Un-carrier 6: T-Mobile frees music from your data limits

Uncarrier 6: T-Mobile frees music from your data limits

T-Mobile is announcing music freedom as part of its Uncarrier 6 announcement today. With 67 percent of music streamers listening to music on their mobile devices, T-Mobile's un-CEO John Legere says that he doesn't want users to limit their streaming due to fears of overages. As such, streaming from all the major music streaming services won't count against your data limit as part of Uncarrier 6.

So, if you stream from the following services, data consumed from the following services won't count against your data plan, no matter how much you stream:

  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • iTunes Radio
  • Rhapsody
  • Spotify
  • Slacker
  • Milk
  • Beatport

Additionally, even when you exhaust your high speed data bucket, your music will still stream at high speeds!

Customers can tell T-Mobile which services they want. The carrier will crowdsource customer opinions and add more services in the future.


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Un-carrier 6: T-Mobile frees music from your data limits


I placed my vote now! Wpcentral should make it a separate article with link and everything so everybody can vote for Xbox music!!!

The press release said its immediate. So I got all excited and started using Pandora. Well it put me over my data limit and it seems the streaming is definitely throttled now. I have a suspicion that this might not be implemented for windows phone yet somehow.

It looks like their website says it starts on the 23rd. I was digging through it to find the Rhapsody UnRadio app (which is NOT available for Windows Phone) and it won't be available until the unlimited data streaming plan begins on Monday.

are you dense? there are people with WP devices on T-Mobile who this applies to, or people who are looking to switch from their current carrier

Well if you're in the U.S. it's Big. Granted Tmobile has the crappiest selection of W8phones. They still have the most W8phone users.

Yes I agree but we do have the best looking one albeit with half the substance(16gb) in the 925. That is all supposed to change this fall though. Can't wait!

Nokia Music isn't listed....oh well, I use offline music in Nokia Music anyway. (Currently an AT&T Customer/Ex-Tmobile Customer for 7 years)

+1. I would have expected that to be on the A list. But then again, Nokia phones are an orphan at T-Mobile.

if xbox music was on this list this would be great. sont get wrong xbox music is awful at the moment but us WPfans like to be all MS. but i do like what Tmo is doing.

No Xbox music.... Well guess I'm going T be sending an email to TMOBILE to ask them to add it... Also tweet John Legere

I'm a proud T-Mobile customer. Everything they've been doing is great! They just need better support for Windows Phone. Hopefully this "McLaren" device, which is supposedly not going to be a carrier exclusive in the US (finally!), will change things.

No Xbox music, so not *my* music. My music would still be stuck behind T-Mobile's net neutrality violations. Thank you very much.

I support net neutrality. This unequal treatment of data sets a bad precedent we will all rue someday.

Define net neutrality?
1.Tmo is not slowing or speeding other services.
2.The service is flowing equally.
The only thing Tmobile is doing is not charging for service that flows from select IP addresses.
Tmobile's new plan is NET NEUTRAL.

Treating one form of data differently than another. In a way that gives preference to certain services over others. Which this certainly does, apologists and all.

FALSE!!!! Grow up and quit hating on Tmobile. There is No Preferential treatment and everything is flowing at the same speed. When you got facts then you should speak. You making yourself look like a Troll

And that's not all of it. Even having a limit where some data counts against it but other data doesn't isn't being data neutral. Anyone who claims otherwise is just trying to excuse T-Mobile.

Awesomeness, the uncarrier making another move to shake up the market. Lets see how the other carriers respond

If only T-Mobile's service was up to par I'd switch back.
Then again, when big T makes a move, Att and Verizon usually follow suit with something similar so I guess we wait. Lol

I travel alot. I hit dead zone after dead zone when I was on tmoble. Not so much now on att. Real world use lead me to switch. T-Mobile has great plans but crappy service..

As cool as this is tmobile should be spending their money buying and upgrading towers. I had them for two years and it was terrible, and I live right outside of a major city. I could never go back to them no matter how good their prices or services are with that shotty coverage. And their customer service sucks, or did a year and a half ago before thus uncarrier stuff.

Nope, LeGeree is taped to head combined company and DT retaining 15% of combined co. Son is ready to make a super maverick.

Too late t-mobile, I just talked to Verizon today. My contract with T-Mobile ends in two weeks and I will be going to big red!! I played with the ativ se and I am sold!!! Going to pop a 128gb card in there and I'll be set for two years!!!

"So this is how net neutrality dies, with thunderous applause from people saying "free? I like free...!""

