subscription packages you can choose from based on what you want to listen to and how you want to listen to it. The Essential package one of the "Outside the Car" bundles. In other words, you won't be able to use your car's satellite radio with this one.

However, you will get access to more than 300 channels featuring music, sports, comedy, talk shows, and more. You'll be able to listen to them all on your phone, at home, or online. You can see a full list of all the channels available. It includes music that spans decades, all kinds of genres from rock to jazz, and popular channels like Netflix is a Joke radio. Since SiriusXM also now owns Pandora, you can listen to stations that feature the top trending hits from Pandora.

The music is ad-free, too, so you won't get interupted like you might with a free version of Pandora or Spotify. This includes the Xtra channels you can access online, which include the ability to skip songs. There are also thousands of on-demand shows and concerts you can access, and those videos are available both online and through the app.

This is the SiriusXM attempt to appeal to people who don't have a car or don't use it for radio listening. If you do have a car, you can always upgrade to the "Inside the Car" packages, which usually include all the online stuff as well.

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