You don't need an iPhone or Android phone to use the Amazon Echo. Windows 10 is also Alexa's friend!

The Amazon Echo is not a smart home product that is reliant on a mobile device to operate. Once set up, the Echo is entirely voice activated and it's very good at it. You simply use the app to pair it to your WiFi, adjust settings and add or remove skills.

OK, so there's a good amount of interaction through an app, but you don't need the app to make it do things throughout the day. And the best thing of all is that Amazon has a web app for Alexa that does everything the Android and iOS apps do. So you can use an Echo with Windows 10.

Before you get too excited there are a couple of caveats, the first is that you'll have to set it up through your desktop browser. Unless you're a weird outlier like me an using a smaller browser like Opera, you'll probably be supported — if your browser's not, Edge will work just fine.

If you held off thinking you couldn't use it because you like Windows, then don't worry

That said, Edge on your phone in Windows 10 Mobile won't work here either, so you have to use a proper PC or tablet to get your new Echo going. Setting up is as easy as connecting to the Echo's own wireless signal and inputting your home W-iFi details. Amazon already has the device linked to the account you bought it with (just as they've been doing with Kindle e-readers for years).

What you get inside the Alexa web app is a very simple to use layout to manage all your key Amazon Echo features. If you're using an Echo it's mostly a given you're also a Prime subscriber, and this will be your default music service. In the UK, we can (right now) change this to Spotify Premium, but that's it.

Come on Groove Music. Let's be having you. You can use Groove over Bluetooth from your phone or PC, but it's not quite the same.

It's here where you add Skills to Alexa, too. These are the additional features the Echo can make use of, like controlling your smart home appliances, hailing an Uber, delivering a news brief from different sources and even have someone come and collect your dry cleaning. Again, the UK is probably a lot more limited than the U.S. right now, but what it does it does extremely well.

Amazon Echo

And all this in regular use without touching a phone — just say "Alexa…" and issue your command or ask your question. You can use the web app to keep a visual track on such items as your reminders and shopping lists, alarms, playlist history and even what Alexa has been asked. But none of this is necessary to just use the Echo, it's all value added. And you can look at it all in the browser on your PC or tablet.

So, an Amazon Echo might be mildly less convenient to set up for those of us who don't carry an iPhone or Android phone regularly. But set up is about the only real hiccup, after that it does all the other Echo things. If you've held off because you think you can't use it because you prefer Windows, you need not. This tubular speaker with benefits is a wonderful product and I'm enjoying using one a great deal.

Now, Alexa, play some Iron Maiden.

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