Haha, thanks! I think it is the only quote that I can remember from the Star Wars episodes 1, 2, and 3. Aside from [read with idiotic and annoying voice] "Annie? Annie!"  8-P

It is obvious you don't. Or you are such a cheerleader for T-Mobile that you refuse to see this for what it is without the spin.

Preferential treatment and altering of speeds. Which Tmobile is doing neither here. This is 100% Net Neutral and you my friend are 100% Hating on Tmobile.

But wouldn't this be preferential treatment? Say a regular client uses two services: Xbox Music for albums and Nokia Mixradio for discovering music. With this in motion, the user would basically choose one of the services over the other since it is cheaper for her/him to use the one and more convenient to use only one in case T-Mobile allows us to change the service.

I have T-Mobile, I recommend it to everyone and love what they have been doing so far in the industry (hell I have been putting up with their shitty signal in NYC just cause I like how they are doing things), but this has caused me to raise an eyebrow. 


The preferential treatment is based on customers, not T-Mobile. If it weren't net neutral, T-Mobile would be profiting off of the use of those popular music services as well as sabotaging the speed of competing services not on the list.

People love to use buzz words without fully understanding what they mean. Net neutrality's death will not come from free stuff, but from ignorance even from those who are in support of it. Humans are disappointing

Keep that attitude, and in a few years you won't be able to leave them even if YOU want, hehe :-]

As cool as this is, it totally flies in the face of net neutrality. These are clearly fast lanes and are giving preferential treatment to select apps.

Show me where it said that? List the link. All Tmobile is doing is not charging for data that comes from a few IP's

Like in India some carriers don't charge for facebook twitter and WhatsApp data... What's the net neutrality fuss... Its not like tmobile said give me $5 and you will not be charged for these music services... If it was like that then you could say they are killing net neutrality... But from all I read they are freeing up streaming in the current plans...

This is terrible news. At first it is like "cool, free data for me!". But NOTHING is really for free, so probably T.mobile has made a deal with these music providers, that of course will pass onto users the fee in some way, sooner or later.

But that is just really a small thing, the really bad thing is how this destroys net neutrality. Any company streaming music that for any reason (economic, legal, geographic...) cannot achieve (or T mobile refues to do) a deal with T-mobile is effectively dead in the water.

In other words: goodbye innovation from startups and smaller players.

They say "We set the music free", but actually they are puting music in a small closed garden and killing anyone trying to enter it. Do you still think that T-Mobile did such a great favor to consumers? Think again. :-]



Haters gonna hate.... Before you make accusations have some facts. There hasn't been one shred of evidence that shows preferential treatment. The only facts we've seen is Tmobile haters bit#@ing

You should be asking yourself that question. Everything about this screams marketing tactic. They are number 4, they can't support as much data at full speeds as the other carriers because they aren't as large, so the next best thing they can offer is to provide a feature that won't kill them. It's not unlike some small store offering a sale on milk or something to try to pull customers to their store from WalMart

If it truely wouldn't kill them why no just change the throttled speed from their current 60kbps to a more streaming friendly 260kbps and call it good?

That's headed in the right direction with T-Mo.  AT&T has a nice deal if you use Beats, but its not free and it should be.  Especially since Beats Music is on the suck side.

Yes, the right direction for THEM, not for the users. Don't be dazzled by the shiny "free" word.

Ok, what about INCLUDED in the price of your plan?  Same difference.  The services themselves isn't free. Why pay twice?

Nobody will try to start another service.

Thanks Obama... I mean Legere. The net neutrality decision has been made.

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I thought everyone had the unlimited plan on T-Mobile anyway. :)
Of course, in the long term this may be a curse anyway. Once they start treating the bits differently based on content... Well, the content YOU want may cost more. Just like would be the case with Xbox music currently (yes I know about the vote). Like, google.com will be excluded from the data count, but Bing.com won't... Not too happy about this, to be honest.

Sorry, but Tmobile cares about profit and control, not about what you want or need. That's the point of this new service. They choose for you the services you should use.

Right, its not like they have a page where they let you vote for the service that you want included, then they add it. Oh wait....

It doesn't matter they have a deal with 10 or 20 or 100 services. They are still making a arbitrary list of who is IN and who is OUT. Otherwise, why make a list at all? Just say "Any streaming music service will be included. Any single one of them. If you are a new company and by mistake are not yet included please let us know and we will fix that ASAP"

But they are NOT going to say that. They let you vote a closed list of already relatively well known services. And after they get the votes, THEY will decide which services they try to strike a deal with, according to THEIR needs and plans. Votes are just some statistic data for them. Come on, do you believe T-Mobile strategy is decided by customers votes???.


