Walmart pricing for T-Mobile Lumia 810 and HTC 8X shows up

Lumia 810

T-Mobile Lumia 810

An interesting leak from Walmart’s inventory system has revealed some upcoming pricing for new Windows Phone 8 devices; what’s more they look fair.

In the single screenshot posted by TmoNews, we can see the HTC 8X is priced at $148.00 on a 2-year contract while the Nokia Lumia 810 is going for a $99.88 price point. We suppose those prices don’t shock us too much, although it’s nice to see the HTC 8X going for $150 as opposed to the more common $199 these days.


Walmart has their own pricing system and they could be cheaper than what T-Mobile eventually offers, but these prices should be ballpark for those who want to go through T-Mobile directly.

T-Mobile is expected to start selling their Windows Phone 8 devices in the second week of November, according to a previously leaked roadmap.

Source: TmoNews


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Walmart pricing for T-Mobile Lumia 810 and HTC 8X shows up


HTC HD7 has been good to me. The longest and best phone I ever had, until the camera modual broke. Tmo couldn't replace it. It was the radar vs 710. Rep said get the radar. Its better. I was gonna choose the radar anyway. Anyway I'll be glad to get the 8x but the quad core HTC WP rumor is bugging me alot though. I shouldn't get my hopes up. If it does exist, we all know where its heading to.

The quad core is definately on the horizon, most likely its going to be released as a successor to the titan 2, so maybe 1st quarter 2013? Im glad they are taking their time...Im excited to see what else htc has in store after the 8x...

I have the same problem. I was going to buy a new camera module on eBay, but I'm going to just wait till the 8X :)

how about you read the article in its entirety...its not even that long -.- smh...Actually wait...why don't you read the entire TITLE!! Wow...stupid much...

Wal-Mart always prices phones $50 cheaper than other outlets. This is normal and not a shock.

Who are the fools buying a Note II for $300 + contract? Perhaps the same type that pays Apple $100 for 16GB extra of storage.

That baffles me as well. I don't know why anyone would buy one at any price point. That size is way too unwieldy to have as a phone.

actually women love the NOTE series. I see only women carrying it around me..never a guy.
Women think its 'hip' to carry the phone in the back pocket..My attention goes to their back pocket a lot.. xD

Wait until you see someone holding it to their head... It's hilarious!! It's almost like someone holding a laptop to their head and talking into it :P Or a giant comedy phone ;)

Check COSTCO, usually have great price, free activation, and bag of swag (car charger, bluetooth headset, et al). It will be my first stop when I am ready to upgrade in November. Still not sure of HTC 8X or Nokia 920, or even WP8 for that matter. My HD7 is a dud. Camera button did not work on brand new phone, sent it back had issues with that one as well.

Bad camera button, buggy proximity sensor, weak wifi receiver, constant non-updating live tiles, phone acting crazy near 1 GB of free storage left.  
OK, the last two may be OS related, but still, no HTC for me again although 8X or 8S sure is tempting. 

I've had my HD7 for almost 2 years, and the only issue I've had is the bugginess when it gets below 1GB free. I'd definitely get another HTC phone

My HTC Arrive, hardware wise, has been rock solid. Taken more than a few bumps I expected would ruin the phone.

I'm definitely moving to T-Mobile from Sprint as soon as my contract expires. So I'm really torn between these two phones. HTC 8X is the better hardware but Nokia's have all those great exclusive apps. Nokia Drive is a killer app to me.

im doing the same since my contract is up in march I'm paying sprint that $100 to end my contract and hello tmo

I don't know of any apps that Nokia have that you can't find in the WP store. Or, if they are really important. Now if the have a Wells Fargo app, I'd best pissed.

That tells me that you are too ignorant. 
Until WP8, Nokia Maps, drive, and buch of other Nokia apps were exclusive to Nokia only. 
The alternatives in app store are not as good as Nokia's and/or are not free. 
Also, they had other major brand names exclusives and will continue having exclusives, I guess. 
Also, with WP8, Nokia City lens is Nokia exclusive, I believe, along with other photo apps that they showcased. Those photo apps are neat and very useful, if you ask me. 

Nokia Drive...and that is enough for me to stay with Nokia. I hated not having voice nav on my HD7 and Venue Pro. Locations was nice on my Titan but cost. Nokia Maps is not the same as Nokia Drive, which will remain exclusive to Nokia while Nokia Maps will be on all handsets.

"Better". Better resolution, 8 GB more storage and even high quality ffc, sure, but no Clear Black Display, Super sensitive screen, microSD, or possibility of wireless charging. It's about which features you value more.

Like ive said a million times before im a nokia fan in this but i am pulling for both of them not so much samsung as they already make money on their crapdroid line , but that doesnt mean i want them to fail either. Just not as interested in their success as much. windows phone as a whole is what i want to succeed.

HTC 8X for me since im stuck with t mobile not a bad thing got the unlimited plan. My plan was to get 920 but im not paying 250 to opt out of my contract. amazon should have a great deal i try get it from there again my hd7 is on the dieing side good 2 year run with it.

Good, good....My aunt will be happy with that. She's holding off for the Lumia 8-- or the HTC ones because I talked her into it ;)
What's the Lumia 920 price though? Unlocked/off contract. C'mon Nokia, just take my money. LOL

Wonder if the 810 will be available as a pre-paid on T-Mobile like the 710 is. I'd imagine if the 810 is available as pre-paid, it'll probably be the same price as the 710: $350 or less, depending on whatever rebates are being offered on it.

I am thinking its around that $350 mark also. I would really like an unlocked 920 but I have a feeling that its going to be around  $700 for the international unlocked model. I could buy a 64gb Surface RT for that :)

Does anyone know if HTC 8X will support T-Mobile's LTE network?  If not, are there any other WP8 devices that do?  Thanks

Tmobile will have HTC 8X and Nokia but their network is not LTE it is 4G hspa+. It should support tmobile.

I dunno, Nokia... that exclusive deal with ATT, even for a limited time, isn't looking too smart when you consider the Christmas buying frenzy.  Prices are being revealed, and it's the 8X vs the L8xxs... HTC's top of the line against Nokia's midrange phone... and the ATIV from Samsung, a monster in its own right.  I doubt I'm even going to look at a L8xx model, sure I'll see the pretty colors, but the HTC 8s has two(!) and I doubt I'll have time to look at it either.  As much as I like the designs from Nokia, and I know their apps are cool and all, they took their best and hid it from non-ATT customers.  The only way I'm looking at Nokia is if MS takes control of it.