Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp wages war on Xbox Live for Windows Phone

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp

The Must Have Games 2012 promotion comes to a close with the highly anticipated Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp from Krome and Microsoft Studios.

Boot Camp is the mobile companion to Toy Soldiers: Cold War, an excellent XBLA game featuring a war between rival toy factions. The mobile version simply consists of three minigames taken from its big brother: ‘Fly Swatter’ (by far the most fun), ‘Cardboard Theater,’ and ‘Thread the Needle.’ All of them sport 3D graphics that closely match those of the original. Control options include swiping, tilting, or a virtual d-pad. The game also has a built-in screenshot function and global Leaderboards – two features we’d love to see used more often. You can check out our developer interview to learn more about both Cold War and Boot Camp.

Having earned all of Boot Camp’s Achievements already, I am a bit concerned about the game’s controls. While the variety of options is nice, none of them felt right to me. I highly advise trying the demo and judging for yourself. That said, the Achievements are almost entirely easy; you can get them all in an hour if you’re good enough.

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp wages war on Xbox Live for Windows Phone


And the deal of the week is Sims 3, but don't buy it. It's the worst game ever. Even more boring and small than the first Sims game on PC.

Krome Studios is still around? I thought they had gone bankrupt. The quality of their games has been spotty to say the least. Game Room and Hellboy were very buggy.

Not very impressed really ive been waiting ages for this, its just the same mini games as the xbla version cant really see the point in paying more money for the same thing?? Only thing i like about the game is the global leaderboards;-)

Well, that's all the game was ever supposed to be - 3 minigames from the console version. Our interview last year laid it out in detail. It does supposedly unlock a bonus feature in the latest DLC for Cold War though.

Krome work on Game Room was pretty cool, imo. Problem is most games, mainly Atari ones are rubbish. They should bring Konami's oldies to WP's Game Room.

Anyway, I have this personal rule I don't buy a game I already have on 360, now, since I missed TS: Cold War, I'm going to get this, trial-less.

The swipe controls seemed to work ok (but not pinpoint accurate) for the game I was playing (shooting smoke clouds, airplanes, and missles) but the other 2 controls (tilt and d-pad) both seemed like they wouldn't really work at all. Demo didn't do anything to make me feel like it was worth $3 either.

What are the secret achievements. Im sure I'll get them as all the games seem easy. I didn't know there were different control settings though. I'll check them out.

You can find them at TrueAchievements or Xbox360Achievements.org (True Achievements is a better place in this case as there are some tips).