The list is to add the IP address so you want be charged for data that flows at the same speed with no preferential treatment. In other words this is
100% Net Neutral

During the QA Ledger was asked about this, some one then asked if they could decide what their streaming choices would be. Ledger responded that he would have no issues allowing customer to put in their own streaming apps as part on the deal, and the three of them seemed to have a "we should do that... " moment.   So he seems to have no issue with customers choosing whatever music streaming app they want.  

So while it does give music streaming a "preferred" status, it seems like they are open to let the customer choose.

plus if you are on the unlimited plan anyways this does nothing for you, and so long as they offer such a plan, I feel there is little here to worry about.  If they didn't have an unlimited plan, well that is a different story then...

Yes, because this is extortion. The included services likely entered into some kind of revenue sharing agreement for subscribers that use T-Mobile. Their voting page is little more than leverage to claim to the winning provider that T-Mobile customers show they want the service as part of the negotiations.

This is exactly how espn3.com started out. At first it was free for everyone, then it became for certain ISPs only... And then they started a top tier of ISPs that can get full ESPN streaming, but only if you have a TV subscription that includes ESPN. Wonder why ISPs are jacking up prices? Because of s*** like this.

Go to Tmobile website. You can email them to add Nokia Mixradio. Xbox music is already on the list.

Even though tmobile offers unlimited(, kind of, speeds are halted after certain limit except on truly unlimited plan) I would like to see rolover data. So I have 3gb of high speed and only use 1.5gb, I will have 4.5gb next month. I love what tmobile is doing but service is still bad. Basically everywhere I go on constant basis is in there 2g network while other 3 carriers have lte or at least 3g.

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I love ❤ T-Mobile. This just proves that they shouldn't be bought out by sprint. They are changing the industry.

Voted on XBM even thou I'm no TMo user, or even US user. Wish this was something the Swedish providers would do as well. But they promote higher data for those that want to stream music.

This is awesome! Still glad I am with T-Mobile even though we do not yet have a new flagship WP device.

First off, the prevaling wisdom is that a sprint/t-mobile merger would either be blocked by the regulators, or would at least take a long time. Thats why you dont see T-Mobile just standing still as if its a done deal.

But secodnly, even if a merger does happen, I doubt Sprint would start removing perks that T-Mobile customers have becom acustomed to.  I know people are going to tell me corporations are evil and stupid, but I have to think that if Sprint is spending the massive billions of dollars to acquire T-Mobile, that they actually have a plan and ambition to compete with AT&T and Verizon.  And pissing off their newly acquired customers would be a bad first step.

So many people have such fundamental misconceptions about what net neutrality means. I'm actually rather surprised no one has made a Nazi comparison yet, the histrionics are so extreme. "You know who else didn't whitelist soundcloud from day one?"

I don't care if this is related to "net neutrality" or not. It's irrelevant to me.
What is plainly obvious to anyone with a brain is that this will lead t-mobile customers to choose services that cost them less. If a music service isn't included, or if a service is video based, like YouTube, people will choose not to use it, even if it's superior and they would otherwise do so, because they would have to pay more for it. This is a bad idea. This sets a bad precedent.
Simple as that.
And don't give me "you can vote for Xbox music". Yeah, what if it doesn't win (I'm not even sure what that means... I just assume the poll is informal and something T-Mobile brings to the company and says "Look how many of your customers want you to pay us to be included")? Or any of the other services that are not included?
Once you start giving some services preferential treatment, you're going down the road of screwing your customers over. There is no such thing as a free lunch...

T-Mobile is doing just about everything it can to get users to switch carriers and I'm totally down with that!

As long as they don't throttle speeds or mess with data transferring it's ok. They simply decided not to charge for it, so don't be mad that your carrier hasn't done this, sorry.

This would be a lot better if my Iheart app worked better. Unfortunately, when I turn into a radio station on my train ride to work, after a little while, I get disconnected briefly and have to click on Play to continue. I assume this is because and am passing through a no or low coverage T-Mobile area, but it was be a good thing if it would restart automatically. I don't use other streaming, aside from Xbox music (which seems to do a bit better), so I don't know if this is endemic to my T-Mobile Lumia 521 phone, or just to Iheart.

This is Epic! One of the major reasons I made the move to T-Mobile was because I listen to tons of music and AT&T just doesn't cut it with 2gb and now this?! So glad I made the move!